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McAfee / Virus Plus / worst customer support

1 United Kingdom

McAfee Virus Plus software is not effective in catching the latest spyware programmes. When you have a problem with their software or billing service, they do not respond!

A rogue spyware programme called Virus Protect Pro attached itself to my system. Since my McAfee Virus plus software or Quick Clean was not able to detect or remove it, I contacted their Customer Support line. They referred me to a specialist virus removal team. I paid UK 19.95 for a Gold Service but in the process of the chat, I found that the McAfee specialist did not even have a basic understanding of the problem. He was more interested for me to pay additional money and upgrade to a McAfee Platinum Service. Checking the web, I found that 'Virus Protect Pro' is a common spyware and there are many solutions. The rogue SpyWare was removed with a free programme I downloaded from the web called ˜Superantispyware". It did the job with a single scan. Since McAfee's support teams were useless, I requested them for a full refund. Until today, despite many calls and emails, but till date I have not received even an acknowledgment. My repeatedly calls to their support line remains answered.

It seems that McAfee software is a gimmick and their customer support non existent

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