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Maytag Washer & Dryer / maytag neptune washer may cause serious injury or death

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On December 5, 206 our Maytag Neptune washer started a fire in our home. We have an Engineer's report stating that the cause of the fire was the Maytag Neptune washer. Maytag has shown no interest in settling this matter, says that there is no proof, but refuses to participate in studying the washer. This fire caused over $70,000 in damage and might have caused serious injury or death. We would like for others to know of the potential risk.

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  • Jo
      7th of Sep, 2006
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    Today has been amazing. I have been on hold or on the phone for better than five hours trying to solve a problem with my/your Maytag Neptune washer. The first six of your representatives could NOT resolve the situation and had no interest in elevating it to a supervisor and I was promptly placed into a music box cue or disconnected each time. On the seventh call, I reached Gene (said he was a supervisor hold time 77 minutes) who first informed me that Maytag would not be responsible for either the parts or the labor for repairs based on a memo (Reference # 16023121) that I told him about. When I reminded him that I still had a warrantee period remaining on the parts he placed me on hold and I am still holding… wait he just came back on and now is requesting that I hold while he calls the warrantee people to clarify what can be done… I it likely a Neptune motor conversion kit costing $235.88 plus labor $137.95 will fix the problem. (Humm… lets see what a new system would cost).

    My expensive washer is broken: Model MAH5500BWW Serial # 73924805ZS

    The code on the listed on the dial is Lr (motor not running properly)…

    I contacted all of the repair vendors provided by your representatives and they all said they could not fix the problem without your expressed authorization. Only one vendor (Brown) gave me the reason why… (see reference memo above). Pacific and Gorden, were rude and did not want to work on your systems period…humm, I wonder what that means…

    For the record, your people are untrained, unskilled in common communications, cannot find information that is germane to the situation and all should be terminated immediately, if for no other reason to set an example to other and stop the unswerving inability to simply do a job to the best of their abilities.

    Maytag Customer Service
    240 Edwards Street SE
    Cleveland, TN 37311

    Re: Thursday, July 13, 2006 - Conversations with your representatives –

    Kelly ID # 8651
    Kashia ID # 8611
    LaTonya ID # 4689
    Tanana ID # 8646
    Patrick ID # 45
    Patrice (refused to give me her ID #)
    Gene # 4328 (Supervisor)

  • Sc
      8th of Sep, 2006
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    My name is Scott Baclawski and I am what I would consider a loyal Maytag customer. In 1991 I purchase my first Maytag washer and dryer. They are still going and my wife and I decided to keep the pair and move them to our second home while we upgraded to the Neptune washer and dryer in our primary home. This was last October. We also purchased the pedestals for both units as the elevated load height seemed convenient. Unfortunately, within a few days we learned of a problem with the washing machine.

    The torque produced by the spin cycle of the machine caused it to ‘walk’. We at first thought this was a load problem but adjustment proved ineffective. I also adjusted the machine’s feet assuring that the machine was level. Both attempts were ineffectual. On two occasions the machine walked to the point of dislodging the drain hose from the stand-pipe causing flooding in the laundry room as well as my basement below.

    I contacted my local Maytag repairmen, Allstar Maytag in Waterbury, and worked via them to find a solution to the walking problem. After months of going back and forth, and after the installation of the sandpaper pads to the rubber feet with no change, I had to utilize a curtain rod to hold the machine in place which as you can imagine caused quite a racket.

    Yesterday Allstar returned and we removed the machine as well as the dryer from the pedestals. It was determined by Allstar that this was the only recourse to rectify the walking problem. I called the Maytag service line, 800-688-9900, spoke to a representative and explained my problem. I have two pedestals, which I paid $149.99 each for, that I cannot use. After I was told that there was nothing they could do for me and I became insistent, my information was recorded and was given another number to call, 800-544-2538. I was informed there that this problem was documented, my information was recorded again and I was told a ‘board’ would be shipped to me to fix the walking problem. I informed the representative that I wanted to seek reimbursement for the pedestals as I did not want to re-stall them fearing further problems. I was told that the previous number I called could offer assistance in this regard. I called back and proceeded to get what I will generously refer to as the run-around. My call, which lasted the better part of an hour was switched to a supervisor who informed that I needed to contact the seller of the units, in this case Bernie’s of Waterbury, CT. I told the supervisor that I did not expect Bernie’s to do anything. They are not the manufacturer and I am sure they would only refer me back to Maytag. She, the supervisor, told me to hold as she contacted Bernie’s. After several minutes on hold she came back on the line to refer me back to the 800-544-2538 number as they were responsible for these matters. I told her what I had been told, twice by the representative at that number, to call the 800-688-9900 number.

    After all of this my level of frustration and disgust with the whole process was beyond describable. I told the supervisor that if there was nothing that could be done and I was stuck with the pedestals to tell me so. She would not. I told her and I will pass along to you as well, I purchased the top of the line models because I do not like dealing with after-the-fact problems. I want and expect high end products to perform as advertised. Had I been told that the pedestals could cause the washing machine to walk during spin cycles, especially on tile floors, I would have passed on them and saved myself $300.

    I don’t know what, if anything, you can do but I wanted you to know, Mr. Hakes, that as CEO of Maytag your customer service department leaves a lot to be desired. I felt and believed that Maytag stood behind their products. This whole episode is leading me to believe otherwise.

  • Fr
      13th of Dec, 2006
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    From June 2006 after buy new washer and dryer, the washer did not work , after much talk they sent their own service to repair, which they could not do with out giving a loaner for a month, well loaner's big tub hose come off and flooded the wash room with damage to new carpet, pad and labor, got the appraisal the ask for and have not heard from them sense, they wanted the no. on the loaner, da it was theirs.. sorry but sad. It's now Dec 12, 2006 lone enough, I think so.

  • Ba
      1st of Jul, 2007
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    Maytag Washer & Dryer - Washer does not get the clothes clean
    United States

    Washer does not get the clothes clean. Have to wash twice. The clothes in dryer come out rough, not soft and fluffy. Sears in Pendleton, Oregon 97801 will not give me any satisfaction.

  • Ba
      1st of Jul, 2007
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    How do I get help? Will the Maytag company help me?

  • Da
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    I owned a maytag washer for 2 years... It caught on fire and nearly burned my house down. I e-mailed maytag/Whirlpool and they didn't call for 15 days after which time I had bought another Washer. They said that I should have kept the old washer, I said they should have called me with in the first week. They didn't care and said they could do nothing... DO NOT BUY MAYTAG

  • Da
      13th of Mar, 2010
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    I went to this site because, surprise, my Maytag Neptune washer setting on a base dances better than I do. I had screwed a board to the floor that had holes in it, and stabbed the front feet of the washer into them...seemed like a crude fix but reading the complaints it is probably a fix I will live with.

    As my wife told the appliance store she wanted Maytag appliances 4 years ago, I told the sales person I thought this was a poor product...that I had a dishwasher a few years ago and it was a poor unit. But...we bought a Dishwasher, microwave oven, Fridge, stove, washer and dryer. Sure am glad we did not buy anything else with the Maytag name. The good news is the dryer has worked well. The dishwasher had a tray roller fall off early on and now is having electrical problems. The microwave electronics fried early on. The stove has a couple of burners gone. The fridge makes noises and has a drawer that comes apart. We jumped through a few hoops getting the "special" washer cord for the washer because of some defect. However when people visit they can see our "fine" maytag appliances. It is just my wife and I...if we had these appliances when we had children maybe they would have worn out after a year or so and would have been replaced with one of those lower quality/less expensive counterparts that work well and last for years. Did I mention how very proud I am of the dryer?


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