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Maytag / maytag refrigerator!

1 650 Missouri AveJeffersonville, United States

Following is a letter I wrote Maytag dependability Plus on February 19, 2008. I had received no reply as of March 11, 2008.I had copied Maytag with the letter. A rep did call to very officiously tell me Maytag would not help in any way and that I should take it up Dependability plus.

I bought the above referenced refrigerator at Jessups Appliances in Venice, Florida, on 1/12/07. While the machine was under warranty it ran constantly. We were told that Mr. Appliance of Punta Gorda FL did the warranty service for Maytag. They subsequently replaced the thermostat, which a technician had found to be faulty. This was done on 12/27/07 under the original warranty.

Shortly thereafter we were solicited by you to buy an extended warranty on the refrigerator. We (my wife and I) bought the plan, but not before asking the rep if Mr. Appliance was authorized to perform service work under it. We were specifically told that Mr. Appliance was an authorized repair company under Dependability Plus.

In late January 2008, we called Mr. Appliance again because the refrigerator was running too frequently again. We did not know if the old thermostat problem had returned or if another problem had developed. We felt comfortable calling Mr. Appliance because we believed they were authorized to do repairs under either the Maytag warranty or the Dependability Plus contract.

On 2/11/08 the Mr. Appliance technician examined our refrigerator and determined that the problem as a “leak in the dryer.” He told us that the freon line had a crimp in it—put there at the time of manufacture— and that it was leaking.

The technician called Dependability Plus to get an authorization number to make the needed repairs. He was told Mr. Appliance had no agreement with Dependability Plus and that he could not be authorized to fix the refrigerator.

I spoke then with your agent and was told the same. Your agent said you would call the dispatcher for the repair company you used who would, within the next 24 hours, contact me to make an appointment to fix our refrigerator.

At this point our refrigerator was sitting in the middle of our kitchen, not running, and leaking freon into a plastic bag the Mr. Appliance tech was using to contain the leakage. We had no way of knowing then when your “authorized” repair people would be here, but we rationally projected it would be at least a day and probably more—after hundreds of dollars worth of food in our refrigerator would be unfit to safely eat. At that point I called Maytag to get their position on the matter and to see if they would authorize repair by Mr. Appliance. No. They passed the buck back to you.

Having relied on your assurance that Mr. Appliance was authorized by Dependability Plus to repair our refrigerator and faced with the distinct likelihood that your repair people would be too late to save our food – causing us a great deal of inconvenience and extra work and you additional expense for reimbursing us – we chose to authorize the Mr. Appliance technician to do the repair work then and there. He did, and it cost us $352.89.

Whatever rationale you may want to use to escape legal liability for this repair bill, the fact remains that we paid for a repair covered by our agreement with you and that the repair was done by a technician employed by a company you had told us was authorized to do repairs. We ask, therefore, that you reimburse us the $352.89 we paid to fix our Maytag refrigerator.

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