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I purchased a dryer from Conns on or near the 2nd of February. On the 7th of February, the dryer stopped working. I called Conns since I purchased a warranty service plan. They scheduled a repair technician to come out on the 13th of February. The technician came out and determined he needed to replace the circuit board. On the 14th of February the technician ordered the parts for repair. On the 16th of February the parts came in and a return appointment was scheduled for the 22nd of February. On the 22nd of February a service technician came out and replaced the circuit board. After replacing the part, the dryer still did not work. I was told to call out electricians to check the wiring of the house. I notified the builder since the house is just over a year old. One the 25th of February the home builder's electricians came out and determined there was nothing wrong with the outlet, wiring, or breaker box. On the 23rd of February I requested another service order. As before, an appointment was scheduled for the 27th of February. On February 27th a technician came out and concluded that a fuse might be the problem. The part was ordered on the 1st of March and a return visit was scheduled for the 8th of March. On the 8th of March, the technician replaced the fuse and contacted Maytag to advise them that he was unable to repair the dryer. I listened to the conversation as the technician had the representative on speaker phone. The maytag representative stated that I would have to request the homebuilder send the electricians out a second time instead of honoring the fact that the technicians were out a 3rd time without being able to repair the dryer.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Magnolia, TXOn the 9th of March the home builder sent out an electrician for a second time. The electrian ran several diagnostics and determined there was nothing wrong with the home. On the same date, I contacted the Conns service department who scheduled a return visit for the 15th of March. I found this unnacceptable and requested to speak to a supervisor. I was told that I would receive a call back within 24 hours. As of right not, the 12th of March I have yet to receive a call from any Conns representatives/supervisors. I did however call Maytag who scheduled a technician to come out on the 13th of March. After our purchase, the dryer worked for approximately a week and a half and has been broken down for over a month. Our previous dryer was an LG model (Made in Korea) and we decided to upgrade to Maytag (Made in America), or so we thought. An over used saying is that products are not made the way they used to. At this moment, I can say that I agree with this saying. I don't know what is worse, the fact that I am not appreciated as a paying customer by Conns or that Made in America doesn't mean what it used to. I understand that Conns is a different entity, but they sell your product and it is bad for business when they do not value their customers. My wife has spent the last month hauling loads of clothes to the washaterias. We have had to alter/change our plans to accomodate this huge inconvenience. At not point has anyone attempted to compensate us for the time and money we have spent washing clothes. My next step is to write a complaint to Conns service department, write bad reviews, tell anyone that will listen about my experience with Conns/Maytag, and go back to LG. I really hope that no one has to go through the huge inconvenience that we have to go through as a paying customer.

Mar 12, 2018
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  • Ki
      Sep 23, 2019

    This is exactly what we have been going through with Conns and Maytag

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