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maytag has not honored their written warranty

I am involved in a battle with the Maytag Corporation. It has taken place for almost three years. My washer was under warranty, and it is faulty. Maytag has not honored their written warranty. I have called their customer service department as well as their other offices. I have even written Maytag executives and informed them of my machine’s performance. I have expected to be fully compensated for the purchase price of my machine as well as the cost of the destroyed laundry. This has not happened. From the onset I have been directed from one department to the other, all which claim they are not responsible for the handling of this matter. I have been placed on hold, totaling hours at a time! I have left numerous messages. I have been told I will receive a callback and yet, often I do not. I have been deceived from the very beginning! One department claims it’s the other’s responsibility. I am then redirected. When I contact the supervisor of the other department I am given the same excuse- It’s not my problem! I can not assist you. This is not part of my job... I have constantly been misinformed or uninformed! I am at a loss! I know of others with the same complaint with their Atlantis washer. I wish a survey could be taken to determine if this is a major complaint from others as well. I believe there is a legal case. Is there a way you could share my letter so I may determine if I do have support out there? I honestly believe Maytag expects their customers to give up and drop their complaints. I have finally bought a new washer. It is not a Maytag! Maytag is promising a pro-rate. I have lost at least $650 in clothing and have now spent over $1500 for two washers! I have been told I will receive about $460 for my Maytag machine. The machine cost me over $550. If they do actually reimburse me with a pro-rate, I will still lose about $1700! Am I protected? Are my concerns warranted and worth pursuing? I have learned through this horrid experience the importance of keeping all records and dates. I have decided not to rely on phone conversations if at all possible because they can deny what was spoken. If I must rely on a conversation, I ask for the spokesperson’s name and rank. Now I try to get everything in writing. I make copies of letters I have written, as well as those written by Maytag. I keep files on my computer. It is an eye opener! I am more cautious with my future purchases. I do a great deal of researching before I buy. I do not rely on “name-brands”. I search the web and the library to read reviews and collect data about the object’s performance. I check out the consumer magazines. I discuss with other owners of the same item and gather their opinions or recommendations. I ask the salesperson questions! I check with the store on their policies. I find out how well the manufacturer works with their consumers if ever there is a dispute…how they actually honor their warranty. I feel as if I am taking a Business 101 course! I hope to succeed. Do you have any other directions I have failed to consider? Is it possible that I can defend myself and the rights of others deceived by the Maytag Corporation? Thank you for any thoughts you can share!

  • Ss
    S.Sardina Aug 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This machine is a lemon and they know it is and don't care and will not honor the extended warranty. It is a shame that they are able to get away with defrauding the consumers and breaching contracts. I am contemplating just what action I will take to remedy a very similar situation with the "Magtag Dependability People".

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  • Vi
    vicky mian Oct 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My atlantis unit is 3 years old and now requires new bearings, i have contacted Maytag and today was told they would try and solve our problem. They require a stat dec from us as the warranty card is not proof of purchase. i will keep you up dated as to the resolution of my washer. Vicky Brisbane Qld Australia

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do not waste your hard earned money on maytag

I bought the Maytag Neptune washer and dryer in 2002 and spent quite a lot of money on these machines. The dryer works fine, but the washer is a complete piece of junk. The rubber ring inside soon developed black mold in it and mold keeps trying to accumulate in the soap dispenser and other parts. The mold gets worse every week and the stench is awful. I'm starting to smell it on our clothes. I've tried bleach, Clorox Cleanup and OxyClean to no avail.

Despite having sent the postcard back in to register the appliance, I never received notice of the class action lawsuit they settled last year. I called the customer service department and was told I was out of luck. I have proof of purchase, but they will not do anything to help me resolve the matter. I was told to put some dishwasher detergent in the machine with some bleach, but I am dubious that will work. In any event, the mold is certain to return because the product is defective.

My husband and I will NEVER purchase another Maytag appliance again. I am a real estate agent and sometimes am asked by my clients what I think of certain appliances. I will council my clients to avoid all Maytag appliances. They build a shoddy product and do not stand behind it when it falls apart.

There are plenty of good manufacturers out there; do not waste your hard earned money on Maytag.

  • Valerie Jan 19, 2007

    I purchased a Maytag washer almost 6 years ago that began making noise over the weekend. I'd called and arranged for a service tech to come look at it and give me a repair estimate.

    He was on time, professional and knowledgeable. I suppose this is reflected by the fact that he said he's seeing a lot of this kind of problem with Maytag products. In short order he gave me an estimate of $547 to repair a machine that according to him was NOT under any sort of warranty. Maytag claims the machine had a transmission warranty that extended to 10 years. But even with that, it was going to cost in excess of $300 for the repair labor.

    I called Maytag in hopes that they might have a customer advocacy program or similar mechanism. Not a chance of that happening so don't bother calling them. The people that I spoke with were very nice but as the saying goes, "nice don't feed the bulldog". I asked was there any way they could help me and the answer consistently was that the warranty was what it stated. I've purchased 4 major appliances from Maytag in the last 6 years. I told the company representatives that this WILL be the last.

    I can't say strongly enough, don't buy Maytag, tell your friends not to buy Maytag, tell your enemies that Maytag is just fine, tell your relatives to run if they're asked to buy Maytag appliances. Gordon Jump (The Maytag Repairman) must be spinning in his grave.

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  • Ca
    Caryl Ott Apr 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a Maytag washer SAV5401AWW in May 2003. I had an older Maytag (over 22 yr old) and had only had one service call, costing about half the price of a new machine. Hence, I figured I'd buy another (new) Maytag. This was a huge mistake! I wish I had kept my original.

    Starting in March 2004, I had the first of four tub seal failures, approximately one per year. The first was under the original warranty, so we purchased the extended warranty. Then I had three more, but since the first was under manufacturer's warranty, it doesn't count for the "Lemon Law". This fourth repair has now exceeded the cost of the original machine (a small print clause in the extended warranty) so my balance is being refunded and I will have to pay for the repair part (there was enough dollar balance to cover the labor).

    Each time, the machine would make very loud noises (I guess from the bearings), "walk" all over the place (like an unbalanced load, except this happened with every load), eventually the washer would leak (but after the first time I knew what the problem was and didn't let it go that far).

    One of the service repairmen told me this was really an Amana design, which is why it was so terrible. Anyway, I will never buy another Maytag and urge others to do the same.

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  • Bl
    Blondeen Baggett Jul 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will never buy another Maytag product either. I purchased a Maytag Atlantis washer and dryer and have had nothing but trouble.

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  • Br
    brossman Mar 10, 2009

    I bought a Maytag Performa 10 years ago worked like a horse no problems..then all the sudden the tub would go out of balance and jump all over the place go and reajust the load and no sooner get up the stairs it would start again.called the people and they said replace the 6 springs the holds the tub to the bottom ..no change ..I replaced those myself only cost me 35.00 then a leak came in the tub I was ready to throw it out the door but didnt and fiberglassed the tub no more leak but still have the unbalancing act. Called a repair man he said check the leveling legs they were rusted solid I sprayed them with oil and freed them up stopped jumping around for a few days but went back to the old bronking horse...they tell me Im better off to go buy a new one...from all the complaints Iv read it will not be another Maytag...

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  • Dn
    Dnvdeb Dec 30, 2009

    I have been noticing that the surface around the controls is discolored and stained. They are inside and not subject to any weather.
    I called the customer service dept and was advised that because there had been no previous reports of this issue there is nothing they are willing to do.
    What a disappointment!!!

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a real disappointment

The stainless steel Maytag refrigerator is a very expensive refrigerator that will look great for about a month. The stainless steel doors are so soft that they dent like butter. Maytag will do nothing about it either, so if you want a good stainless steel refridgerator, look elsewhere, this one is a real disappointment.

  • Ct
    CTN Nov 17, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Never Purchase A Maytag Refrigerator

    In March of 2003, I purchased a brand-new Maytag, top mount, refrigerator. In December 2004, the Motor Evaporator Fan stopped working. The refrigerator was only 1 1/2 years old. The Maytag service department installed a new fan and charged me $130 for the service call. They claimed the part was covered by the warranty.

    On October 13, 2006, the new fan (now almost 2 years old) died. I called repair shops in our neighborhood, not affiliated with Maytag, and both said that it is unusual to go through more than one fan over the entire life of a refrigerator, let alone two in less than four years.

    Maytag's customer "service" response was, "Thank you for visiting our Maytag.com customer service page. We appreciate your interest in our products and service. We cannot predict the life of any single part, so we provide a warranty to assist with repair costs. In some instances, parts may need replacing after the warranty expires and the owner is responsible for the repair." Then, they recommended that I call the service department and schedule an appointment.

    I sent a follow up note and explained that something larger than the fan is obviously wrong if a new refrigerator is burning through fans every two years. Their response was that the fan is no longer under warranty and that there is nothing they can do for me. Obviously they ignored my question about a larger issue.

    I ended up purchasing the motor locally and having it installed by a local, non-Maytag affiliated, repair company. All of this cost less than the $130 that I paid two years ago for Maytag to do the work when it was covered by the warranty. Simply amazing.

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  • Ha
    Harris Guidroz Feb 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Harris & Susan Guidroz February 5, 2007
    330 Tilton Road
    Monticello, MS 39654
    (601) 587-8052
    [email protected]

    To Whom It May Concern:

    We owned a Maytag Model number PBF1HEW Serial Number 1059876GA Purchased on June 9, 2005. In the last week of October 2006 it stop cooling. After going through hoops and hurdles for many weeks, we finally found someone who Maytag approved of to come out and look at the unit. He found that it was a leak with the sealed unit and was under warranty; all except his driving out to my house which cost $60. He “repaired the unit” and left. The unit never did cool. We called him back the next morning and he stated that Maytag wanted him to replace the line that leaked. He had to order the part. He came out and replaced the part. The unit did not work, but he still thought that he could repair it, but said he needed to take the unit, which he did. Latter we found out that the part it needed was not sold. Maytag agreed to replace the unit. Maytag stated that they would send a credit to Lowe’s on January 3, and that we could choose from any refrigerator that we wanted that was is the Maytag line, regardless of the price we had paid for the original and it would not cost us a penny. We called Lowe’s that Saturday and they knew nothing about it. We called back Maytag and told them that Lowe’s did not have the credit. They stated that they would send the credit again via fax, but the fax may take 3 days to reach Lowe’s system. They truly must think we are ###ed.. We requested that they should send us a copy of the credit also via fax. (Our fax system must be much faster than Lowe’s as it came within minutes.) Maytag sent us something different than they sent Lowe’s. Ours stated that we could pick from the stock within the Maytag line. The Lowe’s credit stated that We had a $581 credit, less than our original purchase. We stated that we could not replace the unit that we had for that price. After making argument with us, we prevailed and Maytag agreed to replace the unit with one like we had. On January 17, we agreed on a unit to replace the one that we had. Maytag stated that they would deliver this unit to us and pick up the old unit. Maytag stated that this was to take 7 to 10 days at the most, but would probably be less. We have been without a unit now for 3 months. We called to find out why it was taking so long, as it had been 15 days and still no unit. They said that the delivery company did not have enough people to deliver ours yet. They offered to send us $100 to rent one until we get our refrigerator. I doubt seriously that $100 will cover the cost of a delivered rental. It is now February 5, 2007 with still no refrigerator. We have been lied to and mistreated. We want something to be done and are to the point of great anger at Maytag. Friends and family are thinking that we are stupid for being so patient and should sue Maytag. I am beginning to believe them.

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  • Li
    Linda Lie Apr 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    November 2004 we bought a new stainless steel French door-freezer on bottom refrigerator. then in August of 05 the memory board went out and we lost a lot of food. the came, replaced the board and everything was working fine. But in March of 2007 the refrigerator went out again. This was a mess I was getting ready for a big.

    Confirmation party and lost once again all my food. not happy i called they came out to fix it this time it was the exaportor fan. this cost me $230.40 to fix. it took the repair man less than 45 minutes to put in. I just want you to know that I'm not happy with all the reaps I have to put in this new appliance, and I see others have had the same problems.

    Model # MF D2560HES S/N 10885244ER

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  • Li
    LisaMarie Stern Dec 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have 4 Maytag Products all purchased within the last 4 years and I have already had to have service on 3 of them. My stove still is not right. My dryer went out before it was even 1 year old and now my dishwasher which was purchased in June of 2005 and installed in August 2005. It has CHEAP plastic parts and now will cost me 160.86 to repair because, has the repair man put it, Maytag sets the price for labor. I remember the days when the commercials for Maytag were of Mayteg repair men doing nothing and now I have had to have 3 of my 4 Maytag appliances repair all before they were 4 years old. I am discusted and will NEVER buy a Maytag appliance again. I tried to get satisfaction from the people I spoke with on the phone and they were only willing to pay for the parts which are around 75.00. I can not believe to repair 2 PLACTIC parts would be over 240.00 to fix on a dishwasher LESS than 3 years old. I have NEVER felt so ripped off in my life and will NEVER buy another Maytag product.

    I truly feel that Maytag's merge is the worst thing you could have done. Maytag used to be such an excellent product and now I have had to have 3 of my 4 Brand New Maytag appliances that I purchased for my new home repair before they were 4 years old... shame on you for selling such inferior plastic crap !!! I have been married 21 years and have always had Maytag appliances... but NEVER again!!!

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  • Ps
    Psssd off Feb 10, 2010

    Just ordered my 3rd evaporator fan for my Maytag fridge Model MTB2156GEB which I bought in August of 2003. First fan went, after about three years. Called service payed about $250.00 for serivce and part, last one went on May of 2008, Ordered online for 56.00 + shipping, just checked it cuase things were getting thawed again and sure enough now the third fan went, this is definetley not the fan alone, somethiong is causing this. I can't believe I am putting the 4th fan in and it's only lees than seven years old, I too will e-mail Maytag but I'm sure it willl go no where.

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maytag neptune washer may cause serious injury or death

On December 5, 206 our Maytag Neptune washer started a fire in our home. We have an Engineer's report...

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