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Maytag Atlantis Washing Machine / we need a class action lawsuit

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Maytag atlantis washing machine. Lemon. Company and place that we bought it won't do anything.


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A  14th of Oct, 2007 by 
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I'm in!

Our Atlantis is 4 years old and we've had the transmission and motor replaced, and less then 1 mo. after the repair, It wont spin at all! They have the worst customer service ever, I wrote to complain . They replied saying ," We work diligently to make quality products that last, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the unit will never fail throughout its lifetime". And are not willing to help cover any of the service fees we've incurred. Let alone that all my clothes now have holes, from the crazy spin cycle! I cannot afford to keep this money pit of a washer!
A  16th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I have an Atlantis washing machine and it doesn't spin out either. Also, it makes this horrible sound ands walks from the walls.
A  17th of Sep, 2008 by 
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I have an Atlantis also 3.5 years old spent upwards of $700 same problems I am disgusted with what I am reading. and hopeful that a class action lawsuit comes of it all.
A  3rd of Oct, 2008 by 
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Worst washing machine I have ever bought. The Maytag Atlantis, purchased in 2002, has been a royal pain from day one. I went rounds with Maytag repair men twice when it was new and was told it was my fault for not loading my machine properly. I wanted to tell them off but refrained from doing so. I have had three other washers in my fifty years of marriage and never had trouble loading clothes properly. This machine does not rinse well, bounces and goes off balance, and clothes are still wet after they have gone through the spin cycle. I am putting my clothes through a second spin cycle and they are still wet. If I could afford another washer and dryer the Maytag would be put out for trash day. Don't buy a Maytag!
A  21st of Mar, 2011 by 
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I agree. Worst washing machine EVER. Bought this crapper 5 years ago, have had the transmission replaced, springs replaced, snubber replaced. It goes out of balance on almost every load, have to continually move clothes around to get it to spin correctly. Now, the transmission is out again, a year after getting it replaced. I paid $900 for this thing and Maytag refuses to fix it. Waste of money. I will NEVER buy a Maytag again.
N  12th of Jul, 2011 by 
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We bought our atlantis washer MAV7700AAW in 2002. In the 1st year alone the repairman was out at least 6 times. Have had on going issues~ leaky water, or not dry enouph over the yeaars. Now making a loud ungodly scraping sound during wash, and spin cycles with no agigtation. I have even went through the BBB when this started because I wanted it replaced with NO help. Yes there needs to be a suit brought against maytag corp for ignoring these matters. They aren't built to last like they used to. I'm in! Drake4us@yahoo.com. how much do think I could make parting it out?
A  12th of Jul, 2011 by 
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We bought the Maytag Atlantis in 2002 thinking that we were making a sound investment. What a crock! The stinkin thing makes a wretched screaching noise at the end of every spin and most of the time I have to run a second spin to drain out the water! We have had repairmen out over the years and now the worthless machine wont get any stains or dirt out of the clothing! Worst purchase ever!!! I agree that the Maytag Company should be held accountable!
A  28th of Nov, 2011 by 
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This is the worst washer I ever owned. This is used 6 months a year and is only six years old. I
called a repair service today and they said I needed a new transmission. The warranty books says they cover transmissions for ten years. Will Maytag stand behind their warranty?

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