Maytag / 22 days to receive our fridge in florida

Gainesville, FL, United States
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We purchased a maytag fridge on the 30th of march from home depot. Our initial delivery date was scheduled for april the 8th. We received, a phone-call from the delivery technicians located at woodlands, fl the day before and we informed them that we will home to pick up the fridge the whole morning until 3 p. M. The representative on the phone seemed understanding and told us that they would deliver the fridge before 3 p. M. Otherwise they would call us. Of course, they delivered the fridge after 3 p. M and we never got the phone call. Next day, I called to reschedule. The representative on the phone had the audacity to tell me that the next available delivery date was april the 15th. They delivery techs, did come on saturday, april the 15th, and picked up our old fridge. However, they managed to damage our new fridge during delivery. Three days later, I got a phone-call to schedule for the next available delivery date which was saturday the 22nd when we finally got our fridge. Overall, we ended up spending easter without a fridge and waiting 22 days for it to deliver. This was the worst customer service we have ever experienced. We are deeply disappointed with the company and its customer service.

  • Maytag Customer Care's Response, May 02, 2017

    We are very sorry with the frustration regarding delivery, Valentini. Unfortunately, we have no control over delivery. You would need to speak to Home Depot about this situation.

Apr 28, 2017

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