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I purchased a bed from mattress Firm and tried to exchange it using my 90 exchange warranty, I am a single mom with fibromyalgia and desperately needed a top of the line therapeutic mattress to help my condition, when the bed didn't work and i was in more pain then before i got it I tried to exchange it for a different bed within my ninty days, when I got there I decided to get a bed that was much cheaper but seemed to feel better so I also got my brother in-law a bed. I paid the difference but when it came time for delivery they refused to exchange because they said there was a stain on the mattress. There is no stain I have pictures and proof however they still refused I asked them to come out again and when they did they refused the exchange because there was a hair on the mattress they also charged me another 65 dollars for the second attempt. while they were inspecting my mattress i noticed their clip board had notes to "Find a stain!" written on my order form! it also said do not exchange, so I was screwed out of a total of ninety three or more dollars to be harassed by people that had no intention of ever giving me the warranty. I am disgusted by the entire chain of command and the way I was treated. the regional manager called me a liar and i was told i would not be reimbursed any money at all. I will be taking this to court however i am fighting a lage cooperation so chances are ill just be out more money for wanting justice, and a good nights sleep.


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      May 16, 2009

    Since you have pictures of the mattress take the company to small claims court and suit for the amount you are out. All amounts plus court costs. Most companies wont treat customers in the fashion that you have been treated however that being said, I would go after them and be honest with the court, tell your story, leave nothing out. The courts generally are on the side of the consumer when they are honest. I understand Fibermyalgia, my wife has it, bring a print out of it just in case the judge doesn't that way he/she may want to be advised and it could bolster your case... Good luck and God bless

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      May 25, 2009

    Can you believe that non medical professionals are advising people on how to combat multi-million dollar companys in lawsuits for cases where the customers made wrong decisions to begin with? WOW, What this world is coming to...

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      Dec 05, 2010

    I disagree with this person. I have had 2 exchanges with the Royal-Royal from it sinking in the center of the mattress and have not had a problem exchanges. We purchased our Mattress from Mesa, AZ. On 12/3 I called to haver it replaced again and spoke to a very nice guy name, Richard and he was very understanding with us and swapped out the Royal-Royal for the new Chairman Royal-Royal. He also explained to us that the Royal-Royal had multiple complaints so the brand was replaced with, Chairman Royal-Royal.
    He asked me when would I like to have the new mattress delivered. I responded today kinda joking! He told me that we would be 1st on the list between 5-8pm. This type of customer service exceeded our expectations. The mattress delivery guys showed up at 6pm with a red carpet outside our door and were very polite and had extreme attention to detail and product knowledge. The only way that the above complaint can be is because the person had bad stains on the mattress. Please read your owners manual prior to defaming this Mattress Firm with this outrageous complaint! People need to calm down and stop with the accusing people and companies of things that are not true!

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