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I have had a profile on numerous times over the past 8 years and I have actually met a few guys while on it. However, even though I clearly state in my profile, and when I start talking with the men, that I am NOT interested in a frivilous affair or just dating for dating... that I am seriously looking for a life-long partner... every single one I have gotten together with has NOT been looking for the same thing even though they "claim" that they are when we talk and first meet. I also see many of the same men still on there, 8 years later. I don't believe any of the dating sites are a place to meet a man who is truly wanting a life long partnership with ONE woman. I believe that some of us women who are on them do want that... but, after my 100% bad experiences with every man I have met on a dating site, I have become very cynical towards men I'm afraid. And I wasn't that way before. I've gotten to the place now where I don't know if I could ever trust what a man told me again. I don't see that these sites are good for anyone, and are simply undermining the integrity of humans. I'm sure there are some honest men in this world, even at my age (58), but I don't think they exist on the dating sites... and they have sure turned me into almost a "man hater"... which I NEVER understood why some women were that way before. Now I understand... You get lied to and used enough times by enough men, and it becomes nearly impossible to feel that you can trust anyone.

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  • Ji
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    Can you send me a picture?

  • Ka
      5th of Sep, 2008
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    I agree with you. The same old men(54-65yr) have been on that site for years. They post pictures of themselves from the 1980's or 1990's. It's difficult to believe they can lie like they do. I was shocked. They are either players, scammers or incapable of having a normal relationship because of their distorted inflated opinions of themselves. Thank God all men are not that way. Most of the dysfunctional men seem to be on or in prison. In fact, there are probably more sane men in prison than on Match.

    I've complained to about a couple of men. One in particular has dated about 200 women and he keeps a photo album of them. Sick. He's still on there searching for his next conquest. A couple others were just looking for a woman to shack up and/or money. obviously doesn't care about this type of behavior.

    Don't become cynical. Go to a sports bar, gym or golf course. There are lots of available normal men at these establishments.

  • Do
      7th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes California sounds a lot like Washington State. I'm 43 and met a widower on Even though in my profile I stated I was ONLY interested in a LTR and he acted like that's what he wanted, after dating for awhile he turned out to be a player. I called him after he hadn't contacted me for a day (after saying he would call right back) just to see how he was doing and he wasn't alone! I feel like my heart has been spat out.. He's constantly on Match (24/7). My heart is completely broken because I was really looking for a long term relationship and genuinely joined Match thinking the men there had a little integrity. I've only met liars (and he's the third one in a row). He's 44 but I caught him in a few lies and yet when I tell Match, they won't do anything. Match is only in it for a buck.
    1) he said his wife had died two years ago. I googled her name and found out she had actually died a year ago (and not even a year when we met. He had said he'd been on Match for a year).I thought maybe it was hard for him to talk about so I excused that lie.
    2) he said she died in an auto accident because she drove early in the morning after a trip and was tired and it was dark/early morning. A google search turned up she had committed suicide, told him she was going to do it. He told the press that she said she was going to drive off a cliff about an hour earlier, left and literally drove off a cliff on the 4th of July leaving him and two small children. It happened not at dusk but around 7 or 8 am. Now I know why he lied. At first I thought he was lying because he didn't want to talk about her death but now I know he was just using this story/line for sympathy. My best friend thinks he may have had something to do with her death anyway so I'm lucky he's not in my life anymore.
    3) his profile said he was 43 and the ages of his children were from a year ago. He'd been on Match during the time his wife was still alive and they were happily married. He's actually 44.
    4) his picture, unlike mine, was from YEARS ago. When we met, he was at least 70 lbs heavier than his photo. Since we had talked on the phone for along time I was willing to overlook that but still.
    I felt so bad for him being a widower and taking care of two small children but at this point, I wonder if his wife really killed herself OR if he uses this story to get women to feel sorry for him.
    5) two weeks into dating he let a “nanny” and her mother move in with him. In reality, he'd moved two more women into his house (obviously more than a nanny or mother but he's still on Match dating away).
    This winner was after dating a man who (also) was a single parent caring for two small children who literally had a different woman every day. I happened to meet two of the other women he was dating just online by chance (as well as his ex wife who said she'd found him in bed with a different woman every time she came to pick up the children).
    Then there was the first one, who was a con man in Nigeria who wanted me to help him get his daughter back to the US (fortunately I told him to go somewhere).
    If this is what the world of dating has become, I'm so hurt right now that I don't ever want to date again. I used to be such a positive person and believed that by being myself and honest, I would find someone one day but now I am so angry with myself at paying for the pleasure of being hurt by three different men. Was married for 16 years and my children have only seen me crying from heartache over one liar after another (thank God none of them have met my kids but the kids still see mom a crying mess late at night and I've got to be strong for them).
    Where does someone go to meet men that are truly interested in a relationship that aren't married or players? The men I have met online have been like something out of a nightmare and I'm tired of having my heart walked over and investing time in the con artists, users and players that are using Match as their playground while Match just counts the money.

  • Hu
      13th of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    March 11, 2010 Ohio. The men on are players. They are very, very good players. If your a woman on this site for the first time, your setting yourself up to be a victim. Its amazing how deeply a person can be hurt by these players. This Match site is the accepted from of porn for adult men. I wish we could report their names, and give women a chance to stay away from these toxic men. I am attaching a photo of the sociopatic man that took away my fath in men. He appears so fresh, trustworthy, and refreshing normal. He is just so skilled at establishing the relationship. He is skilled at hiding his sickness, and any normal woman is trapped. I am just another notch in the bedboard, trying to get my self back to being a happy person.

  • So
      19th of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Stay away from user gymdogg40 on His age is a lie, his photos outdated, and he is a really good liar and a cheater. Will act all indignant if you question his stories and answers that don't make sense. Pass this around to all your girl friends, sisters, etc.

  • Ja
      20th of Dec, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I agree totally and was just "played" recently...going out with the same guy for long dates 7 times, we had a really great time..we really clicked and had fun...he was pretty charming too...he kept talking about 3rd date sex and constantly joked about sex. He "said" he had a house in GA but lived up here on LI and actually left his 3 step daughters alone in his house, even though older in GA? That his "significant other", their mother, died 8 months ago?..things didnt make sense totally to me but he stuck to it...even through all the long dates and after going to his work xmas party and staying over at a hotel, he was still on match and couldnt understand why I had a hard time with that. He then got more distant and I sent him an email that I coudlnt do this and he told me what HE wanted and it was what I wanted as well but that was obviously bs. Watch out for this one if you live on Long Island...i think he definately gets around!

  • Cu
      1st of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Re: gymdogg40 aka Bill in Dallas. I know who you're talking about. He also has a thing for Asian women in particular. Scary to think that he is in law enforcement being such a liar.

  • Wo
      25th of Jan, 2011
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    Match is pretty disgusting.

    I have had some guy on there email me without prior communication saying he read my profile and didn't like anything he read. He was in his 60s and looked like a dried up prune. Loved his trench coat and sunglasses. Nice touch.

    Another guy asked me what 3 favorite songs on my Ipod were. I told him and he said we are not compatible (something wrong with Metallica and Dream Theatre?) and blocked me.

    Another I spoke with for about a month through email. We finally went to dinner. As we sat there he said with a sly grin that he was recovering from Meth addiction. A grin. No kidding.

    Another guy wrote to me and I told him I canceled my acct because I was not happy with the site. He said he was going to cancel too, especially since he struck out with me. Way to guilt someone into something that has NOTHING to do with him. ALLLLLL About me kinda guy.

    Eharmony is no better. I recently was excited to be matched up with a guy I actually have seen around some of the places I frequent. We had a lot in common and though he was 6 yrsyounger I went out with him. I cannot tell you how sick this guy was. The guy was a serial dater and claimed to be looking for THE ONE and swore he was so happy about finding me. We went out and I mentioned a restaurant I always wanted to try - he said we should go sometime. He went on and on through dinner name dropping and all about himself to the point my eyes glazed over. A skilled predator he knew the words but not the song. I sensed he had anger management classes the way he parroted back what I said to act like he was listening. Nonetheless I tried. Next day he called and invited me over to his place to cook a nice dinner. I considered that intimate and very gallant. I accepted. Within 10 minutes of that call he called me back. He asked where I was. I was confused and asked what do you mean? I told you. Where are you? He said he was where we were supposed to meet. He realized he called me thinking he was calling this girl he had lined up the morning after our supposed OMG I FOUND THE ONE date. Guess where he took her. The restaurant I mentioned I wanted to try. Glad I could help.

    He had the right to date someone else - no problem there. But he really went balls to the wall out to lie to me - stringing it out all day until he later tested me that he lied and was sorry. I told him that was really stupid. He said we are not monogamous nor exclusive and I agreed. I explained that the degree of lying he went to all day was sick. We agreed to stay FRIENDS and I did go to dinner at his place. He was on me like a fly on crap. He asked me to be exclusive with him and even cried when asking. Who does this? He told me he has a loaded 12 g shot gun under his bed, a prior DUI and a speeding ticket he had to pay. He also has done a porn scene - has lived in a nudist resort and wanted to double penetrate me with another man.

    I am glad I got out of there alive.

    Odd thing I noticed. his house was gorgeous and beautifully decorated though he had little to no personal affects in his bathroom or the home. He had a bottle of cheap suave body wash in the bathroom and a champagne cork on his bathtub. Gee wonder why. No family pictures anywhere but a nude pic of some girl.

    He told me he had no other dates line up and was being honest. Later he tells me he forgot he had one and had to figure out how to cancel it. I was floored.

    I ran - cut off all communication. His sick twisted unhealthy sexual perversions outside of any woman's boundary is enough for EH to take action and get rid of this very ill man.

    He screamed at me on the phone when I told him I cant handle this and yelled FU twice and hung up on me. He then sent a text a few minutes later saying we had potential if I would just listen to him.


    Dude lives in GA

  • Dd
      5th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    This may be from left field, and if it is, it's just because I have been played so badly recently. I joined in November. The moment I joined, an interesting guy immediately winked at me..right away. I thought he seemed cool, and I was thinking,, we sent a few notes back and forth and then he started texting me. I had just joined, so I was gunshy. So, I waited about 3 weeks before finally meeting him. We spoke on the phone and had an great very long talk. And he seemed excited to meet me. We had a great simple first date. He claimed he was looking for THE ONE. But, he never called again (despite completely being overly romantic and suave on the night of our date). I figured it was a one night event...and I was cool, he was nice and attractive and felt full of stories. Not a boring time. AND A REAL DATE WITH A SMOOTHE MAN...and I needed that (it had been over a year).

    Wait, I am supposed to be complaining.

    I then agreed to meet another man about a month later (the Holidays interupted my quest).

    I met him, nice guy, no chemistry (I think on either end) and I left that date feeling hungry to try again.

    Up until this point, I had been letting the men come to me, just responding to whoeever seemed interested in me. (and I had some to choose from).

    After date with man #2, I thought "hey, let me do the searching, ask the search function for what I want".

    So, I went to town...age, 35-48 (I am 41, and had been accepting dates with men over 50), height 6'1-6'5" (I am 5'7" and all of the men I had met had been about 5'9"-5'10" and I never let myself be picky about height, but, why not?) Basically, I winked at about 6 men who fit my "dream criteria" to see how that went. Some looked, some winked back, some wrote back...and I just sat there uncertain of what to do. (i am not daring at all, I like to be wooed, sorta weird that way).

    My second month subscription was about the expire on Jan 11. I had no recollection of that until now...for what i am about to tell you sounds "too good to be true".

    On Feb 10. The picture perfect man who had not shown up in my search, because he lives slightly outside of my radius, just sent me an actual message. Sweet, to the point, and his profile was amazing: he had a dog (I love dogs), he was 6'2". he was 45, and he was educated and had a home and real kids. The profile was well written, articulate, and he stated numerous times, he did not want games, he was looking for a good woman to marry, etc. So, of course I wrote him back right away. exchanged a few witty replies, and he sent me his number. I rand some errands, did some chores, and I set aside some time to call this catch.

    What followed was a 2-3 hour phone conversation from the most kind, friendly, romantic man I have ever encountered online. I was blown away. Later that evening he sent me another message which praised me for my conversation. He called me the next day...we spoke for 8 hours, I am not kidding...this went on until we met on our first date, which was on a Saturday night. Amazing date. He was charming, shy at first, and the opened up, and after about 2-3 hours, in the middle of the date, he asked me out for a second date. We kissed and kissed, and stuff. He dropped me off, and called me when he got home. He texted me the very next day...several times and I had no idea because my cell was buried in my purse. He called me asking if I got his texts. In other words...he was way into me.

    We spoke daily for an entire week again, hours at a time. We planned that he was to cook me dinner that Saturday. On Friday, however, he texted me and said something cryptic about MAYBE having to go Connecticut for a job interview (on a Saturday? really?) I tried calling him. I tried texting him. He did not respond for 4 days. Nothing. On Tuesday afternoon, he texted me and said 'I AM SOOO SORRY I LOST MY CELL, I just had it fedexed back to me". and he said he would call me later. He did, and everything was as it was, crazy about me, could not wait to see him, etc etc etc. We had our second date on good, if not better than the first date. He felt so bad about losing his cell and letting me freak out, and he knew how much we were hitting it off. He discussed again how much he wants someone special in his life for good, and even mentioned how he would love me to move in with him (too soon???? Probably, but, I was in a state of euphoria, he was the real thing...finally).

    That was last Thursday, Jan 27. He called me when he got home from our date (and things did get hot and steamy, not full-blown hot and steamy, but, a serious amount of petting), He called me on Friday briefly, he texted me later on Friday...he texted me Saturday morning...and then...after I asked him a few questions about what he did on Friday, or if I could call him, etc...I have not heard from him since. The last text he sent me said "I miss you". I have tried contacting him. He has not returned a single call or text or email. He just dumped me I guess.

    I am not asking why. I don't care why. I just was hoping he could just simply say something to put some closure on this deal. I know he is not dead because he has been back on

    All this being said. Yes, I was played. However, like the first man I met...I am getting a strange strange strange feeling that this man is a plant. hires your dream men to woo you, keep you on the site and interested, and then, just when your subscription is about to expire, they dump you. Could just be sour grapes. But, come on, this was way too good to be true...and I bought it. He is also using "Member Spotlight".

    He is a real person. He is single. This much I do know, so no, he's not pulling a vanishing act because he's married. I just wonder. Does hire men and women to date real customers so the site has actual dates happening?

    I just can't believe someone would pull a vanishing act 2 times on a woman without a simple "goodbye"

  • Je
      13th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Jay from Hawaii anyone??? LOL, a serious sociopathic looney toon... Match is a playground for losers to hide behind thier computers, stay away if you know whats good & healthy for you. P.S/ I'm sure it goes both ways..

  • Pu
      29th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Omg! I have had one terrible experience after another. It seems as though the law enforcement guys are the worst! Stay away from any law enforcement guys in WV...especially Kanawha and Putnam county. There is LJ9456/Milton, MCK694/kentucky, Rob0334/Huntington, and of course the instructor at the Academy, Lifeside from Scott Depot.
    Just because they seem honest and the all american guy, trust me, all they want is a quick lay. Stay away ladies, dont be charmed by them!!!

  • Jo
      26th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Stay away from David Marshall on (or anywhere else). Lives in the Bay area, raped my sister and stole her iPhone and $200. Called Match and they took his profile down (thank God). Claimed he had a special diet and couldn't eat at restaurants because of it (stomach ailment). Ladies, please be forewarned because the police officer said that's the new "line" in order to get into your home. Pity that you have to make a meal for him in your home because eating out is impossible because of his special diet. She was being set up from the first minute he met her on Match. He slipped drugs in her drink (according to the toxicology test) and next thing she wakes up violated, missing her telephone and money and medication missing out of her medicine cabinet.
    She's still in a phase of trying to make excuses for him while getting stitches on her private areas (he really destroyed her). I'm so angry.
    Trying to help her heal but please stay away from this guy. He seems all charming and actually claimed he was celibate for three years (my sister was too).

  • Jo
      26th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is a picture of David Marshall. Be careful. Has a Northern British accent but will steal things out of your house, as well as uses as a hookup/sexual assault playground.
    Don't believe he's celibate - other women have come forward to note that he raped and robbed them too.

  • Ro
      29th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Josn David may be telling the truth. He is celibate when it comes to consensual sex.

  • Jo
      26th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Also if you check up hookuponlineguide dot com, it claims that Match is the ultimate "hookup" site. That although the women claim they are looking for relationships, you can always get laid in about three dates (most likely one date if you plan it correctly) and move on to your next.

  • Wo
      10th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Thanks for the info, ladies!

  • Ma
      18th of Aug, 2012
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    Same problem here, dated several guys on match in L.A. who just turned out to be players. Ladies, be aware of a guy who's profile-name is "tallathletic9", he in southern cali, los angeles, san diego area. He claims to be 38 on his profile, but his actual age is around 57. He keeps dating you and stirs you along for many years without getting serious, but tells that his family really wants to see him married. BS. He does not even invite you for the evening after lovemaking to sleep at his place, he expects you to leave. He is charming and uses his looks to lure you. He invites you to nice places, that's true but never buys you any gifts when you are in a relationship. Dated him for almost 3years and he always was online, never took his profile and when I addressed him that he is dating other women, he got very defensive. Stay away from him! (For women who want to have a serious relationship)

  • Ma
      18th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    I dont know why the user name did not come out, His match user name is: tallathletic9 ! Be careful!

  • An
      5th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    Please be very weary of a man called Arnaud Marotin, username: Arno_m, a frenchman and lecturer from Swansea. Despite how genuine he seems. he is only after one thing, sex. and sex only. He has a prolific record for it, lining his nee bit of meat before getting rid of his current one. Beware he is cunning, calculating and manipulative and only cares about himself and getting himself serviced

  • Ja
      8th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    Steve Malman was one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with. My mother was a victim of nursing home abuse and I didn't think I would see the light. The whole process seemed to be complicated and confusing. I was scared and didn't think I had what it takes. Steve's team met with me and my entire family and not only helped us with every single step of the process, but also got the money that my mother was owed for her injuries. I am so happy I worked with him and my family is too. If not for his hard work, I don't know how I would have handled this situation.

  • Ma
      14th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    If you happen upon ActiveDad_1970 (Matt Holifield) in Nashville, TN...RUN FOR THE HILLS!!! He is a drug addict, liar and has been on Match for like 8 years. He brags about how many women he has dated and the sad thing is he uses his 10 year old daughter to lure them in. He lists on his current profile that he is "not sure" about having kids...he's had a vasectomy!!!
    I made the mistake of getting sucked into his crazy mind games and I would advise not going near him. The first thing he does in the morning is start smoking pot...again, while professing to be father of the year. He was complaining that he did not have enough money ($700) to make the down payment on his little girls braces (which the poor girl desperately needs)...yet, he has money to spend on buying weed every week and paying for subscriptions. This dude is a whack job!

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