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PoF.com / Plenty of Fish complaints 486

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Removal of account

For some reason, POF has removed my account for "violations". I have no idea what I did to violate their policies. I only responded to people who messaged me (there were many). Did not give my phone number out or do any kind of cut and paste. I was on there less than 2 hours. They gave no reason whatsoever. Just locked me out of my account. If they would have told me what I was doing to violate their terms, then I would feel better, but I am totally clueless. Is this how they treat their customers? I am certainly glad that I did not pay for a nembership!

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Extortion

Not sure if he is still on pof but here goes
Ryan Scott Burt [protected] attempted to get money (in some cases large sums) from me. We spent 6 months conversing (never meeting face to face, no FaceTime, only texting and phone calls). Flags went up and I only lost $400 total I'm proud to say as he is quite charming and persistent. I'm 76 years old and should have known better. I'm trying to Letitia from others who may end up parting with large sums of money

I don’t want trouble. I’m uncomfortable doing this but I keep others from harms way then I’ve done a good thing

Dec 29, 2021

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - fake profiles , scammers

i went on here hoping to find a decent and good guy, none of the people were who they pretended to be, photos and acounts i think are hijacked by scammers, they pretend to like you or be interested but then want money, iphones, google play or steam cards or ty to get you to set up crypto acounts for coin base or other. they want to see your banking information or get access to your phone, im noy going for this, iam out 300 dollars for google play cards from one. the names and photo used were for Ailbert Maddox an Fredrick Blain, found out the one using Fredrick Blains acount was in india. The one posing as Ailbert Maddox had a foreign accent, another one was for Fred Foster an Army guy. so disapointed they were not even the real people, what chance do you have if they are all scammers pretending to be someone else,

Desired outcome: have acounts verified better and secure them.

Dec 29, 2021

so disapointed, nothing but fake acounts and scammers, wanted to meet the real people here


PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Charges

I have been charged for another months subscription, I signed up for a month and that was all.
I would like a refund that was taken out of my account on the 5th December, POF should not have taken money out of my account because I only signed up for a month.
My profile name is NJH61, I did not leave my payment details so POF should not have taken any payment out.

Desired outcome: Refund of my money

I have been charged £19.99 when I only signed up for a month, I left no bank details so why has POF taken this out of my account without my knowledge. If I wanted ongoing membership I would have left my bank details but I only signed up for a month subscription.


PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Removal of my account

My account was removed because i asked for people who were unvaxinated against covid 19 to apply.
Fact Covid is an experimental vaxine with NO lknown ling term side effects as a person in a vulnerable catagory I dont wish to risk any body fluids passing onto myself through a partner.on site you can get a badge to say your vacinated but you cant get one to say your unvacinated..this is descrimination...none on there can find someone whose not jabbed unless you state thats what youre seeking.

Does POF recieve any funding from the governmrnt or pharma industry to offer those badges? If they do then its a conflict of interest.

Under the equalities act 1984 I am legally covered for descrimination against me.
I am not claiming anything false as the vaxines are EXPERIMENTAL!

Desired outcome: Stop youre descrimination towards those who DO NOT wish experimental spike proteins passed over

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Not support and won't refund

I only joined and realized they have no support.. the support button goes nowhere... they lock you in and you cannot contact anyone also their refine search does not work.

I did it many times and it keep setting you up with 50 to 70 years Olds.

They are a shame. They should refund my money within 3 days Ike most legal operating companies.

They are nothing but a scam

Desired outcome: I want a refund. Only joined yesterday

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Identity Theft

So I was informed from a person Michael Bauer on Facebook today that my FB pictures are being used on Plenty Of Fish website. That person who is pretending to be me is not me. I've never even tried POF. So this person is using my pictures. I am very concerned for my privacy and this is alarming who could be behind this. These are some of my FB pictures they might be using on your site POF. Please have them removed as soon a possible. I would like to know who is using my identity my pictures pretending to be me. My name is Irena Strbac But they are maybe using a different name with my pictures. Please have them removed They are illegally using my pictures

Desired outcome: Those pictures to be removed


PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Dating apps

POF is a Canadian made CHINESE owned (as are all MATCH.COM related dating sites) company. Imagine that. All the data American singles provide them... In addition to the data security issues. Think...

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PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Cat fishing scammer under different profiles

Client profile Bardiluv is a fraudulent account uses google voice phone number [protected]. Attempted extortion of money.
Marco Lombardi is profile name claiming to be chemical specialist out of area & working on oil drilling platform. They also use email account [protected]@gmail.com. also has fake linkedin accounts under same as well as fake Facebook accounts also under name of Leon Bianchi both claiming to be from florence.Italy + living in Wilmington, Nc starts out cultivating relationship then asking for money, then demanding money. Impersonates actual person who lives in wilmington nc,

Desired outcome: Shut down profile so others are not extorted for money

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Poor quality and amateurish organization

I too had a lot of contacts send messages that they like me and some were texted directly to my account by POF. But when l tried to contact them there instantly disappeared and was unable to reach them. Also l got a lot of scammers on site who were fake accounts and questionable texts that didn't have proper grammar to understand them. All they wanted was your email! Then l got women from Russia and Africa trying to get my attention. Second to last, the site asks too many personal questions that's best left within a date frame of mind. Lastly, you cannot recover your password because the algorithm will not send a requested change to your email. One last item to note: You can't get a refund on your credit card.

Desired outcome: Resolve closing my account and getting a refund.

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - PoF sends emails from women who say they like me but I am unable to contact them.

Numerous times I receive emails from PoF saying that certain women like me and to contact them go to this link.
When I finally find that person (not always straight forward) I find that when I try to send a message to her I get the message that that person is looking for a different type of person or that person has got their messaging turned off.
This has happened over many months and PoF seem unable to fix the problem.
Most recently it happened yesterday and I sent a message to the Help section on Plenty of Fish Support . Within 16 minutes I got an email from them saying that my Password had been changed! Who changed my Password just 16 mins after I sent them an email complaining (again) about their poor service? So I advised them that I had not changed my Password and I asked them to send me an email to enable me to change my password. I am still waiting . . . . . . .
There is NO OTHER WAY TO CONTACT THESE PEOPLE! This is completely unsatisfactory! When do I get my email?

Desired outcome: Ability to change my Password.


PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - A user is using my Facebook profile picture on a fake account

Hi I have been inundated with messeges on Facebook from strange men saying I have contacted them on pof I do not have an account with pic and someone is using my picture on a fake account I don't have any other information I have added my photo as this is the photo the person is using I am also contacting the police as this is an infringement on my privacy and rights and I will sue you for having this fake account . I would like the information passed to me of the outcome

Desired outcome: Deletion of account and police involvement

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - I can’t send a message. It disappears

I can't send a message. When I bring up what I sent it's blank and says enter your message. This has been going on for 3 days. These men will think I'm not interested. I've tried everything. They have my log in information, now they say it doesn't match. You can write until your fingers bleed but it will not let you submit. I wouldn't give this site not even 1 star it sucks so bad. I wish I could get a message to them to fix it as everything else works but it's impossible. I send a message to a man. When I bring him up the message is gone. Enter again and the same thing. They think I'm not interested. 3 days of this crap. I am upgraded and I want 3 additional days for their screw up. I don't have any viruses. This is their mess. I want this fixed ASAP!

Desired outcome: I want an outcome iI paid for ir

Jul 03, 2021

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - PoF keeps deleting my photo even it's a clear face ones and ignoring naked offensive photos posted by some members especially from women.

For more than occasion PoF deleting my photos clear face personal photos some with my racing uniforms with my dog and so on. There's no proper or legit explanation for PoF staff behaviour. On the other hand they allowing alot of very offensive naked picture from females members.

This is a clear discriminating behaviour directed against me personally and should be stopped otherwise I will hold PoF responsible in human right tribunal proceedings

Desired outcome: Stop this discriminating behaviour immediately

Jul 01, 2021

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Racially biased site if you ain't white

i have had my account restricted due to white men sending filthy messages an dme not replying so they get mad and falsley report you, POF sides with them and has zero ammo when i have violated no terms or useage you cannot force me to speak with gross people or sext this isnt a trafficking site or is it? this is the 3rd time i tried to the samehting

Desired outcome: i am about to file a class action suit this is not the first time

Jun 03, 2021

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Liar about marital status

Dear Sirs,

I am reporting Eric/Richard L Cooper, screen name coopinphx on plenty of fish and other dating sites, recently on Wechat the Chinese social media. He approaches women and engage sexual activities. I dated him and made very clear from the beginning that I was seeking a long term relationship and marriage. He lied to me that he was divorced but still doing business with his ex but I found out that he is still married to his wife as of today. I have photos, emails and texts to proof. He dates multiple women at the same time and lies to everyone of them. He is also very verbally, emotionally abusive. I know a few women who he has dated and the complaints are the same. He even borrowed money from someone he dated and promised high returns with only a fraction of what he promised after the promised investment dates were long overdue. He even threatened me to hurt me when I called him out. Please let me know if you need any pictures. The man on the left in the picture.

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Big time scammer

FILIP248578 This person is a serious scammer. He contacted me March 12, 2021 and we were back and forth on your site for about 2 weeks when he encouraged me to quit the POF site and chat via email...

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May 02, 2021

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Various

1...You list these ""new"" matches as having ""lots in common"" with me...yet to find one that has more than one thing in common if anything at all...

2...You state specific members ""like ""me yet when I try to find them they don't exist...

3...meet me is just a rehash of all the members moved to a different order...

4...I have a specific age group and distance request yet I am continually flooded with members of all ages and locations...this site has gone to the dogs when compared to the original site..

Apr 29, 2021

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Money

I paid you monthly for over a year. I didn't know you had a yearly rate. Did you tell me that? Change my payment plan? No you did nothing. Now you changed the whole site. You can't talk to anyone. see who likes you. Its sub post to be a free site. You want us to pay for everything. You can't navigate like you use to. Its all about the money. Before I can contact people. Now nothing. Well that a big goodbye to you.

PoF.com / Plenty of Fish - Membership Revoked Due to False Complaint/ FEES LOST

I signed up for the $81.00 POF membership and not 2 weeks after being activated someone filed a false claim of racism against me. Possibly due to the fact that I am a TRUMP supporter and a Conservative Republican. Customer Service at POF revoked my membership, closed my profile, kept my money and refused to return my calls and emails. I'll be glad when the FTC shuts these POS's down.

Desired outcome: Close down POF and stop the scamming of people trying to actually meet someone for a relationship.

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