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PoF.com / Plenty of Fish Complaints & Reviews

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / false profile

Nancy Dierks on Oct 15, 2017
Rss70 (Randy) captainsonnier@gmail.com This guy is totally fake, every aspect of his life is misrepresented in his profile. How many woman is he going to prey on and abuse? I met this guy under the belief he was available for the first time in 20 plus years. So not the case he was still...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / direct debit transaction

Kieranmck1111 on Oct 14, 2017
I recently had a direct debit of £38.70 taken from my bank account this was regardless of cancelling my account with pof and this being suspend with paypal all prior to this transaction going through and being processed. I did sign up for one payment at the start of my pof agreement and I did...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / new scammers identified

hummer7777@yahoo.com on Oct 14, 2017
To this date, we have caught 15 scammers on plenty of fish.the dating website for singles which has caused harm to hundreds of people.we were in Ghana where this comes from.what a ****hole.here are some pictures to stay away from.never go offline to speak to anyone, let them pickup a...

Plenty of Fish / I have been hacked

Cutch63 on Oct 14, 2017
For 2 months now I have been contacting this company to let them know I have been hacked, I have received no answer from them and they are still taking money out of my account. All their so called contact details come back, 'No reply'. I have no issues starting over again, I just don't...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake identity scam

christine croft on Oct 11, 2017
I started talking with a guy by the name of Joseph Werey on 9-24 through POF. His email address jwerey888@gmail.com and burner phone 213/328-1754. He was on POF as adventurenlove. He posted these pictures of himself which were really photos of Bret Bearup a famous basketball coach for the...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / cristabel davis plenty of fish scammer

hummer7777@yahoo.com on Oct 10, 2017
We are more then half way there to meeting with people with information on these scammers. This person worked me for a week, trying to get my location. And to turn my camera on. Just a piece of tape. They had a recorded tape of a young girl on a app called hangouts. I will take pictures of...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake profile

Kimberley Lee on Oct 9, 2017
Hi I had been receiving weird messages on fb I told the guy to back of he them went on to tell me. That we've being talking on pof and kik and it turns out someone has been using my name and fb pics they know where I live as they have told this guy to meet them at the local but never...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / stolen identity on website

Kirsten Bromley on Oct 8, 2017
My husbands identity and photos (presumably from facebook) have been used to create a fake POF account in the name of "itsthatguyyyy". This is not my husband. This account has been around for some time and I have been contacted multiple times by other females saying my husband is cheating...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake profile

Lauren Smith on Oct 6, 2017
Someone is using a fake profile of me on here. I have never had an account and also have a boyfriend so I need it to be removed. Please get this removed immediately as it's not me and I don't know who it is. I am not happy about this and have been informed by a random person who has managed...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / rob ivey

Lori Souther on Oct 5, 2017
The reason for my complaint is rob Ivey is misrepresenting himself.. Rob says on his profile that he is looking for a relationship long term, not true at all.. He says that he is a truck driver and I find out he is on disability.. After a few more inconsistencies in what he was telling me...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fraudulent account

Paula Louise on Oct 5, 2017
I have recently been I formed that pof has a profile containing my information. I have never been on any dating website and would like this account deleted. The account is under the name happypaula. This shows a picture of me however I did not set up the account. Could this matter be...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / searching on pof

Sunny4386 on Oct 3, 2017
When I go to refine search I want to search in a 10 mile radius or a 20 mile radius for example and it still keeps giving me matches that are farther away than that. Can't change search radius in search.

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / pof profile stolen!

gwenewing on Oct 3, 2017
PLEASE DO NOT CORRESPOND WITH THIS PERSON! FLGATOR52 IS A FAKE ACCOUNT My profile Flgator52 was hacked yesterday. My email address associated with the account was changed and I am unable to change it back. My photos were changed. When you view it you will see my age is the same 64 but...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / grownman21

Lacheryl Green on Oct 2, 2017
His name is not cordel its antoine green. He is not single. He is married. Not seperated living with his wife. Who had no clue. He is not who he claims to be. He has I was told already been complained on by another user. Yet his account is still active. He is married not single. He...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / member

Kathy Kitty Mc Dermott on Oct 1, 2017
I emailed Markus about an abusive member. He was sexually abusive. He brought politics religion children and me into it all. I am not happy about this and I am thinking of going to the police now. Please reply. I was not happy but he didn't seem to care about the whole matter. I told him I...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / not able to download photographs

Parmasan63 on Oct 1, 2017
My right to download images has been revoked. I was not aware that l had broken any rules. The photograph l posted on my profile that was in the public domain was not offensive in any way. I did have some different pictures available for private viewings. Even they werent offensive or...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / victim of scam and con artist

Erica Camarena on Sep 30, 2017
July 28, 2016 I login to POF for the very first time in my life. I met a person by the name, Heinz Koach. He stated he lives in New York, widowed, has an 11 years old son, his profession environmental engineer. Heinz and I started a friendship off the website. We exchanged cell numbers and...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake profile using my identity

Keith at Alpha1 on Sep 29, 2017
Hi It has come to my attention that an individual going under the username 'hattersleyman' has created a profile using pictures taken from my facebook account. Its is a new account and has a tag of 'newbie on the block'. I have had people contacting me asking why I am on POF when I have...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake account/using my email address

Brookispissed on Sep 23, 2017
I am receiving multiple emails for a POF user (H_Brook4) who has used my email address for your website. I have gone onto the POF website to find a way to submit a request to have that user either removed or for them to change their address so that I can stop receiving notifications of...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake profile and pictures

Gazzeer on Sep 23, 2017
Hi been chatting to Donna Full name Donna Fellick from Reading UK. According to her profile she works in Education, she said she works with a Autistic boy, but when I did a name search due to being let down on meets or no actual phone calls excuses, I found the name related to a Ms Donna...

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