Complaints & Reviews / Plenty of FishSomeone used my email address for their account

Someone used my email address to create an account.
This is not me and I did not create the account.
This needs to looked into fully before I delete my account.
This user needs to have consequences for this.
My Email address used: [protected]
Her username is Mizzhcsykes
I attached pics of her below.
Her name says Hannah.
Thank you,
Heather Sykes

Someone used my email address for their account
Someone used my email address for their account
Someone used my email address for their account

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    Hannah's phone number is +44 7526 135554 / Plenty of FishApp/website

My user name is : lookinginsd
I upgraded to a premium membership account and for some reason now my password does not work and I am unable to recieve an email as to reset the password.

Please send an email to my account email at:


Thank you.

POF.comOnline dating... Not really good experience

I didnt get a good experience from this dating site. I met a woman (attached photo... If anyone can still see, if not deleted) she was very whiny and puppy-like during our dating and our 7 bed sessions. She wouldn't listen to me and she just want things her way. So basically the people you find in this site is just so-so. I would rate this dating site 1 out of 5.

Online dating... Not really good experience / Plenty of FishReported Harassment

I have reported a member "909Rolex" for harassing me numerous times after he blocked me awhile ago for no known reason. He keeps sending me messages and I am not able to see what they say because he has me blocked, yet he continues sending me messages. I have reported him on the site numerous times asking for them to notify him to stop contacting me or to block him from contacting me. It is total harassment that he is still able to harass me after I have reported it to admin numerous times. I keep asking them to do something because I just want him to stop!! Now I am here wasting my time making another complaint because they are obviously failing to protect their members from people being able to harass them.

I would like to be contacted to be informed something is being done about this. I can't block him on my end...but assuming the site can but they are just choosing not to do anything!! / Plenty of Fishsubscription

I purchased plenty of fish last october, around december I found the website to not be to my taste so I stopped using it, two months later I look at my bank statement and see that £38.50 of my money has been taken out by plenty of fish despite the fact that I have been inactive for months and I can't seem to find a single option on the website to get my money back. / Plenty of FishI have shared my plenty of fish security code to someone else

delete my information from plenty of fish account a girl of 34 ask me my number and takes plenty of fish code from me and I gave to her please sir delete my account or take decision to her name is Tiffany Cute from canada in Meet24 app she asked me my mobile number and security code sir I have attached her ID name and photo look and attrest her. she is fraud

I have shared my plenty of fish security code to someone else / Plenty of Fishsomeone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent

Hi I met a man on instagram & we ended up moving our conversation to whatsapp which meant I had to supply him with my contact number. Anyways he told me to give him the code that was coming thru in my txt messages so we could securely chat & I did, then I decide to check up what exactly it was for after he didn't respond to me asking why & have figured out it is the sms code for this plenty of fish site which I had never heard of until this very minute... Please can you help me asap & I am in tears & highly stressed over this & need it to be sorted before I go in for my 3rd spinal surgery on tuesday morning...

Kelly scarce
My contact number is - [protected]
Email address - [protected]

someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent
someone is fraudulently using my mobile number without my consent / Plenty of Fishcan't delete account

Yep, can't delete either. Spend past hour going round in a loop. Same happened last time I tried to delete my profile months ago.
When I go to delete account, it requires me to log in, which I do, but it then tells me wrong log in info, with each attempt, after a few goes I reset password, and the same happens again, on repeat, ad infinitum. I'm making an official complaint about this to governing bodies, which there are, as this is gross misconduct. I will find out from my mate the names of the bodies to complain to and post here so that others can do the same / Plenty of Fishplenty of fish code

Someone asked my mobile number, to generate their account by number, so I gave my number with out knowing it can be misused, but now I got worried my number may misused in wrong manner, so kindly delete or cancel the account by which my number as been used...
My phone no.+[protected]
Please kindly do the needful, I was totally aware of this kind of fraud made by some strangers and I kindly suggest people not to indulge like this kind of activities... / Plenty of Fishbeing scammed by another (old) customer possibly

I was given a security code on my phone... I Made a Big mistake by sharing it with another person she claimed she needed it to go off the site. Now I am locked out of pof I was scammed...
I dont know what to do. Please help me to register so that I can sign back up. Thank you. My name is Don Schmidt email is [protected] my screen name is blueyedaries60

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    Email Spoofed Nov 28, 2019

    You're a dummy.

    And... stop using aol. Jeesh. It's almost freaking 2020.

    0 Votes / Plenty of Fishmy pof account

My name is Brian Wiley, my address is 1738 Cottage Ave, Huntington, Ind, Im writing to you in reference to my account, you charged my account the total of 38.70 for three months, which I never authorized pof to do that, and much appreciate you refund me this money, the last four digits of my Mastercard debit card is 6492, so please refund my money.

Thank You,
Brian Wiley / Plenty of Fishpof

I was contacted by a 44yr old nhs employed woman from Bishopstoke who was 44yrs old wanting to meet me? I replied politely and was then blocked? More than once this has happened and I am appalled as this is little short of online victimisation. The legality of this I am unsure of but I will be investigating and my account has been hacked by another a number of times oddly she's from the nhs as well. Far from happy.
Alan Morgan / Plenty of Fishaccount hacked [user: sandesh84]

Hi Team,

I haven't received any email from POF since April 2nd 2015 but since I wasn't interested I didn't bother to check. All of a sudden I have started receiving messages on my phone, addressed to "Steve"

It seems my account has been hacked (since I am not able to reset my password anymore using my email)and this guy "Steve" is using my phone number in my profile for his use.

Could you please help look into my account and delete the profile [sandesh84]?

Thank you,

PoFcensorship of my message to another user

on two occasions, my message was erased right in front of my eyes (sexual content)then startin the next day and the following 4 days, I could not get on the site. I was a paying customer. a rep there deleted my account and gave me a credit for my payment. I continued to try to access pof. eventually I got back on. then I found the man that I messaged and the next day I started having same problem... could not get on. I sent a message asking if they had a policy of censoring members. no reply. is there anything that you can do? / Plenty of Fishplenty of fish

I joined in POF for I think 2 or 3 days only when I can no longer log into my account. I am a transwoman and clearly stated on my profile that I am. I am just chatting with guys there and never offered any services or anything that will put me in trouble with the app. But I do not know why I can't log in anymore, no warning, no email or whatsoever as to why I can't log in. Or am I banned? Why? Because I am a trans? Tinder, badoo, now pof? I guess my kind does not belong to the dating world it seems. I can clearly feel that now.

Plenty Of Fishpof

I think my pof account has been hacked. I use correct username and password and cant access. Ive tried resetting password but email link never arrives.

I've contacted pot customer support 10 times asking them to delete my account but each time they send back sorry please tell us your problem and here is how to reset password.
I'm freaking out as someone believes my photos are being used. I just want to delete the account .
How can I do this when pof refuse to help their customer service is breaching my privacy. Please I need help urgently / Plenty of Fishonline dating

I signed up to Plenty of Fish on-line dating in 2014. I was on there briefly and deleted me account after around 3 months. A friend recently spotted my profile and said that it looked as though I was on-line. I went back into POF deleted all my information and photo's and then deleted my account. Since then I have been told by a friend that I am still on there. I can no longer access my acount to contact POF and my attempts to get back in have not been successful. I have emailed several times and not had any replies. This is causing me much distress as I do not want to be on a dating website. I am hoping you can help me.
Thank you
Alyson Evans
welsha;[protected] / Plenty of Fishmy pof account

Someone was able to hack into my account and respond to suitors as if they were me. They are offering sex for me as well as including credit card information. I now am unable to access my account and/ or use my password to log in in order to delete my account. I would like ti remove my name and photos from the account. Please rectify this for me.

Please assist with this matter.

Nj41 / Plenty of Fishnotifications

They have jacked with my account. I deleted my account because they would block messages. They would send me a notice by email stating someone left me a message click here to review their profile. I would click the link and it would go to a blank page. I upgraded to a one month subscription and I would get a notice of people wanting to meet me and no one is their. I did a couple hours of screen shot video showing exactly how they would jack with my account. Now I'm on profile #3 and they are only letting females who are out of state contact me. No females who live in the same state did I ever receive notices from. If someone wants to meet me and I look in the notice section and go an try to find there profile is no where to be found. And never any messages from the ones who want to met me so I'm guessing their in the same state as me. I have numerous emails complaining to POF customer service. I told them it was a form of cyber bullying as they were tormenting me by blocking people who wanted to see me. Blocking messages and removing profiles from the who viewed you section. With all the emails and video I believe I have enough evidence for a strong lawsuit against them. I anyone has problems email the [censored] out of their customer service email. Even if they dont respond right away just and another detail to your complaint. I got my refund but only after I threaten them with taking my video and emails to consumer affairs. They really put me through some emotional turmoil leading me to believe I would met someone and block their profile an messages. / Plenty of Fishtransgender discrimination

I was on POF before, but they won't let me on now. I was barely on before they locked up my account. I clearly stated that my gender was woman, while my sexuality was male. I have been this way publicly and legally for years. My wife died nine years ago, and I was looking for another supportive woman in my life.
POF is the last free dating site; all others have hidden charges. Dating sites have become very greedy. Every site except for POF tried to induce me to join financially by flooding me with fake likes. Now, all online dating is out.

transgender discrimination / Plenty of Fishthe cyber abuse pof allow

I have been on plenty of fish for a few months now and am apauled by the people they allow to join . I can fully understand that not everyone can be vetted that would be impossible . But when I reported a man called Michael Girling to their site, telling them he had sent me, disgusting pictures of his penis and a video of him masturbating in the shower and more penis picture, I expected their response to be to remove him from POF . But they ignored my concerns . So he is free to abuse other women with his unwanted and. Umnpreviked " cyber flashing " . As I have researched this is illegal in the uk . I am very disappointed that I have been ignored by POF who by ignoring my report are allowing this behaviour to affect other women on the site looking for a genuine partner. I would at the very least like a response. And should POF. Wish for me to send them the pictures he sent me I am happy to do so. I would like a response my e mail is [protected]

Thank you for reading my complaint
S Winslade / Plenty of Fishlog in and no option to contact help centre unless logged in

My log in is not working and no email has been sent to me after I selected forgot password. I've tried numerous times. Also, there is no option to chat to help centre unless I'm logged in. My email is [protected] and I've been a member for many years. I tried all the passwords I know and it still wouldn't work. It's been over 24 hours since I selected forgot password. / Plenty of Fishdeleted my account (apparently)

I created an account. Set everything up, took real time making it. 10 minutes into using it you apparently deleted my account without any notice or heads up or attempt to confirm my identity? I looked online and apparently your more renowned for your crap service than anything else. Why would anyone go back and recreate an account when I don't even know why you punks deleted it in the first place. Huge waste of time and emotional energy. / Plenty of Fishmisuse of mobile number

Sir, I was asked a by a stranger to share the code and I shared the plenty of fish security code and now I'm really worried what she may does through my contact number so can you please remove the account which is under my phone number, my contact number is [protected]. I request you to remove as soon as possible, I have met in some dating apps and now I'm worried so please delete the account / Plenty of Fishsaying my info of wrong

When I type in my email and password which I know for sure is correct
POF says the email and or password is in correct.
I click on "forgot password " and put my email in and POF says they'll send me a link to my email so I can reset my email. I've done I This about 20x over the last few days and I have gotten an email from them and yes, I checked my spam
My boyfriend isn't to Happy that I can't permanently delete my account

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    Andrew50322 Sep 27, 2019

    Its because they deleted your account without telling you or telling you why or trying to confirm your identity. Basically pof is telling you to go pound sand. They just did the same thing to me ten minutes ago.

    0 Votes / Plenty of FishPOF dating website U.K.

Every time some talks to me it just ends abruptly for no reason??? My account has been hacked by Amanda692 who I believe is a paying member from Southampton. Tonight is a blatant example so please rectify. Amanda lodge is the beasts name and should be Calmore Southampton she's registered. I have had to re register account ADM221. I also receive daily meet me requests. Just to find they are sex messages offering nude pics and free first time sex.

  • Updated by Alan Morgan1 · Sep 18, 2019

    Yet another sex request from meet me??? Amanda692 still issues as I have re registered with this awful site / Plenty of Fishaccount

My account has been hacked and I can not retrieve my password or the password reset link. Someone has changed my credentials and is using the account as me. I've made several attempts to have the email sent to and contacted a fraudulent number claiming to be support. At this time is simply like for the account luvnmefrst to be deleted from your site and all of its content removed.

  • Wg
    wgfeisel Sep 25, 2019

    Dear POF,
    My name is Wayne Feisel. I've had a post on your site for a number of years. I live at 1527 Sharon Dr. in Cedar Hill, Texas 75104.
    My login is wgfeisel with a password of wowmom22.
    Someone has hacked into my site and changed the password and stole my site.
    He is using my site to contact women and lying about being me.
    I know this because I've been contacted by a woman that I've been seeing.
    Please let me know what can be done about this matter.
    Thank you . Please help me.
    Wayne G. Feisel

    0 Votes / Plenty of Fishpof customer service

Spoke to three different men all sounded foreign . Asking for my card info saying I will be refunded via Apple Pay. I went around and around with no luck nothing they said worked. Then a man called me back said his name was David and at first seemed helpful then he said I had to open my photos and I would need to scroll through all my photos one by one to activate the refund I told him no way he told me it was the only way to get the money transferred even told me that he knows his job and if there was another way he wouldn't be taking so long. Then he told me I had to [censored] him the only way to get pairs was to [censored] him. Obviously I didn't open my photos and to say the least I was fired up.

pof customer service
pof customer service
pof customer service
pof customer service
pof customer service
pof customer service
pof customer service
pof customer service / Plenty of Fishonline dating site

I am unable to log in, or reset my password bc my account must have been hacked & they changed my email address. I need to be able to retrieve my profile so that I can delete it, I do not want someone else posing as me or having access to my personal information & photos. I have contacted POF by email with no response. Shame on POF for not having better security measures in place. Please help! / Plenty of Fishblocking for no reason

Why are my accounts getting constantly deleted after sign up???????

I have not once message anything bad to anyone ever or put up inappropriate photos, you are preventing me to meet someone and that is NOT acceptable.

My emails that have been used as follows...

I want this sorted asap or I will be taking this to trading standards / Plenty of Fish — report a scammer, fraud and a liar!!!

576878 I Met this criminal " Lars Anderson", who claims to be an intelligence Analyst, working for the SIA department as an undercover agent! We were talking about 2 Months and he was in... / Plenty of Fishcannot look at dates on swiping part

I have paid for a subscription and I cannot look at possible dates on the app?!? I'm incredibly frustrated with this !! I have never had an issue with pof before and would really like to make use of the $50 + I've spent trying to get it working properly. My username is FreeToBeMe84 if you could possibly look into this and fix it I would be very appreciative / Plenty of Fishplenty of fish dating site

I have reported numerous profiles for being a scammer.nothing happens.I sent an email to customer service, no response.I cancelled my account, even though I's a total scam.that's one care Bout their users, only about making's foreshadow scammers to hack profiles and try to scam people.I have found a common thread..they ask you right away for personal way to contact you.their English is not good.they are all widows.they love everything about you after 5 minutes / Plenty of FishI can not send messages only one per person

Well I message alot of girls and when they reply I can't allways message back as my messages don't send. Really annoying because it's girls I could possibly get with
My account is. Gymfoodie. Email is [protected] I think. If you could please sort this out for me it would be a great help as iv just got out of a 8 year relationship and I don't go out much so it's my only hope really I do hope you can help me / Plenty of Fish — plenty of fish

POF is arbitrarily screening the ages of members and will not let a senior member contact a younger member. I don't know what the criteria they use is but it looks like around... / Plenty of Fishim advising to delete a profile of a woman money scammer

She has scammed $1250 from my westpac mastercard .promised to pay me back and never did constant false promises.
I had been speaking to her from Istanbul Turkey for a month saying she spent all her money and needed urgent help to clear her papers from customs to ship her shea butter and antiques .Claimed had no money and needed my urgent help.Loads of red flags but l felt guilty if i didnt morally and financiallyhelp her.Plus of course she contantly told me she loved me .I told her i needed proof.and she sent pic of passport and her account details. Her name is Hannah Mary Lopez however i think the real Hannah has had her ID and passport stolen in possibly Turkey.Please investigate its a suffisicated scam with airline tickets shown, passport, pics of products and bank details etc.
Yours sincerely Howard Warhurst user nane Yowie66.

im advising to delete a profile of a woman money scammer / Plenty of Fishother charges

I got charged the membership fee of $38.70 on the 10/8/2019 which was fine but then I got charged $66.04 and then another $59. 01 on the 11/8/2019 from random things your website is the only place my card details have been entered so why the hell am I being charged these things. If I am not reimbursed these charges I will take legal action this is against all legal guidelines for the captureing selling and use of personal information and this practice from a company saying they want to connect people is absolutely atrocious I will never use your services again and I will damn sure as many people as possible don't ether

other charges / Plenty of Fish — not being able to use my debit card.

First off, I have a terrible stutter and I am what they call mentally challenged. Basically I am "slow". I called yesterday and before I said anything about the issue I explained... / Plenty of Fish — fraudulent posting / stolen identity by complete impostor

576878 One of your members is fraudulently using my name and stolen driver's license - pasting his own photograph on my stolen license! he is conning women - who have inturn -... / Plenty of Fish — security code

Sir, I was asked a by a stranger to share the code and I shared the plenty of fish security code and now I'm really worried what she may does through my contact number so can you...