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My messages are failing to send, it's not my WiFi connection as all other apps work fine. Only signed up...

was reactivating a closed account and was told they were terminating me permanently without a reason.

I was a member of Match and Ourtime for a period of 6 to 9 months. I finally cancelled both of them about 1 1/2 years ago. Recently I tried to reactivate Match and was told that my account was permanently closed due to violations of the terms of agreement which they were allowed not to talk to me about. When I cancelled in the past I had a problem with them continuing to charge me monthly dues. I finally noticed after a couple of months, called them and was able to get a partial refund. Maybe that flagged my account though this is evidently a common problem with Match. I know that I have done nothing to violate the terms of their agreement. Any help here?

cancelation of subscription

My username is Gelati Member ID [protected] I hereby are making a complaint regarding product. My...

john gergely

John Gergely's account has been changed twice because customer support told him he needed to setup a new account. He does not have computer skills and uses his phone for match. You sent him an email to sign back up and he has and again cannot access his account he called in for help and again was not able to get into his account.

Absolutely awful.
None of the matches are right (e.g. Interests, religion, profession, schooling, smoking habits). Photos do not match ages of people. Something is not right there. What a waste of time and money.
The website gets booked often. I have tremendous difficulties to navigate/ do searches as the page disappears and then comes back again from the start. Difficult to narrow down the search. Lara - the online help, doesn't really help.
Is there a refund policy?
Mari Helen

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a mr. mac donald [protected] tried to scam me

He had a subscription so was able to private email me so I thought he was legitimateuding Match...


On August 12, 2018 I was contacted by's member rfi9260...he told me that he wanted to get to know me, but that his subscription was about to run out. So, he gave me his personal email. It seemed legit, so we began to correspond daily. He told me his name was Eric Jakobsdottir . Today I noticed that his picture and profile were still up, and after re reading his profile, some things just did not match with our correspondence. He contacted me today wanting a phone number. I double checked and even googled him...there was no match. I did not give him a phone # and I cancelled my subscription with My concern is that it is possible that he is using the identity of the member, perhaps without the members knowledge. I told him to not contact me again except through the site...and of course since I have cancelled my subscription even if he wanted to he could not, as I am no longer a member.

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    I hope I am wrong...but this whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth!

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Blocked account

I have subscribed to till December. I used the site for a few weeks then they blocked my account without giving any reason. I am a 76 year old widow living in Cambridge U.K. I am an ex professional. I was a counsellor. I am now retired. I have an impeccable life record. No convictions. No debts. I have tried and tried to get in touch with their support team and failed utterly.

profile blocking

I signup my cousin on July 25, 2018 and the profile is locked. I call July 26th and they are saying that I must wait for an "email" in the next 48 hours, BUT the 3 months period started on July 25, meaning: they are stealing the money by offering a locked product/service my cousin can't use. Just need prompt service, better customer and TECHNICAL support able to fix problems and not only "escalate" them.

on line dating

I purchased a 3 month membership back in November. After 3 months I went online and cancelled my membership...

charging me when I closed my account charged me money when I had unsubscribed and then my bank contacted me because they would not resolve this and then when I contacted match they said they could not help me because my account is closed. Then I asked them again to refund the amount they involuntarily took from me and they said due to their privacy act they cannot help me with this matter. I want the $41.99 paid back to bank of america. Thank you!


Match com terminated my membership without any explanation. I don't have any clue . It says I'm married .I am never been married . I am not living with a man and not engaged . I live on my own . I don't have any idea who made a false accusations on me. Is it a member that I don't want to correspond, don't want to see and meet again . I have no idea which one . You don't terminate a member without a proof, evidence and no further investigation. I have no problems sending a proof that I am not and never been married . So frustrating. It seems like a discrimination on my part my gender and my race. I'm a size 0 educated Asian that I can say, I have no problems getting a date from Match.

match canada - throttling incoming and outgoing messages

Hello I have a paid subscription with Match. Why is after I send a message through Match I never receive a feedback. It appears that they are screening and throttling outgoing and incoming messages. It is not possible to make even a local connection with a potential match. I guess this is how match makes its money. This is fraudulent. Please investigate Match Canada

you gotta be kidding... you do not post new just over and over!

I will not be renewing with any co connected with match... Very sorry co... Of course. Post same old creepy men over and over!!!
there are plenty of other companies and I will be doing my research to find out who match is connected to... At a large singles club I belong to, we were talking and there are others we are banning.. You take the money then play games to get more and show some goofy men over and over... This will never go anywhere because it is all about your ceos but I will make sure I post on facebook, and all places I can... Not a lot people can do but warn in all ways possible... Post in free tourist papers, etc.

stealing my money

After spending money to upgrade and try out this app, it didn't work, and kept saying I need to pay to upgrade. I then called customer service and not only did I just spend money on a broken app that doesn't allow me to use it, they reused to give me a refund on their faulty product..seems like that should be against the law. I'm now stuck paying for something that has never worked. I will never visit this site or any affiliated site again, and will do my best to spread the word about how awful this company is. Thanks for stealing my money!

  • Do
    Donatus Jun 22, 2018 is stealing my money, they deduct my money in the sum of 120 Brazilian Reals, please return my because it was not authorized by me.

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cancellation of membership

This has been my second time using once in 2013 and again in 2017 and have to say I'm extremely disappointed in their customer service. I chose to do the fee trial subscription for a limited time. I understood at the completion of the trail service I would be charged. They advertised a monthly fee after the expired trail. I guarantee you the amount wasn't advertised wasn't $101.94 I cancelled my subscription online via the request thru my profile the beginning of the year. Now, 3 months later they have charged $101.94 on my credit card and will not credit my account. Their reasoning was that when I cancelled the subscription, the cancellation notification failed to return a confirmation. I had no idea it didn't go thru as I wasn't seeing a charge on my credit card so that's why I was shocked to see the transaction show up 2 months later. In a word of technology and especially with online dating you would think some kind of report would come back to them to show a failure of notification. I know of a few people that have found matches on this website and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the people on the site, I gave it two chances and have come to the conclusion that online dating is not for me. So after no use on my profile, I checked it to see and it has the word "reactivate" next to profile pick. Why would that be an option if my account was requested to be cancelled.

Would I recommend them again? Absolutely not! What I can tell you in the world of online dating there are some bad apples in the bunch that do not represent being truthful and now the online dating service can be added to that kind of bunch. So how do you like them kind of apples???

  • Ca
    Carminedb May 26, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So im not impressed its been 5 days still mo answer back

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dating site

I signed up on Match sometime late January for their 6 month package. After a few months decided to cancel 3/29. I removed my pictures, profile and changed my user name. To my understanding the acct was still mine until 7/15. if I wanted to come back.

Today I received the below email from Match:

Your account info has been updated.
Say hello to your new info.
Your account updates went through without a hitch. Take a sec to make sure everything looks OK.
Username: Selena
Email address: hunt.[protected]
Birthday: September 9, 1961
If you received this email and didn't change your account information, please contact Customer Support.
View Profile
Questions? Take a look at our Photo Tips, FAQs, or contact Customer Support.
Please add [protected] to your address book to ensure our emails reach your inbox.

Please do not reply to this email. Replies will not be received.

If you have a question, or need assistance, please contact Customer Support directly.
Please have your Member ID available to expedite your request."

Of course you can not email or talk to anyone on weekends, can't even get an email to send.

So let me get this straight, they allowed someone to change my email and add a profile without my authorization. Yet send an email to the rightful owner of that account?! Doesn't make any sense at all to me. Now this person has access to my account information.

Match has no clue about security or running a business. It all seems quite shady to me. I know one other person this has happened to and am sure there are many others. The email this person used isn't even legit. Cool Tried to go there and it's a circle jerk, doesn't connect.

I urge everyone to stay away from Match!

  • Cu
    Cuddler Jul 08, 2018

    It says that I am blocked and for me to call you for help


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  • Da
    Daisy Johnson Jul 26, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went on match because a friend recommended it - her mother found her current husband there, and another friend of hers met a bloke she's in a serious relationship with.

    I am clearly entirely unattractive, however, and it was a massive waste of money, because the only bloke who contacted me was somewhat overkeen, saying I was the one for him when he didn't know anything more about me than what was on my profile - we hadn't even had more than a very brief conversation because i did a deep search on him using RootGateHacks, they provide the best in monitoring, remote access, infidelity investigations, PIs and so on. You can google them for more information

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I didn't even sign up for their service and was charged $119.00. It was deducted from my debit card and how...

being charged after I ended my membership

I canceled my membership over 6 months ago and I recently discovered I've been being charged $ 51.00 per...

professional swindler

I signed up for the 6-months guarantee package on Match in Oct 2017. I stopped accessing Match sometime in Feb 2018, removed my profile photo and also replaced my profile write-up with "Hi, I am quitting online dating for now but will let my 6 month subscription run it's course. Good luck on your search! :)"

About 10 days before my subscription expired, I went into Match to cancel my subscription. I followed the cancellation instructions on to a tee .

On Apr 20, 2018, I received an email from Paypal that $175.92 was paid to Match for a 1 year subscription.

I wrote to both Match and Paypal. Paypal said that they cannot cancel the transaction. Match responded and agreed to a one-time courtesy refund but will still have to charge me $35.99 for a one month subscription after which they will terminate my subscription.

So it could be one of 2 things:
1. They have a technical glitch and are not admitting to it.
2. They are a professional swindler. After analysing the situation based on the facts below, I have determined that they are intentionally deceptive.

Firstly, I signed up for the 6 months guarantee package in October, 2017. This means that if I do not meet anyone in 6 months, Match will renew my subscription for another 6 months at no cost. So even if they have a technical glitch and did not receive my cancellation, why am I billed when I am entitled for a free 6 months subscription?

Secondly, my initial package was for 6 months and they auto renewed it for a year?

Yes, I should be happy as I got most of my money back and $35.99 can be easily written off.

But it is not about the amount, it is a matter of principle. This is not right!

How do we start a Class Action lawsuit against Match for fraud?