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A - online dating

I would like to cancel my subscription to
I signed up for one month, then followed the procedure to cancel. However, the website keeps telling me that it is being updated. This has happened every single time that I have tried to cancel and I have now been charged a further fee for a service that I do not want .
Please help me to cancel this subscription. I do feel that I ought to get my most recent payment returned, as it does feel like a bit of a con to not be able to cancel.

Sep 06, 2019 - you have me locked out of my account with no explanation

I have not been inappropriate on my account. I had not used it in a couple of years and thought that I would try to get back on to check out. Locked out. Please give a better explanation rather than
Dear dinelyria,
We received your inquiry requesting information about your Match account. Due to our privacy practices, we cannot disclose specifics about any Match account, including your own.
Please contact me with something other than the above. It looks like this is a common complaint that should be addressed. Please contact me. Thanks. Deb - complaint forum

I question this forum. I know one of the gentlemen who is mentioned in a complaint and the complaint is maliciously driven. There is no truth and the accuser used and slandered him by name. I don't find this forum just at all. I am not saying that some don't have legitimate complaints, but what about the person who is being slandered. The information (false information) is there and remains there.

Aug 22, 2019 - amazon mistakenly cancelled my amazon card due to several unauthorized transaction. should not have been deleted

An Amazon representative because Chase had noticed what they thought were bogus charges. being made on my debit card. In fact, they were correct in their assumptions. These charges were being made by some other dating sites that I had briefly checked out and their charges were not authorized. I desire to be reinstated on using another debit card. How do I go about it? - fraud by attorney samuel kitchens texas attorney

Samuel Kitchens attorney Texas and Jeanette Teckman Texas attorney were forced to settle a major lawsuit that openly discriminated against people. The Tinder Plus Pricing Discrimination Class Action...

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Jul 18, 2019 - blocking my account when I travel abroad consistently blocks my access to my account when I travel outside the US by detecting the IP address of the Internet connection I use. They don't ever disclose this policy to a customer when he/she signs up for an account. I have tried to resolve the problem by calling and writing to them several times, and they say they can't do anything. It stinks because I travel a lot and they refuse to give me extra time on my subscription when they block my account. They should be fined for not disclosing this to their customers up front I think.

Jul 13, 2019 - dating site

Please unlock my account. Stop locking my account please. I have never misbehaved, lied or did anything inappropriate. And my email is [protected] Match keeps locking my account; I don't know why they keep doing that. I have never behave inappropriately on the site. Please unlock my account please. Username is metcalif. Email is [protected]

Sep 06, 2019

Gregg I have had the same problem. I have never done anything inappropriate on Match site. I'm a Christian. I hadn't been on in years and decided to check it out again. They won't disclose why I can't access my account, and they won't let me start up a new one using my email address. Silly to have to get a new email in order to get on a dating site. Too bad that they don't/won't explain.

Jul 04, 2019 - locked me out. I don't know why. I did not do anything wrong. My email is [protected] This morning I tried to log on but it won't let me it's telling me to contact support. I just got on the site a couple of days ago and I paid for the subscription. I feel like just stole my money. Please unlock my account because I paid full for it already.

P - scam the payment from my credit card for two years

Wmv*WWW.MATCH.COM/BILL [protected] tx

I never used your service, I didn't even registered for any service with payment. Your company steal my bank card info from match. Uk. And kept take money from my account for more than two years.

Please refund my money, and call me

Transaction date

131.94 usd

Wmv*WWW.MATCH.COM/BILL [protected] tx



D - match dot com deleted my account.

I have been a member of off and on since 2004. I met a girl recently who did not like being rejected and sent an email to My account was terminated and blocked without an explanation except that I violated their terms of service. This same woman stalked me, followed me in her car to my work, left messages in my mail box and threatened to harass me to the end of the world. I have filed police reports against her and will get a harassment court order if it continues.

Match has done nothing to reinstate my profile. Terrible site with most of the women serial daters, fake profiles and only the occasional one out of 50 anywhere near half way normal.

Apr 27, 2019 - cheated!

I was a member and I completed my guarantee period which entitled me to a free six month extension of my membership. charged my card anyway. I disputed the charge with my bank and took action! They closed my account, blocked me and banned me forever. They refunded the charge, but I lost my free six month service extension. All I wanted to do was prevent from illegally stealing my money. The facts speak for themselves. There aren't enough adjectives to describe how incompetent and deceitful they are!

Jul 18, 2019

It's not funny at all. Their customer service stinks. I will never use their service again.

Jun 28, 2019

That is so funny

Jun 28, 2019

That is so funny. - unable to log on to account

A few days ago cancelled by account with but had been able to log on and still search and thought about re-starting my account again but when I logged on just now 4/14 1720
I was referred to the resolutions team but that address came straight to this sight. Don't understand why I can't log on my account. Match states even if you cancel you can still log on, search for free. I guess not? I guess I won't re-activate my account either.
Thank you
[protected] - unauthorized continued charges

I am pretty certain nobody even checks this complaint board as this is my second complaint regarding and their sketchy attempts at charging credit cards numbers for a service you do not even use. Interesting how they have a "no refunds policy" is that because there are over 300 complaints from individuals regarding this very same issue. I thought this was resolved months ago. My credit card company issued credits to my card which I was very grateful for. Now I check my account and they have taken the credits back off my card and given the money back to This is infuriating considering I had to cancel my last card just to keep this lame [censored] company from charging on my card again. I am sure by all the technology these days you can tell that nobody (unless it was a hacker) has used your website in years. It is no wonder you have lawsuits right and left filed against you. Stop scamming peoples credit cards. I do not understand how you get away with this. If you do not credit my account for a service that was not even used, I promise you I will sue you. I don't care how much it cost. This is morally wrong and completely unprofessional.

Mar 09, 2019 - unauthorised subscription

I am hitting a brick wall with over a credit card charge from out of the blue for a subscription that I did not sign up for. I was a past member but cancelled that back in 2009. I have not reactivated this account but have apparently been charged for doing so. The bank reversed the payment, but claimed I had received two emails confirming re-subscription (I absolutely did not!) and that I have used the service since (I absolutely have not!). In fact, I have received nothing at all from aside from the initial customer services correspondence relating to my raising the transaction issue. Only silence now. Probably because my bank folded and reinstated the payment.

Further, I am concerned that if I do try to open the old account to cancel this activation, it will be taken as use of the services.

The truly worrying thing is where did they get my current credit card number from? Made more frightening by the fact that I did sign up with a completely different dating site on the day in question. Are they related and was the info transferred?! That cannot be legal.

Mar 04, 2019 - unauthorized payment from my account membership no [protected]

Hi I signed up with match in december, £9.99 per month for 6 months a payment was taken on 02/ 1 2019-19.98 and 02/02/29.88 so my 6 months have been payed ? I have checked my credit card and you...

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S - no quiero renovar la suscripción.

Me suscribí a Match en noviembre/2018, por 3 meses y pagué 53 dólares.
En diciembre (al mes)! ya no podía entrar en la página, no sé porqué motivo.
Les escribí a la dirección que allí figuraba [protected] y con sorpresa observé que el mensaje no era recibido por esa casilla de correo que ustedes proporcionaban, increíble!

Acabo de recibir un nuevo cobro de su sitio Match, otra vez 53 dólares. No es posible que quieran cobrar por un servicio que no brindan. Exijo la devolución del dinero que pagué por 2 a. vez.

Mi nombre de usuario es Dosportres.
Espero una respuesta a la brevedad

S - account was deleted but 1.5 years later hacked

I was on and paid for 6 months in June 2017. A month later I deactivated my account because I met someone. During the one month I was exposed to a local profile that had been hacked by...

Read full review - unethical behavior, charging credit cards after attempts to cancel

After multiple attempts to cancel "my one week free trial". I have finally had to cancel my credit card number they have on file as they have been charging my card $38.99 since March 2018 when I have...

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Jan 26, 2019 - people state they want a long term relationship then go away

i'm not too sure how this can be resolved but I think you should be aware, that people in their profiles state they want a serious relationship but then use you as a fling, which is totally not right. it is horrible to have to go through the heartbreak, when you have felt like you found the `one' to be told that they no longer love you, after you have had sex with them and seem to have given them what they came for. I met someone I thought was very special through this site and things seem to progress well for the pair of us. when we met I thought about informing the site how happy I was. both of us even came off match because we felt that we belonged together and didn't need no one else. now I'm left feeling used, hurt and betrayed by someone who I cared and love for so much. to me, I felt that I had my future with him. then when I met his parents everything changed and he seemed to loose interest. he told me it was him and not me, but there was reason after reason. i feel that he shouldn't have put on his profile that he wanted a serious relationship, if a fling was all that he had intended. he told me he loved me all the time, he showed public affection all the time, i felt so loved, now I've lost him and i don't know what to do.

Update by unknown id
Jan 26, 2019

i do know what to do because im strong and independent and no one can change that.

Apr 14, 2019

I’ve experienced this as well - it leads me to believe that either the women who subscribe to are total b———s or the service is rigged with fake profiles in a scheme to get subscribers to keep throwing money at the service, much like one would do with a slot machine

Jan 21, 2019 - fraudulent charge on credit card Obtained my credit card info and attempted to charge $80.97without ever me even ever being on the site none less give them my credit card info name and email my wife now assumes I was on...

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