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I apply for personal loan for my wedding 2 months ago as per Mr. Victor who was dealing with me all will be fast and easy. I transfer my salary and give all required documents to the bank Victor said all good. Later after I ask for updates he reply was the company is not listed with the Mahsreq bank and it mean he requred additional documents to list the company . I contacted my collegues from HR and they said all good let the bank ask for the documents we will send all to them.I provide all detailsto Victor even mobile number of the person dealing ith this documents in HR of the company i am workinh with. Victor continue saying to me that all in process for one more month after that he inform that the company i am woking for can not provide all the requred douments. I contacted my company they never receive any call from the bank with the list of requred document. I took the list of documents from Vicktor and send it to my company. I am really shocked that Victor was lying to me for one month that all in process when he didnt even ask my company for documents.I think i know more about job of Victor then he does. I will not get personal loan on time for my wedding and i could just use any other bank !!!

Aug 24, 2016

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