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Level 20, Tower 3, Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce (Old Building), Road 1605 Building 122 Block 316, Central Manama, Bahrain

Hong Kong
Unit 26C1, 26/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong (SAR)

Ground floor, Zumurrada Tower, Ahmad Al Jabber Street, Qebla, Kuwait City

1305, Raheja Centre, 13th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021, India

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Mashreq Bank Complaints & Reviews

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Mashreq Bank Credit Cardcheating customers in the name of balance transfer program.

Cheating customers in the name of Balance Transfer Program.

Dear Mashreq friends,

There is one offer going on in mashreq for 6months intrest free Balance transfer with 1% processing fees. Third party agents are calling and they will never tell you the hidden facts unless you ask them. If you have any outstanding balance never use this facility unless you clear all the debts. If you have an outstanding and you take the balance transfer facility what ever you pay only 5% will go to the outstanding. That means you can never close the outstanding unless you close the transfer. Also if you have taken the BT facility never use the card for any purchases. Huge interest is avaiting for you.

I have an outstanding of 1000 and i taken the transfer of 4000 once and after one month again they called and given 4000dhs . So still i have 1000 to pay and they are calling me for this facility. second time also they never mentioned on the trap waiting for me. i used the card for paying dewa and my total outstanding was 2000. I paid the 2000Dhs to settle the outstanding. On my next bill only i came to know that all this cheating is going on. what ever i paid gone to the BT only.Out of 2000 i paid only 50dhs gone to my outstanding and 1950 gone to BT facility which i have a due date upto October.

So let me ask friends what is the use of this facility. Why do they call me for this facility if i have an outstanding. If have, atleast they should suggest us to close the outstanding before balance transfer and not use the card for any purchases also. Am i right.

So i came into a big trouble like i have to pay the full 8000 dhs befor my coming due date. so what is my benefit for this facility. I have to pay allmost 600Dhs as retail interest for the 2000dhs outstanding if not settle the 8000balance in this month. ie's just 20days after taking the BT facility which has a due date upto Feb2013 inorder to avoid the interest.

So i'm asking mashreq,

dont you have any value to the customer.Why you people cant suggest the customer to please clear you outstanding before applying the balance transfer. Dont use you card untill this balance transfer program settles. This is the simple way to tell the customer. Or why do you select the customers who have an outstanding for this program, All other banks tells me like this on their programs. After registering the complaint a guy called me and while on conversation he told me its your responsibility to ask.

any way i could help 3 of my colleagues before getting in to the trap.

You friends respond to this.

As a customer is it banks responsibility to clearly mention all the terms & conditions clearly in a easy way or should send a mail regarding all the terms.


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    Mashreq Banknon credit of salaam points

    Mashreq is obliged to immediately credit Salaam points for every spend. However, inspite of spending nearly AED 4000 since the past one month (28th April) I have not been credited with a single point. Numerous telephone complaints have yielded no results (Complaint Ref. No. 1757927-5PFRX9). It is very disgusting and disappointing to keep calling the customer care centre and only get a promise of action within the day. I am hoping by way of this complaint, some action will be initiated.

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      Nationwide Bank London And Mashreq Bank Dubaibanks ripping us of charges

      Dear sir, madam, we were award a tender from Cemac(Central Africa) for the delivery of 300 000 m/t of sugar to Cameroun
      Government, to be distributed to 11 Central African Countires, our MT103, was swifted from Cameroun Bank to Nationwide Bank, after many problems and hassle's, we worked with the Head of Operation Mr Harry Martins and David Clark, after paying R8 Million Rands, they managed to Swift to Mashreq Bank Dubai, and they told us that the within 48 hours, we would get our swift from Dubai, but then Central Bank stepped in, and then we had more issues and prolbem, which was a repeat from Nationwide Bank, after soritng out and Paying another R4 Million Rands, the Swift went to Mashreq Bank New York, once again after problems in New York, with the Homeland Security, the Government advised that the Swift be returned to Mashreq Bank Dubai, and now once again they are asking us for Reswift Charges? My Investor and i taught that this would change our lives and many other who invested in this transaction, but now our dreams are shattered? My investor and i feel so stupid, the question we have asked them, why? was the need for Mashreq Bank Dubai, send the Swift to New York, after we have paid all said charges for the swift to come to South Africa? Leave alone that New York told them to return the swift to Dubai, but also mentioned that they should swift the MT103 directly to South Africa, cannot the Mashreq Bank take responsibility for their error, Mashreq Bank Dubai, and Nationwide Bank, has shown no principal or interity as a Bank, they are not Honourable people to work with? Also it is sad to note that we have sent email to the CEO of Mashreq Bank, as well as i have phone the Many Rleationship officers and sent emails to them, But not one have responded to us? We know the transaction is Legit, But the Banks are working as Scam?
      The question we have ask them how many days does it take to swift a MT103 to South Africa, ? Does it cost R12 Million Rands to send a Swift to South Africa? IF INTERPOL IS READING THIS NOTICE, PLEASE INVESTIGATE, IN THE MANNER THAT THESE BANKS WORK, ALSO IT IS IMPORTANT IF THERE IS A COUNCIL FOR INTERNATIONAL BANKING COMMITTEE, THEY NEED TO FOLLOW, AS TO KNOW WHY THESE BANKS work LIKE THIS, all banks should have International Standard of working, by swifting the MT103, and and making sure that the receiving Bank pays the said charges, once it is Cleared from any Reserved Bank, this would avoid Frauds and Scammers, How can we work with Banks, if they do hav Business ethics, and International Standard of Banking or Swifting MT103, How can we TRUST THE BANKS NOW, to keep us in good peace of mind? Yet Mashreq Bank Dubai, should get their satff good training, as the people in wire departmen had made many many mistakes in swifting the MT103, yet we helped to save the staff job? What do you think was it a scam with these or not? Anybody that can assist can call on : +[protected] or email me: [protected]@gmail.com
      My name is PRISCILLA MOHANLAL, we are honest and work with Business Ethics.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Mashreq Bank — misrepresentation, fraud, disgusting service!

        They advertised an investment opportunity - and offered credit card to the investment amount to enable...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Mashreq Bank/credit Card — extra charges on credit cards

        I'm UAE resident and living there with my family more than 16 years. Last month when I was traveling to...

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Mashreq Bank Credit Cardreplacement fee charged in spite of assurance of waiver

        Mashreq Bank is the worst bank ever. Their frequent useless service and pathetic banking policy has provoked me to use this medium to complaint against them. I prefer any other bank than mashreq bank in this region. They are cheaters. They suck blood of helpless investors like vampires.
        Last month i was back from my home country without my wallet. I lost everything, all my cards. Namely 3 cards Mashreq, Barclays and First gulf. When i called the 3 banks to activate and send a replacement of the cards the latter 2 banks it was smooth and without any charges whereas mashreq said they would charge dhs100 for the credit card and ATM card is without any charges. Thats their stupid bank policy. So i immediately said to the customer representative not to send me the Credit card as it was chargable. Still after 2 days i have the card couriered to me. I thought ok fine may be only after activating i will charged. So i didnt activate. To activate my ATM card i called them and told that in-spite of me denying sending of credit card its still come to me. I told them i wont be activating the same. Till that time nobody informed me that i would still be charged. After 2 days iam getting a call form mashreq stating why haven't i activated the card so i told them the reason. The lady immediately kept me on hold and came back stating sir, u can go ahead and activate there wont be any replacement fee charges. I still double checked with her to be sure and she assured me. I gave a go ahead signal to activate my CC. Today to my surprise i have been charged Dhs 100 as replacement fee. So i called them to explain the situation in vain. The first Cust Rep. kept me on hold twice and disconnected the call when i told them that i want to lodge a complaint and cancel all my credit and move my salary account to another bank. The second Cust Rep. more polite than the first could not be of much help too. When i said i want to lodge a complaint he said the systems are down and he cant give me reference no. for the same. He said i will receive the SMS in 2 hours. Its already more than 2 hours now.
        Although dhs 100 is very very small amount comparing to millions of dirhams lost in Internet fraudulent cases but it just a question of ethics which is lacking here.
        Before connecting to any cust rep we get a recorded voice message stating 'THIS CALL MAY BE RECORDED FOR TRAINING, ASSURANCE and VERFICATION PURPOSE' so why dont they use this to solve my case.
        This atrocious attitude of Mashreq bank has prompted me to spread bad message about mashreq bank to all i know.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Mashreq Bankeasy payment

          I have been a loyal customer for this Bank for close to 4 yrs, having MM certificates close to 70, 000 and clean Credit card records.

          Loan teams were behind me calling to take the loan, just to help the person i took the loan as well to avoid the calls, now the loan EMI reflected in the same month and i have to pay for that month intrest, which mean i paid the intrest amount for 1 month in 15 days after i got money.

          I had to pay 2 due payments of same card in one month just because they changed the payment due dates without knowledge.

          I was told i would get the cash back offer in 60 days, which after several complains I got in 75 days, but that was not cash back as was told, they just increased the credit limit of the card.

          Thier customer service has degraded drastically over the years.

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            Mashreq Bank — credit card recovery procedure

            I am actually a user of Mashreq Bank Cards, in all instances one time in a person life he hits the bottom...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Mashreq Bankdelay in aproval for credit card

            Kindly publish my complaint in Gulf news.

            There was an offer for 100, 000 points if you make new credit card from Mashreq Bank Dubai Incoporated card with Etisalat.
            we have submitted documents to sales person in end of December. where as it takes hardly 1 weeks to get credit card or loan in dubai. in our case it took 3 weeks. when we received and activited the card it was Feb. After using the card we came across that we are not eligible for the offer as it ended in January.
            Firstly there was big delay from bank for verification and validation of our documents & approval.
            Secondly Validay of this offer was not communicated by sales person.
            Thirdly when we launch complaint at call center it took as 2 weeks to get valid reason.

            As a result we didn't receive any promotion from the bank where as commitment from bank is key to there success. I strongly feel that it can be purposfully delay in approval of card from bank as they want to reduce number of people benifiting from this offer.

            Kindly take up this issue and publish in Gulf news which is one among the reputed dailies in UAE.

            Warm regards,

            Haroon Ali Khan

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Mashreq Bankirresponsibility in verifying the cheque

              I am extremely excited to be leading Mashreq at a time when the possibilities seem endless. Financial strength; A breadth of products, Services and solutions; Strong customer relationships; A strong brand
              Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair
              CEO, Mashreq

              NB:- These are the words of Respected CEO, Mashreq bank..


              Respected Sir,

              Kindly publish my complaint in Gulf news.

              Is signature alone the criteria of bank’s relation to customer?

              There was an issue of cheque bounce from Mashreq bank issued to Wasl properties due to the so called variation of my signature, as claimed by the bank officials. No intimation was given by the bank before returning the cheque though my mobile no. was clearly mentioned on the back side of the cheque. When we came to know the problem and contacted the bank, they claimed that the relationship of bank with the customer was the signature alone and if it varies they are not responsible of the consequences and they are not bound to contact or inform the customer due to security reasons.

              As a result I had to pay a fine of Dhs 510 to Wasl, which I strongly feel that the bank has to bear as it is bank’s negligence to customer relationship. But the bank officials say Wasl should not charge me as the cheque is not returned due to insufficient funds. I strongly feel that the bank has to accept the mistake and refund the money to the customer, who banks with Mashreq bank for more than 25 years.

              Kindly take up this issue and publish in Gulf news which is one among the reputed dailies in UAE.

              Please do not publish my name.
              My contact detail is LI LLY GEORGE - [protected].

              Warm regards,

              Lilly George

              NB :- If the above said words of the respected CEO is true then kindly return my amount and close the matter..

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                Mashreq Bank — credit card settelment

                i would like to go mashreq mank cradit card full and final settelment for my visa and master credit cards and...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Mashreq Bank - Dubai — fraud transaction

                CASE: We have all heard how good a country UAE is with respect to the security, peace and service it provide...

                Mashreq Mortgagesarbitrary change in mortgage charges

                Mashreq bank has recently changed the way in which interest is calculated for their mortages.

                This will be costing some customers 85, 000 AED of additional interest payments per year or an additional 2, 000, 000 AED over the life time of the loan.

                If you would like you case to be brought before the UAE Central Bank and/or the UAE Federal Courts please email:


                to join our group of over 70 Mashreq mortgage holders takeing this case to the authorities.

                For further information please visit:


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                  • Gh
                    GHASS May 04, 2012
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Can anyone advise on the court judgement? My friend has the same problem with respect to the change of Interest Rate by Mashreq Bank in breaching the Contract. I was planning to take loan from Mashreq Bank but i changed my mind noting these numerous criticisms.

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                  • St
                    Stefine Aug 27, 2011
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I have one of their customer for the last 3 years and have faced the worst from this bank.My bank was previously on fix % + ebor but never in the last 3 years my rate or monthly installment have changed.I'm one of the thousand who bought a flat in JLT at its pick but now being on 60% negative equity and lost my job, it is very difficult to meet my payment bu to date I've managed.What really got me, is the annual life charges that they are taking directly from my account without my consent and getting harassed by their collection department every time I'm overdue with court case action to be taken against me.
                    I do not want to leave the country or stop paying but in no instance they have shown compassion towards me or suggested any help.This bank doesn't care if you end in prison and they will be pushing you until they get what they want.I will recommend any one who wish to take a mortgage to think twice.

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                  • Je
                    jean karam Mar 14, 2010

                    Especially the unprofessional ADHAM from collection department.

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                  • Bo
                    boycott mashreq bank now Feb 23, 2010

                    Mashreq is extremely unprofessional - I am not surprised by your experiences by them
                    I am one of the only few good people who are staying in the country to finish my loans payments before leaving (I am being honest) but they do not make it easy for me to do this - I can NEVER get hold of the person dealing with my case -
                    **** this is what I experience multiple times per day: Ringing, Ringing, Ringing - goes to voice box - message says no mailbox is set for this number - message says it will transfer me to an allocated attendant - then says no attendant is allocated and finally just says Goodbye!!****

                    I now know why so many people just run away from their debts - alot of them probably experienced their low level of service and professionalism before they decided to run away!

                    I hope you got your case sorted - mine is pending for months

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Mashreq Mortgagemortgage

                  Mashreq have decided to change the terms of their loan agreement.

                  Join the mailing list if something similar happened to you as we will be fighting this in court:



                  They were changing to basis upon which interest is calculated on our mortgage from 6 month EIBOR+3% to the bank's own arbitrary rate of 7.5%. Just to give you an indication this is a rise of just nearly 2.5% in one go or a 50% rise in our rates. Mashreq say it is due to the difficult economic times.

                  Please see details below:

                  My husband is a corporate lawyer so we been lucky enough to get detailed legal advice on the terms of our Loan Agreement and have spoken to two banking lawyers with over 50 years experience between them. Each of them have categorically and unequivocally confirmed that there is nothing in our Loan Agreement that gives Mashreq the right to do this. The Loan Agreement quite clearly states that interest payments can only rise in line with EIBOR. By making a change to the basis upon which interest is calculated they are making a unilateral change to the terms of our Loan Agreement without our consent and are therefore flagrantly breaching the terms of our agreement. This all at a time when interest rates are dropping.

                  We have written back to Mashreq in strong terms but Mashreq stuck to their ground. We assume that because they have security cheques they will just hold these as a gun to our head. We also appreciate that raising a court action on our own will be expensive and although guaranteed success there is no provision which allows a successful party to recover costs under UAE law.

                  Please can anyone who is in the same position please let me have your contact details or email my husband on [protected]@HOTMAIL.COM. If we work as a group and take this matter to the press both in the UAE and the UK (the UK press will have a field day with this kind of story about Dubai just now) we will have a better chance of success. If 10 or 20 or even 30 affected parties get together and agree to raise one court action that is successful and share the legal costs it will make it very easy for all involved to challenge what is a frankly disgusting way for a major bank to behave.

                  I appreciate that other banks may have done this but I would remind you we have taken detailed legal advice and Mashreq are breaching our Loan Agreement. I would be surprised if nobody else is in the same position. Please spread the word amongst as many of your friends as possible so we can fight this.

                  I am going to start a Facebook group, please can you post this on your Faceook or Myspace pages. My husband wants to get as many affected customers together as possible and have a meeting to discuss options. He is also happy to share the legal advice we obtained.

                  We can't change our mortgage due to negative equity, so we have to fight this as a group. Please spread this around in whatever way you can.

                  Thank you so much.

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                    • Sa
                      saqqaf Jan 02, 2010

                      Yes .. what Mashreq is doing is outrageous.. I am one of the affected customers and I would definitely want to be a part of this fight till the end

                      1 Votes
                    • De
                      deep in debt Jan 02, 2010

                      For the record the key clause under discussion is as follows:

                      “For the avoidance of doubt, any amendment or change in the interest rate hereunder or the issuance of a new or revised repayment schedule, shall not be considered an amendment to this agreement and shall be binding on the Borrower from the date of the issue”.

                      How can “an amendment” not be considered “an amendment”? This clause does not identify which party is entitled to make this amendment. Thus by Mashreq's own argument, we as the borrower could choose to amend the contract and be bound by its terms. This is ridiculous but this is what the bank is proposing.

                      I am no lawyer but I do speak and read English as a first language. Even if the document legally allows Mashreq to make the change they are proposing – the product that they have offered has been mis-sold in a misleading way with a completely unreasonable clause – according to Mashreq interpretation our “agreement” can simply be changed at any time – thus it is not an agreement because it has no bounds.

                      This would be illegal in any mature banking market as this clause was not made explicitly clear in any documentation. Under the newly proposed terms Mashreq could for example ‘legally’ alter the repayment schedule such that we had to repay the loan in full within one month. Is this reasonable? I think not. Do we wish to expose ourselves to a completely open ended and ambiguous mortgage agreement for the next 15-20 which can be changed “from time to time” according to the new contract? I think not.

                      I hope that this case will help for this market to reach a greater level of maturity. Unfortunately it looks like we may have a bit of a struggle but it will be worth it for ourselves and to help create fair practice and rekindle the trust that is necessary between banks and customers to ensure a thriving future economy.

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                    Mashreq Bank — cheating

                    I Applied Easy cash 5000 dhs, last month.[protected]). They told me get the money with in two days, but still i...

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