Mashreq Bank / bearer cheque denied payment

On 28 June 2014, I visited Mashreq Bank, C Ring Road branch in Doha to encash a bearer cheque issued by my wife in my favour. The cheuqe was issued as “Pay self or bearer” and was signed on the back side by the account holder, which the teller refused to pay saying that it’s a self cheque and the account holder herself has to come to get the cash. Later I talked to the account officer Mr. Mohammed Riaz who repeated the same thing what the teller told.

Banking rule all over the world is that a self or bearer cheque is as good as a bearer cheque and on endorsement and delivery, the holder of the cheque is having title over the instrument. This is not the first time we are encashing such cheques and I was surprised by the explanation given by Mr. Mohammed Riaz.

Tellers and officers are the face of the Bank. My humble request is that ignorant officers without proper knowledge of banking should not be given such responsible tasks, as they will only chase away potential customers of the Bank. Hope the Management will look into this matter.

Aug 04, 2014

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