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Marlboro / bad taste!

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I have heard that someone has changed the cigarettes in some staes and brands to make the go out and they wont stay lit! Now I could live with this, I don't like it but could manage but whatever they changed now makes the cigarettes taste terrible!! I have always stuck with the Marlboro brand, none of the others taste as well as they did to me, however now I am trying different, I mean Marlboro taste nasty now so why would I pay extra for a brand I don't even like!

I am very disapointed and know this would be a good time to quit, I'm just not ready yet:) So starting tomorrow I am on the look out for a new brand!!!

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      7th of Aug, 2009
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    I am sick of everyone looking out for my welfare. I smoke Marlboro and have for far to many years. Our State, Indiana, has now gone to the new FSC cigarettes. These, by far, are the nastiest cigarettes I have ever smoked. I was advised that the reason behind this new saftey issue is due to the fact that some people have had fires due to cigarette smoking before the new saftey standards were implemented. I know cigarette smoking is suppose to be bad for you, but hey, I am an adult and that is a choice I wish to make. If my house burns up in a fire due to cigarette smoking that is my fault, not the cigarettes. (Example: Guns don't kill people; people kill people)Why should everyone else who smokes be punished for my stupidity. Everyone talks about how many chemicals we put into our bodies by smoking, well with these new FSC cigarettes, I am sure they contain even more chemicals that are even more harmful.
    Again, I am an adult. If I wish to smoke not so safe cigarettes, shouldn't that be my choice? What happen to personal choice? When was that right taken away from me? If I am going to pay $5.?? odd dollars a day to slowly [censored], why can I not have the choice on which cigarette I wish to do it with? Hell, cigarette smoking is dangerous anyways, why try to make it safer now by preventing a fire? To end this, I am not a sloppy smoker. I have never burned anything in my life with my cigarette. Yes NEVER!! The first FSC cigarette that I smoked, the little part right after the first stop point of the cigarette fell off onto my shirt and burned a hole in it. Remind me, how is this safer? Signed, Totally disgusted with Marlboro for caving in to whoever and not giving me a choice. I am now switching brands. Sorry Marlboro, YOU gave me NO choice.

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      10th of Nov, 2009
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    Yea mr. or ms. person, I am a long time smoker of Virgina Slims, made by the same, but as far as I understand, all the makers are going over to this Fire Proof Cig that is totally nasty tasting, and it does not fulfill my regular need for the smokes, being a chain smoker, I (after lighting up 1 cigg 10 times) end up smoking more trying to get whatever they did. I want to know what is behind this. People have been smoking tobacco for thousands of years; I am sure a few huts went up in flames, but not in my house. When I lit up this new type of cigg. I accidently brushed the end against my table and the end went all over the place and burned a bunch of stuff. I do want to quit smoking eventually, but this seems to be like "Big Brother" or lobbyist or something that cannot be explained by this stupid Fire Safe cigg. I think that the tobacco companies have finally been driven under and that nasty taste is something that makes you want to quit smoking. Can't think of what kind of kick back they would get as they are a multimillion dollar industry. I guess I may go overseas to get real tobacco and buy a rolling machine. If I want to [censored] with smoking that is my choice. Sorry for your stupid luck tobacco industry in America that has led to this. Everyone I know that has to smoke them now says the same thing; they are aweful. And were we ever asked, us smokers? No, usually it is oh that will be another buck for a pack, (oh crap) but whatever... but this? Where are the smoker's voice supposed to react?
    Thanks, venting my thoughts on this awful product.

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      16th of Nov, 2009
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    I smoke Marlboro lights and I don't like the after stays on my tongue even after chewing gums etc..I just smoke to keep awake late night and I am not habitual...but would like to get rid of this bad taste...

    any idea?

  • Re
      1st of Dec, 2009
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    I smoke Marlboro Menthol and this new FSC not only taste bad but smells horrible... I have been a long time smoker of Marlboro and I cannot believe you didn't try to send samples of this product out first prior to switching use over. I spend $13.00 a day to smoke a brand I enjoy now I stuck attacked to this cigarette cause it won't stay lit and it horrible. It's time to quit smoking cause I refuse to spend my hard earned money on these.

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      28th of Jan, 2010
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    We Won't Be Your Fools
    STOP FSC Fire-Safety Cigarettes Sells
    Thursday, April 1, 2010
    7:00am - 10:00pm
    Statehouses In All 50 States

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