Makro Online / dishwasher not being delivered (order number: mak462373)

Cape Town, ZA
Contact information:

Order placed online: 12/11/17

Notice given: 2-5 working days for delivery

Current status: As of now, no-one at Makro knows where our dishwasher is, and the outsourced delivery service (Barlow) doesn't have any record of our dishwasher being on their delivery manifesto.

Request: Please locate our dishwasher and get back to us with a delivery date

Your prices are great and in-store service is also great, but wow... Your online portal and overall service is PUTRID and ARCHAIC

If you do not revamp your online portal and interface, you will only stand to suffer in the future as more people move towards online purchases (just have a look at the Takealot website for an example that you can follow)

Nov 21, 2017

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