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Macys / unauthorized charges - insufficient return payment

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My name is Dr. Sima Tarzami and I am writing this to file a complain about Macy's Manhassat Branch for the following reasons:

1) Macys store did not refund my money fully for the items that I have returned (see attachments for a copy of my receipt; It was short for the amount of $53.47). I have been charged unlawfully for the amount of $53.47 as Star money return)

2) Portion of my money was also refund as EZ exchange gift card instead of to be refunded to my Macys credit card that was paid by! In doing so, I had to pay that portion of the money from my pocket to Macys credit card again to prevent interest rate and Macys has apparently managed to sell me a gift card which I have to shop again to make sure that is used.

In brief summary, I returned 3 handbags to Macy's Manhasset Branch for the total of $575.76 including taxes on 08/30/2018 and noticed later that I was returned not the full amount (my Macys credit card was only credited $486.01. It was short for the amount of $53.47) and on top of that I was given portion of the money against my protest in a way of EX exchange card ($36.28) (see attachment). I contacted Macys by phone on 09/04/2018 to complain and I was told that I have used $40 star rewards money toward the purchase of one of the handbags and they have taken that star money back. As Macys agreement says I have earned Star rewards money by shopping at Macys. That is the rewards money that I have earned and it was supposed to come back to me so I can use it toward another item. This was the practice in the past as well. You can read the agreement page (see attachment) that says "e. If you use a Star Money reward(s) toward a purchase and then return the item purchased. Macy's may issue the portion of your return paid with a Star Money reward(s) in the form of a Macy's Happy Returns Card."

I am a Platinum member at Macys it means that I shop a lot at Macys. I have told them that they could have put those points that belongs to the returned items as negative points on my account which they do so as I am doing my future shopping they can get those points covered. As you see in my documents (see attachments) I returned $575.76 worth of items (08/30/18) and I shopped $358.78 (08/31/18 to 09/01/18) the next days so I shop a lot at this store and there is no shortage of the earning points on this to cover the negative ones (see attachment).

However, this time they charged me and deducted from my bill as STAR $ RETERN for $53.47. I have bought three items and fully paid them on the Macys credit card and returned them with the receipt and I want my money to be fully refunded. Interestingly, if you go to Macys on line order history it indicates that those items were fully credited (see attachment) which is not true and if I had not looked at my bill later on I would have never known it because they never mentioned it to me in store that I have been charged for something.

In addition, I want Macys to stop giving customer EZ exchange card when the customer has receipt and based on Macys agreement it should be refunded exactly the method that was paid for. Trying to sell their EZ exchange gift card to the customer instead of paying their money back is appalling practice and it is unlawful and should be stopped.

In Conclusion, I want Macys to refund my ($53.47) and I want Macy to take the EZ exchange card back and pay me my money exactly the way that I have paid them ($36.28).


Dr. Sima Tarzami

Sep 25, 2018
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  • Mr
      11th of Feb, 2019
    0 Votes

    What kind of doctor are you, a tree surgeon?

  • Ma
      11th of Feb, 2019
    0 Votes

    You were not cheated of anything. U got back the star money u initially used as store credit (the gift card they gave you). When u initially bought the bags, u probably also earned star money from the purchase which u used on purchases afterwards. When u return the bags that u earned that star money from, the system takes back the star money u earned as well (hence the star return figure). They do not allow for a negative figure with points. Deducting it from the return amount is what they do. That’s the system that is used and it does not cheat the customer. Everything ends up balancing out.

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