Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International / customer service promotion for honor 10 lite

Al Wahda Mall, United Arab Emirates

I am checking honor 10 lite yesterday (8th february 2019) at lulu hypermarket in al wahda mall abu dhabi, it has offer a free silicone case and screen protector, I buy the phone and to my surprise when I was claiming the free items the salesman told me that its inside the box. How come you will mentioned its free when its already included in the phone package I was expecting that the free are extra items outside the package. He is insisting that the free is still inside the box he doesn't understand what I am claiming, I call the electronic supervisor (mr. Sudesh) I was shock that he is telling the explanation in a very rude manner and he tells me that if I don't like I can remove the item from the box!?? Why I will remove if I pay for the whole package?? How the item will be free if it is inside the box?? He tell me that there are mobile which is not included the screen protector and cases even the headset. That was so unacceptable where in the market that those items will not be included in the package? Even you will buy in the shop outside the mall if they will say free it is not inside the box they will give you free even the box is not open. Your cheating your customer and make them believed your promotion which is totally not free. The on going promotion is foolish, I am not after the free item I will accept and still buy the phone even without any promotion but fooling the consumer which I will not tolerated.

To my disappointment to that offer and being upset with the attitude of the staff I refund the money and check another shop inside al wahda mall I got the phone at the same price with free headphone.

Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International

Feb 8, 2019

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