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Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you of a unacceptable experience that I recently had at Lowes, the Brockport location.

I recently finished sanding and painting my kitchen cabinets and went to Brockport Lowes to pick up new hardware for our cabinets. Since I was there I decided to get some clear sealer for them instead of stopping at Sherwin Williams, which was where I got the paint. I asked the woman in the paint department for advice on which sealer to get for my newly painted cabinets. The girl that I asked wasn’t sure so she got someone else to advise me. I informed the second woman that I needed a clear sealer for my painted cabinets and she directed me as to which was the correct one. I purchased the sealer that she recommended.

The sealer went on clear, so since we have many children I sealed the cabinets that night so it would be dry when our children got up. The following morning all of the cabinets were streaked yellow and ruined. After I picked myself up off the floor, I took one of the doors, the sealer and my receipt back to Lowes. This is where the fun really starts.

I went to the paint department with determined calm and told the gentleman there that I had a problem. I explained that the sealer that I bought the previous day ruined my cabinets. He said that I got the wrong sealer, and I explained that I was given the wrong sealer. He walked away to get the correct sealer and a young woman who works in the paint department came over and asked me to describe the woman who assisted me the previous day. I described her and she said “Oh, well, she doesn’t know what she is doing”. Then she instructed me on why it was the wrong sealer to use on painted cabinets and what I should have used. I said to her that at this point her instruction does not help me much now that I have to re-sand everything and start over. She actually threw her hands up and walked away from me.
I asked to speak with a manager. I went over to the service desk and a very kind young lady helped me and I explained to the manager what had happened. He left to speak with the people in the paint department. After some time the manager called the young lady at the service desk and told her to tell me that they would give me half off whatever I needed to fix the cabinets.

Why should I have had to pay anything to fix the problem the your employee caused? At the time I was just too upset and frustrated to argue and I purchased sand paper and paint. Ask the experts? Are you kidding me? I spent the next 3 days sanding and re-painting all of my cabinets.

The worst part is that not once did I get an apology from the manager for the HUGE mistake that his employee made. We have many home and business projects that are in the planning stages and I can assure you that I will not risk my time or money again.

Not all of your employees are horrible, just 3 out of 5. The gentleman at the paint department was at least empathetic and the young lady at the service desk was very nice. As for the rest, why is someone working in the paint department if she “doesn’t know what she is doing”? Why do you employ someone who will throw their hands up and walk away from someone who has a legitimate complaint? Are managers trained to at least apologize for mistakes made by employees, face to face? If not, why not?

I hope that this at least gives you some insight as to what is really going on in your store. Maybe it will prevent someone else getting the wrong instruction leading to damaging consequences.

Thank you for your time,

Aimee Mesiti

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      Jul 01, 2011

    It's kind of hard to fathom that people go into a major project like this without research and preplanning. Or reading labels.

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