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Lowes / injured and abused

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

I once worked at Lowes in the overnight receiving and I was always rushed through my normal work load which included over 200lb boxes and long shelves. I always did my work, I called out on several instances for illness. I called out for family emergency and two times for my car breaking down. The first time was my car had a flat and I walked 3 miles home and went to sleep. I called the next day and was told it wask okay but next time call. The next time my car broke down the clutch went I called early like 6:30, I didnt have to be in until 10:00. The manager wrote me up. Eventually I got injured mainly because the day manager for my department over ordered stock and I had no where to put it. I had to stock long wire shelves in an area that the overhead picker couldn't go all the way up do to the steel overhead beams. I would lift over 15 foot shelves by my self and one night my elbow made a funny noise. I told my ON manager my elbow was bothering me, but all he would tell me there was no light duty for my on overnite. At least 4 other employees on ON had lite duty prior to me in my 1 and a half years there, on the whole time I was there, and still to this day. But for me it was no go. I called out when ever the pain was greatest and would rest my arm since I couldnt get any help to my department. Also I would have to finish other departments one of which, the worker spent most of the time talking on his cell phone sitting at the desk in appliances instead of working. Any how I found out that I had been written up several times without even knowing it, but the Store Manager tried to fire me at first. The HR found out through some of the others that I got hurt at the job, and that the manager knew about it, he told her that I got hurt at my other job. She at least got me Worker s Comp, but then the nite mite tried to get me on days and I couldnt do this to children situation. When I was ready to go back in August, after I saw one of their docs. Who said nothing was wrong except Tendonitis, but the MRI Office said I had a tear big enough for possible stitching. Any how he first wrote a note for light duty, I told him that they would only day hours under LD. He then changed the note to regular work, but told me dont lift anything heavy. Anyhow I sent all my papers in to HR, was never called back, made several attempts to call SM and HR but was told they where either out to lunch or in a meeting. The one day when this was just starting I tried to call the Store manager but was told he was on lunch, this was for 3 hours. I could tell he was a Big eater but 3 hours come on time to diet. The funny sides to this story besides the OM having a Napoleon complex was that even though they offered me day hours to screw me out of pay under Work Comp, and claim I refused work under unemployment, was that I survived all the B.S.. The SM was moved to another store, which if he stayed there he would have had the place close. And the OM ended up going to days which he always wanted to do, but then got caught doing the nasty with the help and got demoted and moved to another location.

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      19th of Mar, 2010
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    i just quit my job at lowes today. i have work at lowes for 5 years!!! they do not know how to treat their employees. the store manager only cares for his end of year bonuses and every year it got worst. thank god i got out of there. for who ever applies at lowes DON'T it is the worse company to work for

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