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I've worked as a subtractor for jason charelle (charelle flooring) (whom works for lowes as a subcontractor) , now for about 5 years, I got fired from jason charelle (charelle flooring) because jason charelle (charelle frooring) lied to lowes by telling lowes that my name was (allen philps) and all along it was me! (i myself was never told this, nor did I know that I was to be cleared and to fill out paper work to even do any work for lowes even thou I worked as a subcontractor for jason charelle (charelle flooring). now when I was asked by a manager from lowes who I was, I simply told them my name and then I was told that I was not in there system, (so what does that mean ? I didn't know) so I tried to contact jason charelle (charelle flooring) to let him know that the manager told me that I was not in the system that could not work for lowes, of coarse he never answered his phone for several hours later telling me that I was to lie and say that my name was (allen philps) so he wouldn't get fierd from lowes, so he fierd me because I didn't lie for him,

What a scam jason charelle (charelle flooring) had pulled on not just me but also lowes. I have proof from 1099s to bank statements that jason charelle used me as a sub to do work for jason charelle (charelle flooring) it will show up on workmans comp and insurance also !!! I also watch jason charelle return items to lowes that I know that a customer had paid for that was orderd extra to make more of a profit on some jobs and so far has got away with it. can't get intouch with the right corp; #s to file the proper complaint's

Personaly I think lowes should fire charelle flooring for lieing unlike fireing me for not lieing !!!
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A  2nd of Apr, 2010 by    -2 Votes
Former office manager for a subcontractor says:
He lied to Lowe's by not giving you a background check, as required by his contract.
You have a case for malicious termination of contract.
Email not for you at your new denver home dot com for help getting Charelle fired at Lowe's.
D  28th of Oct, 2010 by    +2 Votes
What a liar??? You make me laugh!! I know who you are!!! Why don't you tell everyone the real reason you got fired???? Can you man up??? No because you were never a man!!! We all laugh at you!!! Why would a manager ever even see you to ask you your name!!! Your expertise is hiding in dark corners???Huh???? Why is that boy?? My neighbor told me that you threw a little puppy under a vehicle so someone could kill it!!! A little more investigation just might land you in jail--then what would you do with your entertainment!!! One reason you probably got fired also is because you act and look and speak like an idiot!!! Look up the word ignorant and idiot--you might be enlightened!!! You are an obvious liar----ask your wife, she will verigy that
N  28th of Oct, 2010 by    +2 Votes
A little correction here and there because of arthiritis in the old hands-Verify---Verify--to admit the truth--give credence to-support!!! Your wife could fill the computer with the real truth about you huh? What was it she said you spent your money on??? What entertainment?????
N  17th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Steve please get back in church when you get out of prison.You have 7 years to think about what you did to your wife and me.Drugs have taking everything from you.Jesus said for me to forgive, And I do.I hope you stay clean b/c you can be a great person when you are off drugs!!Say what you want about me b/c I know who is in charge, JESUS.Lowes knows as well!!!METH is the devil's drug!!! GOD BLESS ALL
N  19th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
Don't really know what is going on with this situation, but I can say personally that this did happen to me and my installer, we were working for a subcontractor for lowes since 2007, just to find out this year, when we wanted to go out on our own with lowes, that our boss ran background checks then that didn't go through but he worked us anyway. I gotta sat he is still working and we have been unemployeed since May this year.We are fighters not quitters, and I must say Lowes Corporate is really squirming now
N  15th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Well to all you legitimate installers . .. Look out for Lowes they are in it for themselves. DO NOT SIGNE LEIN WAIVERS UNTILL YOU ARE PAID!!! You have no recourse if Lowes DOESNT PAY YOU We got let go because some bogus costumer complaint. Customer insisted over 3 -*4 times that we take her pull out section of her couch, she did not want it - so we came off hours to pick up and take away for her at no charge when there was room in van - she complained to Lowes. Go figure do someone a favor and get fired over it and not charge customer to take away their garbage (ie dump fee that's chargeable to customer). So anyway out of 5 stores we worked for in NY we are still owed over three thousand dollars. About 3 are completed jobs and the rest are measurements. Now Lowes collects monies from customers for all work prior to an installer going to measure or complete a job. Lowes has over $3, 000.00 OF CUSTOMERS MONEIS that they have not paid to installer who has measured job customer paid for and for jobs - Lowes fires installers keeps installer money and does not refund that to customer - Lowes is bank rolling on Customers . And funny part customers have NO idea that their installer got let go and did not get paid. And Lowes makes you sign a Lien Waiver B4 you as installer can get paid which waives ALL installer rights to get paid - CUSTOMERS NEED TO KNOW THEY HAVE MONEY COMMING TO THEM IF LOWES WONT PAY INSTALLER!!!
N  20th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
Does anyone know what the protocol for back charges is with Lowes? Can they just back charge you without ever telling you that it might happen or telling you they would be sending another contractor to your job to finish it? And never allowing you to go out and be there when the other installer goes to inspect? How is it fair that you are not there to witness what the other installer says needs to be done? That other installer is trying to make money so whats to say he didn't exaggerate ? Please if there are any Lowes Installers that DEFINITLY KNOW the protocol for back charging installers. Please respond.

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