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Adrian, MI, United States

Thank you for this convenient way to reach you.
This is the first time I have even complained about any product. The number on my paper work is: Store 88
Project No. [protected] for Robert Blondke on October 4th 2017
I have all dates of contacting Lowes and the list of people I have talked to. On July 5 I had talked with Tanya Douglas who put me in contact with [protected]@lesmith. (I was out of town for 3 weeks for a family medical emergency). I have all the dates so I won't write all of that.
Anyway. my counter top is falling apart. L G Smith came out to view it and said it was water damage. I agreed. The seam that is angled from 4 inches from the sink to the wall is all warped. I did not abuse this counter top, just regular use. When the top was installed, I even questioned the workers if there was any special care was needed he said no and applied another layer of a sealant on this specific area. By June both seams on the left and right side of the sink were showing separation and again "water damage" . Also during the summer a glass that had sat on the distant corner also caused a bubble in the defective counter; Again water damage. On September 17 Sean from L. E.Smith came out and confirmed that it was not from improper installation. The glue now used in counter tops is NOT water proof and if we decided to sue and go to court they would come out and remove the counter top . He said it was not their fault. I told them we are Christians and would not do that. Sean also said we should have had a "12 x 5 sheet with a loose back splash". Why didn't someone tell me that was an option and glue used now is not waterproof?
My husband and I saved up for 2 years for a new counter top to have it last only a few months? We have a large family with 34 grandchildren, and I teach home economics in my home through a local private school and I have a bacteria festered top that cannot have any moisture near it.
Please help me with my problem. Lowe'a did offer me a $100.00 gift card but that isn't going to solve my problem. I really don't want to hurt any salesmen or small business but ...well you decide.

my phone is 517.523.3642

Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centers
Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centers
Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centers
Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centers

Oct 21, 2018

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