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Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centers / blinds cutting/service, general sales help

1 Waycross, GA, United States

Generally do not shop at Lowes in Waycross or Brunswick or any Lowes due to poor customer service and lousy prices. Many times Ive just left due to lack of help both in getting my lawn tractor and appliances and kitchen cabinets. So Home Depot got those sales. At any rate I figured I could pick up a few Levolor blinds there. First trip which took an hour to get there the whole blinds section was roped off. No one was around. There were some blinds outside the area we found what we needed. Then we needed one cut. The worker who was absent until she finally got paged and went there told us she couldnt get to the cutter. She wasnt allowed in the area. I asked for her manager and the other woman with her claimed to be the mgr. So i left blind uncut. She told me to call ahead to.make sure they could do it. So i did. So another 20 bucks in gas and I take the blinds and the woman stocking the blinds section said she couldnt cut them and she was calling this man over to do it. I waited for about 20 minutes as she talked with her friend, the woman who wouldnt cut my blinds the first time who was off duty. As they socialized i realized i had to get going. I asked was the man coming. She said yes but he is just VERY SLOW HE DOES EVERYTHING VERY SLOW AND WALKS VERY SLOW. I was mad about that. Im disabled and went thru alot the first time and now here i am totally disrespected and waiting. So finally i see a young healthy man walking slowly to me. I explained what i needed and he started arguing that i needed a half inch off each side for brackets. I knew i didnt. I even showed him the package where it said the blind was half inch smaller to fit 31 inches. So finally he cuts the blind and then checks it and it is 5/8 in smaller than my window size. I take it home and have it put up and the valance piece that snaps on front was cut another inch shorter! Not only was this guy slow but he couldnt even cut this right! They need to fire the mgr and all the sales staff. The checkout people are the only ones that work. Anyway now its gonna be another torturous trip to Lowes with another hour of waiting and another 20 in gas. I hope they go out of business. The people working in sales and managing dont deserve jobs. Youd think theyd learn from Sears that customer service is critical to their survival. But the Lowes upper management is just that dumb I guess judging from the thousands of complaints like mine. Oh their plumbing dept sucks too and they put others out of business that have what you need. Im disabled and I struggle to keep up sometimes but I would never behave like that man. He simply does not care. He just thinks hes owed a check for showing up.

  • Updated by Rozy Lenz, Nov 25, 2018

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Nov 25, 2018

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