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Johnstown, PA, United States
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I am involved in an ongoing dispute with the Lowe’s store located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, regarding a carpet purchase/installation.
On April 25, 2016 I contracted with Lowe’s to measure the project and obtain measurements for wall to wall carpeting. On May 5, 2016 I contracted with Lowes for this carpeting and carpet installation. On 6/1/16 the carpet installers came to install the carpet only to find defective carpeting made by two separate companies (Mohawk and Shaw). The install was forced to stop.
On 6/15/16 the carpet installers came with the new carpeting. The lower level den job was completed. However, for the second time, the upstairs job was unable to be completed. The installer was having a difficult time matching the grain with the second roll of carpeting. When it was rolled out it appeared different than the first roll. The installer had a difficult time determining the grain of the carpet. The installer inadvertently cut the carpeting wrong, against the grain. He then convinced me he could seam it but that it meant an additional seam would be going vertically instead of horizontally in the living room. In good faith I agreed, with one condition, that I approve the final seam. The installer found that the carpeting ordered was not seaming well at all. He and his co-worker attempted to seam the carpet five plus times and both indicated it was not seaming like it should. I agreed with the installers. Still waiting for carpet…30 day+ now. What a nightmare. They forgot to put me on the list for install and now carpet in and I have to again wait a week for install. I complained as carpet should be installed ASAP as I have waited 30+ days!!!
In May, in preparation for the carpet install, I had a house-full of furniture moved to storage in anticipation of having my contract with Lowe’s fulfilled by the first install date of 6/1/16. I continue to and am living in a practically bare house. I have also taken off three personal days of work for the installs and anticipate more days to be required until the carpet install is completed. These days were reserved for my daughter’s August bridal shower and November wedding.
In an effort for Lowe’s to meet customer expectations and satisfying the customer, I asked for reimbursement (through Lowes store, or the open claims with Mohawk and Shaw Carpet Company’s and the subcontracted install company) for consequential damages and have not heard back yet.

I in no way contributed to the problems. They are solely the result of the quality of the merchandise Lowe’s sold and the contractor Lowe’s retained. None of the problems were the result of the condition of my residence or my actions.

Jun 30, 2016

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