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For starters we were trying to order from Long John Silvers as the sign outside indicated this was where we were. There was no menu for LJS in the drive through. They told me I had to come inside to view the menu. I came inside and placed the order. Drove off and noticed no condiments at all. Came back to the drive through and requested the condiments. I had to ask for untensils and knapkins. We reached our destination in 10 minutes to find that the food was not only cold, there were no hush puppies in either meal. I did not have an issue with paying the $18.38 for the meals if they were quality food and were complete as what I paid for. No one there smiled, greeted us, said thank you or even offered to sell me something to drink with our meals while I ordered. Even when I came back for the second time through the drive through there was no greeting, apology or anything. All we got was (I guess it was a manager) asking the window employee why she was giving us condiments. He didnt look very friendly either. In fact he had a scowl on his face as if we were bothering him. This visit overall was a complete failure on behalf of this company. I am not impressed at all and may never return. I tried to call the location but the phone number listed is not correct.

Nov 14, 2017

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