Long John Silver's / food quality and friendliness

Rochester, PA, United States

I stopped at the LJS store located in Rochester Pennsylvania on 6/18/17 for dinner as I frequently do. I ordered the Fish & More meal and also, a side order of the clams. This is my order on most visits to LJS as I enjoy it very much. When I sat down to eat my meal I noticed that the clams and also the Hush Puppies were cold. Not just luke-warm, but actually the same temperature as what I assume the cooler is that they are kept in. I understand that these things happen sometimes, but I didn't want to risk eating under-cooked clams so I took them back to the counter to ask if I may have some new ones or just heat up the ones that I already have. But, the young lady that I returned them to told me that it's impossible and that I must be lying. She even dropped the "f" word for all to hear as well.
Now, I'm not one to complain about much so I rarely do, mostly to avoid confrontation. But, this treatment is unacceptable and I shouldn't be subjected to it. I am a very loyal and frequent patron of LJS and I just don't feel comfortable returning right now. I feel very disappointed in the restaurant that I love so much.

Jun 18, 2017

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