Long John Silver'sfilthy, nasty, fly swarming in the eating area and disgusting ladies bathroom

I have never done this before but Store # 32071 in Van Buren, AR. should be demolished!!! We spent $21.98 for food here and tried to eat it. Flies kept landing on us and our food. The food was horrible!!! The whole dining room was Filthy!!! Now understand, this store has been there for 26 plus years and we have eaten there a lot. But Never again!!! This is a disgrace to our town!!! The Bathroom? Disgusting, and that isn't even a bad enough word to describe it!!! Full of flies and Nasty Nasty. It smelled just like an outhouse!! I thought I was going to puke. Not only did we, but several others walked out and as we did we through our food in the trash. It has been turned into the Health department!! I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like. This is a health disaster fixing to happen. I might as well add that the 2 ladies working were also dirty looking and most likely on something. They were oblivious to all of this!! I PROMISE YOU THE STORY IS GOING AROUND IN TOWN TODAY. YOU NEED TO CLEAN THIS PLACE UP OR IT NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN Today!! Had I known I could have taken pictures I certainly would have and added them on here.

Jun 06, 2018

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