Long John Silver'sbeer battered cod

Fish was dark brown "overcooked at too high a temperature, I took one bite and could not eat any more, I tried calling store#32101 @ 8:03 pm and tried again @ 8:07pm and again @ 8:11 pm and every time I tried to call the phone went to a busy signal after 3 minutes @4 seconds and then I tried to go to long john silvers web site to make a formal complaint and two different times it said they could not complete the complaint and claimed both times to have had an error .See Top 10 Worst Companies in North Highlands, CAI am very unhappy with the beer battered cod in particular, I took one bite as I previously stated, This was store # 32101 the ticket number from my Mothers purchase is #3205, I can and will bring the portion with one bite taken from it, and the other overcooked portion of beer battered cod that I could not eat and return it to the store in person in the morning so they can not refuse to answer the phone and not take responsibility for improperly cooked food, and then to further the insult by not answering the phone, it's not acceptable for even fast food, Long John Silvers trys to claim they have a higher standard than other fast food Establishments

Long John Silver's
Long John Silver's

May 03, 2017

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