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In 2009, we purchased and entire kitchen of appliances. We bought the extended warranty. Immediately we experienced problems with t he stove heating correctly. Finally in Nov of 2011-through the extended warranty–we had someone again come out to the house because the stove smelled like it was burning and then we would get an F-7 error code. The repair people replaced this part, with no success, to this day. The last repair person could not figure why the stove wasn’t working.

He contacted his service repair, who then contacted LG service repair and they were finally told that it has been a cronic problem with this stove model. That the relay board connectors needed to be crimped just so, so it didn’t burn out. A replacement part would not be available until Mar 28. This was NOT acceptable to us, as we had already gone 3 months without a working oven.

I called LG and talked with a manager of the customer service department, and I told her the whole story, I asked her why this manufacturer defect was never brought to the attention of the consumer or the techs that work on the product? She didn’t have an answer and kept telling me that I have the extended warranty and I need to deal with them. Then the issue becomes, what if I didn’t have the extended warranty? The warranty company has been great in helping us, far more than LG, who knew about this problem and who now wants to take NO responsibility for it.

I think this is horrible, as the burning relay board is definitely a fire safety hazard and also the responsibility of LG. It was a manufacture defect! I would like to be compensated for all the time I had to take off of my job to be home to have a stove repaired that could never be repaired, the loss of the time using the oven and all the emotional stress in dealing with this issue. The stove model is LRE30453ST.

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  • An
      May 31, 2012

    I, too, am having trouble on warranty fulfillment on my LG appliance. Mine is a French Door refrigerator, model LFC25770 purchased the end of December delivered in 2009. Since you purchased a bunch of new appliances I thought I'd let you know in case this was one of your purchases. My experiences tell me LG apparently has any number of appliances they know can't be fixed but make you go through the paces to : (1) Be scared off by the expensive labor costs not included in your warranty; (2) Get beyond the warranty period so they don't have to supply any remedy; (3) For the intrepid who rack up enough repair attempts they submit "return authorization" based on lemon law. That way it looks like one bad item instead of one among many which could trigger a recall or customer alert. You might want to search out the following: LG class action (Kenmore/LG refrigerator ; LG Plasma/LCD TV; LG and T-Mobile with light, cell phone, LG/human rights/cobalt). You can also just search the term "LG complaints" and find even more horror stories. Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear how they will "solve" the problem with my refrigerator they knew they couldn't fix when I made my first call more than two weeks ago.

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  • Ro
      Oct 26, 2015

    I agree had a warranty problem with LG on a dishwasher where warranty will cover the noisy pump motor but not labor to install it I offered to replace the motor my self after diagnosing it but after hearing I diagnosed the problem my self they voided my warranty and refused to warranty the pump or any thing else on it WILL NEVER BUY LG AGAIN

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  • Sk
      Dec 09, 2015

    LG warranty is horrible. Then again, it is all about who we talk on the phone. With LG, Alabama Executive office people (except the one's with accent those grew up in other countries) seem to get great pleasure saying "NO." My suggestion is hand up and call again until you find a giving, caring person.

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  • Ke
      Jul 25, 2019

    I am having trouble getting my dishwasher fixed! It is 6 months old and the display will not work. 4 times, service people have come out to fix it from one company and once from a second company. Both companies have talked to LGs tech people and both times LG tech has told them that the unit is not serviceable and LG will replace. Well it's been 9 weeks now and still no dishwasher. I have called customer support 15 times now and just got off the phone, with them. they are sending out another service guy Monday. Customer service has always been polite but worthless at getting anything done. Executive Service support is as high as they will connect you, and they don't have any horsepower to do anything other than be nice. But still no dishwasher! The Attorney Generals office is my next call. I had the repair service people tell me to go with Bosch next time. A lot quieter and more dependable!

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