LG Oven LWS3081STbroken defective oven

Dear Potential LG buyers,
Our LG oven broke after 4 years. It would not function whatsoever. We never even had a chance to do the self-cleaning cycle. A notification appear on the screen f-9 error code. We tried to get the oven repaired but the repair people who were sent to us by LG not only damaged our kitchen and oven but failed to repair this appliance on MULTIPLE occasions. We were told by the repair company that this specific oven model has a wiring problem which is why they need repairs so often. The wiring is too small for the amperage going through it. The oven requires completely new wiring and is a fire hazard. LG does not care about this problem nor are they trying to help. You can read online they're several bad reviews not only for LG but for their ovens in general. It would appear that they do not know how to make functioning ovens because most of them have the f-9 error code problem and require frequent repairs. I would highly recommend for anyone to purchase products from any other company besides LG because their customer service is very weak. They are rude, they will not let you speak to management or a human besides customer service reps and they have a bad habit of ignoring their customers.

Jan 09, 2015

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