LG Electronics / terrible disgusting service

Being a loyal customer to LG for over a decade recently I have received most disgusting, terrible customer service through Phillipines based call centre and the best part they promise everything but they give a damn about customers, put customers like myself on hold for 30-45 minutes . Case manager like Nate and call centre reps like Monika Jenna Steve are ruining the LGs image and goodwill . Nate assured me to sort out my problem, never heard from him again, tried speaking to him but he refused to come on line . Steve was also one of the rude call centre operative who wasn't listening to me at all. Monika assured to provide support which initially she did, called me back once then never heard from her . I have been through hell dealing with this call centre. I spoke to another person two days ago who assured me that the case manager will call back with in 24-48 hours, which never happened . I called back again and spoke to Jenna today she firstly tried to put case manager on the phone keeping me on hold for 20 min then she said case manager Nate is busy on other call and shall call me back which I never believed . I insisted to wait until he finishes his call so I could speak to him then she was adamant that he can't . My younger son has a medical condition who needs my utmost attention . But LG customer reps have tortured me emotionally by putting me through such a turmoil. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy LG though it's one of the best product but if anything goes wrong customer is on his own .really really disappointed .

Jun 10, 2018

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