LG Electronicsoled55b6p television; sh5b soundbar

I purchased a new TV in late October along with a new sound bar. Initially I hooked up the TV to my old sound bar and it worked fine. Got up one morning and the sound bar had quit. I replaced it with the new LG unit and it did not work. Both sound bars would work on the optical feed but the HDMI output/input was dead.

Tech has been here several times, last time determining, with concurrent consultation with someone in I believe Atlanta. They decided the sound bar was defective and told me to take it back to the vendor and exchange it for another model as the one I have has been troublesome. I was told I'd be contacted by LG to arrange the exchange paperwork authorization for the vendor. I had to call LG, they had not done anything about the exchange authorization. I found out that the vendor only had one of the units I was supposed to exchange mine for, so I put a deposit on it and informed the vendor that an exchange authorization from LG would be forthcoming; it wasn't.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Atlanta, GA

Now over the last several weeks I've been moved from one department to another and even different people in a department. I was informed today that LG cannot execute and exchange for the vendor. I would have to ship this unit back and "when they verified the serial number and fault" they'd "order a new one from the warehouse".

Yeah right. I spent nearly $3000.00 for this TV and sound bar and it doesn't work. After being lied to so many times about what was going to happen and complying with the people in the second service call request, I made arrangements to exchange the unit with the vendor and put down the deposit since it was the only one in their entire store/system inventory. I did not like that much but since the LG service folks, and the person I talked to on the phone at LG initially said that I would be exchanging the unit at the vendor for another model which cost more but I would not be charged the difference.

That never happened and after numerous calls, I was told this morning it would not happen.

Repair ticket numbers for the TV and the sound bar;
CNN170106999165 CNN170106999667

Jan 17, 2017

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