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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a defence personnel presently posted to Sulur, Coimbatore. I booked a LG microwave oven through Canteen Store Department (CSD) Chennai. The details of the booking are as follows:

DD No. 206274 dt 24 sep 2012
OR No 133074
Item index no 21327 LG M/Oven
Model no 3087 30lts FUPG
PO No 125795 dt22 oct 2012
SR No 120700
Supplier code 5210
Date of payment and delivery order – 22 oct 2012

I had specifically requested for FUPG model through demand application as well as telephonically to the dealer prior to purchase. The contact person Mr Prithivi Rajan ( mo no [protected]) who also claimed himself to be the owner of the only authorised dealer M/S Jai Hind Associates, Chennai who supplies through CSD had said then that the specific model FUPG will take some time since the said model was in short supply. I had confirmed him that I am ready to wait and insisted on the specific model only.
After one and half month despite my willingness to wait for the specific model ie FUPG he has forced me to take AUPG model stating that LG company has supplied AUPG model against my supply order and he cannot do anything about it. When spoken to Mr Prithivi Rajan ( mo no [protected]) on mobile after he has forced his product what he wanted against customer’s will he was arrogant on phone and said that I have no choice but to accept the product since it was supplied directly by the company against my supply order and he or me cannot do anything about it but to lump it.
From the above incident it is evident that LG product supplier for CSD for whole of Tamilnadu is the above mentioned dealer and hence dictates his monopoly.
After the incident the matter was taken up with LG customer care at no [protected] and Voice Of Customer (VOC) was requested to be raised. Following are the diary of events for the complain:
01-12-2012 1645hrs Lodged complain with LG customer care and requested to raise VOC. Complain taken by Mr Salman,
RNA no [protected]
03-12-2012 1130hrs No response by LG, reminder for the complain take by Mr Rajesh
04-12-2012 1515hrs Still no response by LG, Reminder for complain taken by M/s Silvanani
Call forwarded to Mr Siddesh (low superwiser) advised to call one Mr Kartic sales person at Coimbatore on mo no [protected]. The mo was s/w off for the day.
05-12-2012 1450hrs Mr Prakash from LG service centre called up from mo no [protected] and heard the details of my complain.
05-12-2012 1900hrs Mr Parthivan from LG service centre Tirupur called up and said that LG service center cannot do anything about the matter and closed the case.
It has become clear that none of the above mentioned has guided or say interested in guiding me in the correct direction to go about my complain.
It is now evident from the above fact that LG is more into pushing their product through specially when the customer is buying the product through CSD rather than taking interest into customer satisfaction.
It is therefore requested that the matter may please be looked in favourably and necessary steps may be initiated so that I get the desired model of microwave oven.

Thanking you

With regards,
Partha Sarkar, Mo no [protected], Email Id [protected]


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