Les Schwab Tire Centers / tire separation

Wellington, CO, United States

On 12 October 2018 a tire on my camp trailer had a tread separation, causing major damage to the trailer floor and wiring. Changed tire and completed the weekend plans.

On 17 oct I took the tire to the Gardnerville store, where I had bought the set of 4 tires. They would not honor the warranty. I went to the South Carson store, where they measured the trend depth on what was left on the tire. The tire was replaced under warranty. Thank you Carson City. Great customer service.

The store manager in Gardnerville sat at her desk and did nothing. Even with the original receipt with the tire warranty in WRITING, they wanted full price for a replacement, and did not even measure the tread depth.

Will not recommend the Gardnerville store ever again. Perhaps the main office in Oregon will take some action.

Oct 23, 2018

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