Les Schwab Tire Centershanford california

My name is Pierre Aspeitia. I live in Hanford ca I always heard about how you do the right thing, well I don't believe that any more. I went to your Hanford store to see about a nail in my tire the, the installer first said he could not fix it because the tire was showing wear and tire was down to the wear bars. Then he said would I like to feel out a credit app for tires I ask about house tires, he said I don't have anything but he began to quote me 1300.00 dollars for another set of tires.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Hanford, CA I told him I could not afford it so he tore up the paper and made it into a ball and threw it away. He rolled his eyes and said I'll get your truck so I stood by the door he went past me like I was not even there. I took it to another reputable tire shop that has been around for a lot longer than than your company here. He looked at the tire, pulled the the nail out that ended up being a screw that went in side ways. He said it did not affect the tire at all and that I had plenty of tire tread left.

Nov 24, 2018

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