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Kingston, ON, Canada

My husband and I purchased living room furniture from Leon's and were told the delivery would be 8 to 10 weeks. On the 8th week- we gave our existing furniture away and are sitting on lawn chairs!!- I started to cal my sale person who we dealt with- to find out how much longer our order would be. We were told that she would be getting a notice as soon as it was being shipped and would notify us. On the 10th week we went into the store to find out where our order was- we were asked to speak to the manager who then informed us that there was a problem --as when they faxed our order in- the fax line was busy AND NO ONE CAUGHT THIS ERROR!! --so in true fact our order was never placed. The manager then told us that because of this error he was in touch with the manufacturer and we were then promised that our order would be delivered in 2 weeks and we were compensated with some $$. The 2 weeks have passed and we get a phone call to say that they can not deliver as our items are not ready and it will be another week ?? (promises-promises) We have had so many promises from this manager and sales person. Yes we could cancel but then to find other furniture and the time frame to wait for it to be ready- it is like starting all over again. so now we are going into week 13 and still no furniture!! IF YOUR CAN NOT COMPLETE AN ORDER - THEN DON'T PROMISE YOU CAN. We are so disappointed - Purchasing new furniture is suppose to be a fun thing to do - signed --STILL WAITING.

  • Leon's Furniture Customer Care's Response, May 18, 2017

    Hi Patricia, Thank you for your feedback. We are getting in touch with our Kingston store and will have the management contact you in this regards.

May 18, 2017

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