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never again

We ordered our bedroom furniture from Leon's in Sudbury. It was all set up to be delivered 3 weeks later when we moved into the house we just bought. On the delivery date, I called Leon's to inquire as to the approximate time the delivery would show up. After a while, the person finally found the paperwork for our order and then proceeded to put me on hold for 15 minutes. I guess this was to be able to come up with this story- She came back on the phone and said, Oh, someone had called and said my wife's mother was sick and to cancel our delivery. Well, nobody had ever called them until I just did. And my wife's mother had passed away 4 years ago. I could not believe they had the balls to make up a ### story like that. And now they had sold our furniture to someone else, it would take 3-5 weeks to get in more of what we had ordered. Needless to say, when my wife went ape ### and went to the store and demanded a refund. They did give her a full refund and we went to a local furniture store and got nicer stuff for the same money. Never, ever again will I step foot into a Leon's store. And The Brick in Sudbury- never again, but that's another story.

  • Su
    Sudbury28 Sep 15, 2009

    Oh these store are messed. A friend of mine ordered some stuff from the Brick. Not only did it take 5 weeks for some stuff and 1 for some other stuff (all coming from the same wharehouse). But the order was messed when it arrived. Parts were missing, wrong colours...areal nightmare. When we went to the store we were told that it would be no problem to have corrected. They would just take the items from someone elses order to complete my friends'. So he got the run around, now if he wants his they'll screw someone else? How is this good business?

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poor service

Purchased a leather couch and chair from Sally Freeman on late July for "mid August" delivery. 3rd week of August...no furniture..no call. I called and left a message for Sally. call no returned, I called again. Sally was reached and a new delivery date was given. Date was moved a few more times, but the real piss off was i had to call each time to see what was going on. Finally received a couch, but it was damaged. sally made no effort to earn her comission, out the door out of mind. Well we got our furniture in October, and frankly i am a fool for accepting delivery. Please understand i have a very long history with this store, but its over.
Stay away from Sally Freemon, no service.

poor customer service policy damage/return

We ordered a dining room suite online from Leons. We had hoped to see it at our local store but were advised...

poor quality control

In March of 2007 I bought a couch, chair, and recliner from Leon's. After about two months the couch and...

Saskatoon Furniture

used goods???

Enough is enough, This has been going on for close to 3 months now, 3 months that my bedroom has been in shambles, 1st off the head board I ordered was delivered 1 month late and was the wrong size, I reselected it took yet another month to be delivered and there is a chunk out of it, I am not waiting another month to receive yet another headboard...this is pathetic!! I called the sudbury store and complained they gave me the run around, All I want is my money back and for your store to come get the whole bedroom set I purchased and refund me, I am not waiting yet another month before I can set up my room/bed...I will go make a purchase at another store where I know I won't get the run around and won't receive damaged goods...GIVE ME A FULL REFUND!!! 2 and 1/2 months is long enough, I have clothes all over my bed is incomplete, Nothing is set up b/c now I received damaged goods...• Makes me question if they pulled the headboard out of mark down, I purchased a whole new bedroom set...Sudbury store called on Thursday to say that the headboard was not in and that I would have to wait, I then told the girl to cancel my order give me a full refund, as I prepaid for the order cash, and I will go somewhere else as this is enough, the next day the delivery guys are here with the stuff, they leave it in the middle of my living room, I then noticed that the top piece to the headboard is damaged in which I took a picture there is a chunk out of the corner, and some scratches, I do not wish to have a technition fix it, I paid for "new" stuff I expect "new" stuff...Not a fixeruper, If I wanted damaged goods I would not have spent the money I did instead I would have just went to Value Village...I expect quality...I expected to get new stuff not damaged!

  • Jo
    John xxx Mar 23, 2015

    I worked for 1year as a delivery driver for these crooks..I seen them go through 23 delivery guys In the year I was employed there ...
    I've seen a lot of shady practices they use on customers, their furniture is mostly all garbage from China .. AVOID LEONS AT ALL COSTS...

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defective furniture

At the end of August, we purchased a coffee table, two end tables, a flat screen tv, and an entertainment...

Barrie Furniture

poor service and delivery

Two store owners and had to deal with both. I have been waiting a month to have a set of bunk bed delivered and still no show. I have been calling and all I get is sorry but I don't have them yet. Knowing that they were back ordered and I wasn’t told. Week after week I was told next week. When they finally did get to their store they were damaged and had missing parts. One of the 2 owner told me that he was going to make sure the missing parts were sent on the next day and have the beds to me when they arrived ( with damaged parts wanting another 3 weeks for new ones.)When I called the store, of course that owner was not there and I had to talk to the other. They informed me it would be 6 days or more before the parts even arrived at the store. I will give a little credit to the first owner he did try, and gave me a discount on one of the 2 dressers. After saying that I decided I couldn’t wait any longer then I all ready have and I canceled the order of the beds. The dresser that was to be delivered with the beds that I still want, the second owner refused to deliver it at my convenient and hung up the phone on me. Telling me that he would not deliver after hours where as the first owner was going to. I was also informed that I writing this complaint was going to do nothing for me and that it would be sent back to him to deal with. So in other words I am wasting my time. After saying all this I just want your company to know that when you have private owner adverting your name you should screen the people you let do that! You have just lost another customer and I will spread the word.

damaged goods

Bought kitchen set, it was delivered damaged, had to go and get my own replacement. When I first purchased the set, I asked the sales rep if there were any sales or promo's comming up, especially with the new store opening down the road, he said no not at all, on week later, there was a sale ($100) off, I called the store and they said they new the sale was coming up, I feel the sales rep could have saved me some money, I am on a tight budget and could have used the extra cash on other furniture. I will shop at Teppermans next time

re-stocking fees

Over the years we’ve purchased several items and were satisfied until our most recent purchase...

5 comments Dartmouth Furniture

bad service and products

Well lets see, it took almost 3 weeks for our first piece of furniture to arrive, when we looked at the couch...

Bracebridge Furniture

stained matress

Good Day To Whom It May Concern
I am not sure when I purchased a matress from Leon's Furniture I have this matress about 18 months. 78 Crown Vienna NF PT Matt Senna # [protected]-004 ath a cost of 2200.00 dollars.
I have always kept the matress cover with the cover I purschaesd when I bought the matress. I had a matress from sears before i purschased this one it was 15 years old with no stains and never a matress cover.
However last month when I removed the cover to wash it I notiiced a large yellow stain, not where we sleep. But on the side and in different places the white foam has a yellow tint appearing in different spots. I called the store they sent in someone to look at it and told me the matress compnay would be in the province next week and he would get them to have a look at it . Well I didn't hear back from them and spoke to the Manager of the store and he informed me that the gentleman he send out to look at the matreess said it was stained and the warranty doesn't cover stains, I can 100% assure you this matress was never used with out the cover and that nothing had ever been wasted on it even if it were how could it get down throough a comforter blankets and a matress cover made of rubber. I want an explanation as to what could have happened to this matress doess the pillow white top foam turn yellow after a while this looks to me like what might have happened if so I should have been told this when I bought the matress. I really don't understand this but I bought this matress in good faith with a ten year warranty. The manger of this store is very professional and his position is second to none. I have purchase d furniture in the pass with no issues and had every intention of doing so in the future as I am currently building a new home and because of the great store and its manager was about to head to Leons once again but I am know rethinking my postion on this decision.
Thank you
I hope someone takes the time to read and respond to my emal maybe it is a manufactures defect if so I would need that info to contact them.
In any event I expect a reply from Leon's Furniture and something done about my matress. Again I feel very strongly that this what ever it is on my matress is not something I did or didn'ftdo.
Please respond

bad service, leon's = liars

I am having my own HORRIBLE experience with Leon's Scarborough (Toronto). I ordered a sofabed and loveseat and everything came on the proper date. Problem: The 3 cushions on the sofa bed in the showroom were all attached to one another which was a good thing, BUT the sofa bed that arrived here came with 3 individual cushions... which slide off the couch every single time one sits on it!!! You get comfy... and the cushion starts to slide. You get up... the cushions slide off. Pathetic!!! I want what was shown to me in the showroom! I call to complain ... Leon's tells me it should have come as 3 attached cushions and that the manufacturer doesnt even make them seperate and that they shouldnt have been delievered like that to me. Ok... so we make another date for a new delivery of the 3 attached cushions...well after waiting all day on the day of delivery, they bring us the same damn sofa bed cushions that we already had!!! Wasted a day waiting for nothing!!! I send the guys back with the sofa bed and cushions and didnt even have them bring it inside.

I call Leon's Scarborough to complain once again. They apologize and then say they will call me back. When they call me back, they suddenly tell me that the manufacturer no longer makes the sofa bed with 3 attached cushions and that they all now come with 3 seperate cushions. I tell them to send me the one from the showroom. They agree to do so. Then they have the nerve to tell me that they only deliver the first Tues of each month... BULL!!!... as they were just there the day before which was a WEDNESDAY! They had already been to my home twice in 2 wks!!! Liars!

So today I get a phonecall and they tell me that they dont have the 3 attached cushions anymore. That appearantly a designer took the couch and put it in the clearance area and someone bought it!!! OH GOD! THE IDIOTS!!! Why do I feel like they just keep coming up with more and more excuses to not have to do anything about this?? If this 'really' happened...then why didnt the guy get the cushion off the showroom floor asap as soon as we hung up so that this delivery could get underway??? I dont even believe them anymore.

To top this all off... I paid for their 'leathercare' on the loveseat and sofabed. They explained to me when i purchased the furniture, that the couches are unpacked and sprayed with the 'leathercare' and repackaged. Well, if that is true, then why did they bring a couch with the 3 seperate cushions to me the second time around??? I mean the whole reason for the delivery was to get the 3 ATTACHED CUSHIONS! I think the whole 'leathercare' is a scam. I will never get that again!!!


PS: I will have to let you know what the outcome of this fiasco is

  • Jo
    john May 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i'm sure if you explain everything to leons you can just return the sofa collection and buy a new one that doesn't have cushions that slide off.

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  • So
    sopefs Oct 12, 2010

    Wow thta really sucks, but now that you have this couch may i suggest putting velcro strips (the ones that stick now sewed on) to keep them in place. it won't show and you won't be frustrated every time you sit.

    I on the other hand have had an issue myself. i bought the warrently care package. my kids have drawn on the armrests and the pen wont come out. no only that the leather has torn as well. Well I've called and had to leave a messege. hope that when they do cll back they don't give me a hard time...afterall they did say that even if a knife is taken to the couch they would cover the cost to fix or replace.

    keeping my fingers crossed.

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extended warranty!

A person purchases extended warranty for a reason. RIGHT! With Leon's extended warranty you would figure that there would be no problems. LOTS OF PROBLEMS!!! Back in January (2nd week) of this year I contacted Leon's Extended Warranty because of a few things that had been falling apart on mystove. Said they would have someone out to take a look.

Now I waited until the last week of February to contact the extended warranty program and they stated I needed to contact my local appliance dealer. In Point form this is how it went:

1) Called Appliance repair shop - said that Leon's had not yet contacted them with answer. Faxed them several times.
2) Called Leon's they said they had not received anything.
3) contacted local leon's furniture store in Winnipeg. They said they would find out what as going on. They called back saying that the repairs would not be covered because it was abuse.
4) Called Leon's warranty, they had no clue what was going on and that they did not have a work order for my stove. I asked them how did Winnipeg get and answer.
5) Called local appliance repair shop and asked them to fax me the work order.Got work order - called leons warranty - said someone had seem it because there was some writing on the side.
Complete DENIAL that they had seen it.
6) Talked to one rep said that she had found it later on her supervisors desk. Asked her to get supervisor to call me I wanted to know where the failure in communication happened.

This is where it gets good:

7) Conversation with supervisor - I was accused of
a)Getting someone else in to clean my oven
b)all repairs that where needed should not hinder in the process of cooking. (plugs on top, light in oven, storage drawer on bottom rollers broken)
c) the only thing covered by the extended warranty was the elements
d) Told me that it was my problem that I used my stove to much.

This conversation steamed me and it was not over yet. Inquired about the 7 year parts and labor that the salesman put on my warranty certificate. She said she had no control over what the salesmen put on the warranty. All in all I still got nothing accomplished. Complete denial on leon's part. Filled with accusations and lies to cover their butts.

In the end I will never by anything from Leon's again never mind the scammy extended warranty program.

more than a miserable service!

I have bought a fridge and a stove from our fellow here... they set me up for the delivery today... after waiting and calling them they finally arrived... at 5:30 pm... very nonchalant they announced me they could not complete the delivery because there is snow in front of the building... about 10 cm... I said we have to do it even if I have to shovel the snow... by the time I went inside to take the shovel, they simply and cowardly took off! TOOK OFF! If you can believe it, like that, knowing that is nobody at the store to answer me back and leaving for their saturday night off duty... do not meter that my appliances, the old ones I gave them back to the owner of the building... long story short:day lost, rotten food, miserable service!

Vive leon!

terrible experience!

On August 26,2008 . I purchased a sofa bed( After months of B/S they delivered it December 01,2007), coffee...

bad customer and delivery service!

My wife and I had purchased a front load washer and dryer from Leons. The delivery boys tried to slug the...

3 comments Woodstock Furniture

worst service ever!

My wife and I ordered a bed from Leon's for my daughter's birthday, and were told that it would absolutely be delivered on time (they had two weeks). When two weeks passed I called them to see if the bed had arrived, and was told that it wouldn't be in for another two to five weeks! I asked to speak to the manager, but he was not available. I was told that he would call me back, but he did so only three days - and several phone calls - later. The result? Tough luck. There was no apology. When the bed finally came in after a month I asked to have it delivered. Apparently Leon's wanted to be paid in advance for the delivery, which meant me coming down to the store. I asked to pay over the phone using my credit card, but apparently that was "against their policies". I canceled my order, and asked them to reimburse my credit card. They said they would, but I guess we'll just have to see if they do. Bottom line: I will never deal with Leon's again. They don't give a rat's hindquarters about their customers.

credit bureau report abuse

Leon's Furniture - Canada www.leons.ca Credit Scam - Don't buy from Leons Furniture! In 1996 I...

poor delivey service!

I also will never buy anything from Leon's Furniture again! I bought a five-piece bedroom suite and was initially going to pick it up. I put a down payment and within their 2 or 3 week deadline for paying the balance it was paid off. After discussing the amount of pieces we had bought we decided to get the furniture delivered. I phoned that in on the same day we paid off the balance. I agreed to have my furniture delivered on a certain day. Anyway on Thanksgiving Day I get a phone call from one of the reps and she asked when we were going to pick up our furniture. I proceeded to tell her they were going to deliver. She said she had no record of the delivery. She hung up and looked into it and she called back to tell me they couldn't deliver on the day we were suppose to and that we still owed $34.00 for delivery. I then told her I asked about that amount when I called to get it delivered and she told me then we did not owe anything. I told her to double check and she told me we did not owe. The manager called me back and admitted it was their mistake and again if we wanted we had to wait two more days to get it delivered and we still owed the $34.00. I said forget it I changed my mind about buying the furniture and went down there to get all $1,040.00 back. I will also tell all of my friends and relatives not to shop there.

Thanks for listening!!

  • Ma
    Matt Lambert Nov 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yep, that seems about right, Leon's lies to its customers.

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  • Ch
    Chris Edwards Nov 03, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am truly sorry you had a negative experience dealing with Leons. I am not very pleased with the direction of the company as of late. They have overloaded the floor with sales associates which are all struggling to make a living, This does not however excuse anyone of them to not fully disclose the company,s policies. The company will offer a 3% discount for the pick up of goods other than accessories including products under $498.00, small televisions, prints, portraits mirrors and plants etc...

    With a twenty to thirty percent pay-cut in the near future by means of them adding more associates only paid by a small commission I do not see myself there much longer. Their wrongly conceived science experiment will not include me in their petrie dish. I see customers being harassed by greedy and desperate sales people, and ill-informed in the near future by the pimpled faced inexperienced newbies they so want to underpay with their new ill-conceived mad science.

    While I am still their however I pride myself in honesty and would be pleased to assist you in dealing with the company in any way possible.

    Chris Edwards,

    Furniture Sales Associate
    Niagara On The Lake

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  • Br
    Brenda Lee Nov 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased $5400.00 with of items @ Leons with no interest or payment for 15 months. I called the # on the statement and asked if I could take a cheque into Leons before the due date and was told YES YES YES.

    i drove 25 minute to Leons and was told that they do not accept cheques and I could not pay the bill there. I told them I called and that is what I was told so they got in the phone with city financial and they basically told me I was lying and that I was not told that I could go to any Leons to make the payment.

    While there the 3 people working there stood staring at me so I had to say something to them before I left explaining I did not appreciate them glaring at me as though I was a ### or a liar.

    LEONS YOU JUST GOT YOUR LAST PURCHASE FROM ME. I think that they get ticked off if people pay the bills off before the due date... They cannot make money off of you that way. They are all crooks

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  • I know the sales person who posted earlier and as a former employee (not a salesperson) I completely agree with what he is saying.

    My advice to the customers is this...call head office..or send a letter via email. Don't yell and scream and act like a crazy person to someone who is working part time while in school. The associates at the store don't make the rules. If you want something exchanged, skip the yelling and write an effective letter to head office and you will get your exchange.

    ALSO, if your furniture is not in perfect condition when it is delivered send it back on the truck. This will save yourself the headach and allow yourself a faster turn around to get a good working product. Exchanges take longer then normal deliveries. The goods are not yours until you have accepted them. I would also reccomend inspecting your product from top to bottom while the driver is still in your house.

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  • Ca
    Cassandra Jul 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the last post. As an employee at Leon's there are some things that are out of control and our business is dictated by manufacturers, owners, customs, rail and shipyards. Im not making excuses for the company because I do know that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

    The other thing is that Leon's stores are both franchise and corporate stores, that means that the stores may have different product and slightly different policies or wait times. The best thing to do is to look over your purchase BEFORE you accept it, this goes for any furniture store. We all are people not robots and unfortunatly we have to allow for a bit of human error so sometimes we miss things, forget things or make mistakes, all of which Im sure youve done at your job at some point as well.

    I understand how you can feel frustrated, upset or occasionally cheated in certain circumstances but the best thing you can do is to stay calm and talk to your sales person. They want you to be happy because without you they cant live and that is the basis of commissioned sales. If talking to your sales person doesn't help then talk to management but avoid the yelling and screaming because really thats not going to get you anywhere but more frustrated. If I came in and started screaming at you at your place of business what sort of reception would I get? Things can work out the way you want them too but more often than not it will work out when your being reasonable and respectful, remembering that we are all people and there is no one trying to Maliciously hurt you in this situation.

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buyer beware (poor policy)

I purchased a 61" DLP from leons.ca and when the set arrived it had bad prism issues (purple blob) on the bottom of the screen. I contacted Leons right away and was told they have a no refund, no exchange policy. They offered to send out a repair person but who the heck should spend $3400 on a TV and have it repaired once you open the box?

I will never shop there again and strongly advice you to pay more attention to their policies before you do.

  • Bu
    Busy Jenny Sep 27, 2007

    I used to work at Leons but don't anymore. I would assume that it was a Toshiba or a Samsung tv. If this is the case, heres how it works. Toshiba does NOT have a DOA policy keaving Leons with no choice but to send out a technician. Samsung on the other hand has a seven day DOA policy so it should have been covered immediately. It also depends on what store as there are corporate and franchises. Franchises run things a lot differently than the corporates. I'm not trying to make Leon's sound good as I do not work there any longer, just to help you understand what kind of restrictions the manufacturers put on Leon's.

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  • Jo
    John xxx Mar 23, 2015

    As a former employee, stay away from leons !!!
    Very shady business practices...

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