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Resolved product/service

My experience with Leons started when we arrived there to look for new living room furniture. As my wife and...

Resolved incorrect order - no assistance

My in-laws who are in their 70's just moved into a new home and they purchased a living room set and appliances from LEONS. The day the living room set was delivered, we quickly realized that they delivered a chair instead of the love seat. The sales representative that assisted us with this purchase was extremely helpful and she quickly resolved the situation - the love seat was delivered within hours. In addition to the purchase of a complete living room set, Leons was fortunate enough to gain our sales in the purchase of an up-right freezer, a stove and a fridge. They delivered the incorrect fridge. We contacted LEONS and spoke to customer service; Valerie. The sales representative that originally assisted us with this purchase was not helpful, lied and unprofessional. After countless phone calls, and being asked multiple times as to who we were on hold for, we decided to go down in person to resolve the situation. We were asked to pick out another fridge as a refund would mean a $130 charge for restocking. We picked out another fridge. They delivered a fridge but the wrong one yet again. This time they dealt with it fairly quickly and we received the correct fridge. The fridge was hooked up and within 5 minutes water started to pour out through the dispenser. We got on the phone again; asked yet again multiple times who we were on hold for. At one point the Manager was on the line with us and placed us on hold. Valerie from Customer Service picks up the line, asked us who we were holding for and when we responded "MARK", her reply was "He stepped out for lunch". This time we were told by Mark the Manager that "it's not our problem, call the manufacturer". So not only did we receive incorrect orders multiple times, did not receive what they call as "CUSTOMER SERVICE", spoke to Mark the Manager who was extremely unhelpful, unprofessional and down right rude, we now had to deal with this situation ourselves after only having received the correct fridge within a duration of 5 minutes. Well, they've lost our business and we will ensure that our family members and friends are well aware of this situation.

order wrong and incomplete

Order wrong and incomplete, store manager rude, sales assistant told us blatant lies.

7 muoths to repair

We went to leons to buy a tv and a fire place stand and a sofa . we got it all and 2 mouths later the sofa was craking it takes 6 mouths for the part to come in thay pic up the sofa and 5 day it was back there were cracks on the side thay put black marcker on it to try to hide it i was so p off if this is how thay fixs things i will be going in to complan but i no thay will say thay did not do it or thay will say it will take 6 more mouths to fix it

7 muoths to repair


Never have I been more disgusted. I had purchased a fridge and stove and had it for all of 5 min. Only to realize that the fridge had scuffs all down the front and the glass on the stove's door was loose. So I called and was offered $75 for a $1400 purchase. Then on top of that I am still fighting to get it replaced. Never will I be so dumb as to buy from them again.

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Resolved adding unpurchased items to your bills

I have encountered a 'scam artist' at Leons Furniture, in a London Ontario location.
A newcomer from another country purchased furniture, they told her in 1 week it will be delivered. It took them 6 WEEKS to do so.
They added mattress pads to her bill, which wasn't a part of her purchase but she paid unknowingly for the items.
On top of that they sold her a sofa, with a huge hole at the bottom.
She pleaded for them to give her a new sofa, their answer was no. They will 'fix' it.
I called the manager from the store, he was no where to be found, they put me onto the sales rep.
I think Leons is a huge scam, and buyers, you MUST beware.
It seems as though its 102 years of scamming. Employees at Leons ARE RUDE. Hopefully they can keep their jobs.
I will be taking this above.
They are applying their scam tactics to new comers to the country.
Don't they realize these are the people that are actually GIVING them a pay cheque. This is my first encounter with a salesman trying to be a manager who handles customers problems...how UNPROFESSIONAL.

  • Di
    dixonward Oct 05, 2011

    I've been shopping at Leon's for years and have never run into any of these issues. In fact, Leon's is probably one of the best places to shop for furniture.

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Resolved poor service and rude employees

i bought my couch and love seat from leons. of course there nice to u when u are there and gaurentee u all...

Saskatoon Furniture

Resolved mistreatment

We purchased a fridge from Leons. They were to deliver on Thursday, then Friday - finally they delivered it...

Resolved horrible service/customer care

Nature of the Complaint
Briefly describe your concerns with the company (nature of complaint, problem encountered)

after buying $6000 orth of furniture; Leons was set to delivery but couldnt commit to a soild date or time. after several attemps to delivery my stuff came however, one piece was damaged and need to be replaced. after several more times to deliever the replacement; when they came and replaced my damaged piece they ending up damaging my hard wood floors. I attempted to resovle it with Leaons but they delicined to do so without reason.

What do you want the company to do to resolve your complaint?

I would like them to repair my floor or discount me on the products that i bought and i'll repair the damaged floor myself

  • Ee
    E Edward Jan 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar situation. I will not purchase anything from Leon's anymore and the driver’s attitudes was so bad too. I think they need good/professional customer service because when I called them they were keep on transferring the calls after waiting more than three weeks still I had to wait another 10hrs to get my stuffs because they made a mistake while they were packing it, Especially I don’t like “North York, Ontario Location” customer service. They need to hire good people who are there to acknowledge their fault or say at lease sorry.

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  • Aw
    AW2013 Jan 26, 2013

    I purchased a mattress and mattress cover from Leon's in South Edmonton on Jan 7th, and scheduled delivery for Jan 14th. I took the 14th off work to be at home for the delivery, and all they delivered was the cover, no mattress. So I called to see what the deal was and I was told that it wouldn't be in stock until the 20th. I asked why they set up the delivery if the mattress wasn't in stock and she said the salesperson should have known this. So I rescheduled the delivery for Jan 26th (today). No calls, no delivery. So I called again and this time I'm told that there was no delivery scheduled and the mattress still is NOT IN STOCK!!!, it's expected by "the end of the month". I said "you know what? This is pathetic, I ordered this mattress 3 weeks ago, and I was told I would have it 2 weeks ago. I'm tired of this, I just want my money back. So they refunded my money and I'm back where I started, shopping for a mattress. Thank you so much Leon's for your awesome service, expert salespeople and fast effective delivery service. Not!! -sincerely A.W.

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Resolved flimsy and moldy furniture

Bought a dining set and bedroom set at Leons
1st dining set table came damaged and 3 out 6 chairs are not even and screws were missing...
2nd bedroom set - opened the bedframe first and assembled but middle frame is si flimsy that the metal where you insert the legs are coming off and the wood is not sturdy at all so we called Leons and told them the problem and the CS was totally unprofessional and rude so I told her to pick up the bedroom set I don't want it. Ok so she said she will send a truck to come pick it up...then we thought let's open the rest probably they are damaged too...and guess what we found? Damaged night table and moldy boxes from the dresser and the furniture is moldy as well. Now we are thinking to sue them for all these and not sure what to do...we definitely don't want any furniture from them!!

  • Ca
    CamB Feb 04, 2012

    OMG! Today we had wooden daybeds delivered from Leons. My husband cut the box open and when he opened the flap it was thick with MOLD!!! We are unbelievably upset, obviously we dispersed mold within our home, we also breathed it in as well. My side of the family has severe allergies to mold. I am very concerned. I don't know what we should do. What are rights? When the delivery men came back to take them back to the store. They were told that we had a mold problem in our home and that they didn't fit. The delivery men were led to believe that the mold was in our home and that the furniture was fine, "it just didn't fit". They too were concerned for their health after handling them. We took pictures, the mold is scary. How do I rectify the situation? How do I alleviate my concerns for our family's health now that we have been exposed to the mold.

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We have been loyal Leons customers about 20 years. In October 2007, we purchased six new appliances for our new home, and six new appliances for our son. We also purchased Platinum Protection for all.

We have never had a problem with new appliances before. However, four of our six Leons appliances have been defective.

They finally replaced our microwave.

Our dishwasher has to be tipped back at a ridiculous angle so that it will not leak. This was the "leveling" as performed during a service call. The front panel was replaced because it developed a large stain, where the heat vents out. Our water heater is set, one notch above the vacation setting so hot water was not causing the problem. The stain has reappeared on the new panel. We have not pursued this issue.

The front panel of our $749 clothes dryer was replaced because one day the dryer decided that it would produce no heat, and it would not shut off, unless the door were left open.

The real problem is with our $1049 washing machine. I have called Platinum Protection at least nine times (I wasn't keeping track at the start) starting November 17. A repair man has repeatedly "fixed" the door, which will not latch unless you lift it. By the time we get to the basement to check, the repair man has left. I called Platinum Protection today to ask why the manager had not called me back on April 18 as I was promised. I was abruptly told that, when I did not receive the callback, I should have called again. I asked to speak to a manager and was once again informed that the manager is at lunch.
I then called the Richmond Hill store where I had bought the appliances. I was treated very politely, as always at the stores, and was informed, for the first time ever, that back in March, they were considering replacing my washing machine. I was also told that possibly the reason for the confusion was that they had an old cell phone number on record. Although possible, this is highly improbable, as I have contacted the store and Platinum Protection repeatedly and left my number on several occasions. I am waiting for a call backfrom the store this afternoon, as promised.

Is this a typical level of customer service with Leons Platinum Protection? Is it possible that Leons purchases factory seconds and sells them to customers without informing them?

We have become very disillusioned and in future will shop elsewhere.

  • Sh
    Shirleyp Apr 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I understood exactly what johhndoe meant in his letter. You see, I too WAS a Leons customer. Attitude on the part of many, not all, Leons employees is the reason we will no longer shop Leons.

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defective furniture

I have purhased a set of 2 recliner leather sofa's from leons in Brampton, Ontario. Hoping that i will be getting some quality material from such a big and reputed company, to my surprise when my delivery came both the peices that i receicved was defective. one had differnet shade on the arm rest which was obvious and i noticed at the time of delivery and luckily complaied to the delivery guy to be noted on the delivery sheet. It was replaced with the new one later. Another sofa had some stiching missing on the seat which i noticed a week after the sofa was deliverd to my place which was too late for leons to give me replacement sofa in good condition. |when i complained they sent a technicial to fix the seam on my sofa which i agreed as thinking they know what they are doing and hopefully it will be fixed for good. however after few days of use the stitching that was fixed gave up again as its right on the edge of the seat where you sit. We called leons again and they promised to look into this. few days later same technicial showed up onm y door and after he finished his inspection asked him what's the solution and he said its same as before it will stictch this again. when i stated that when we sit on this seat it will fail again and he laughed and said then don't sit on it. I asked them to give me better solution since this came as it is from leons they should be replacing this piece, however i was told by the stores customer service manager that they have to fix this few more times and if it keeps on loosing the stitching only then they will repalce the product. i have asked them to give me some assurance that it will not happen and both technician and service manager advised that they can assure anythingon the repairs. it was delivered to my iin middle of dec and in 2 months i have had all sorts of issues with their sofas. Too date i am still waiting to hear from the store. called last week and was advised they are waiting for report from technician. With this kind of service i will suggest everyone who is reading this to please AVOID LEONS!!! they will give you all assurances when you are buying the product however when its time to deliver the promise you are out of luck. everytime i look at my family room it reminds me of poor service, poor product.

defective furniture

Resolved terrible policies and servie

I have spent many thousands of dollars buying merchandise from Leon's and have never been so disgusted...

2 bills for same item with 2 different dates

I purchased 2 tvs on Feb 1, 2010. I purchased on the plan 12month no down payments. However, when I went to pay I was informed by the bank that I was a month late. I was unsure what they were talking about. I had the computer printed bill from Leon's which the date indicated 01/02/10. The banks bill read 04/01/10. Which means Jan. 4, 2010.

I approached Leon's to questions them and they said that theres was the same as the bank, they just print it out differently.
Then you will never belive this, there was also a small hand writen stub attached. The cashier pointed it out. It was writen the same way as the bank.

So that was too much, first a lie, then two billing DATES. I did purchased the items in Feb, 2010 as it was a valentines gifts.
So I got charged the interest rate of $30.00 becasue they sent the hand writen bill into the bank.

So I was billed with 2 different dates. This is wrong. Bad business. People need to watch the bills. They are giving you 2 bills and sending in a hand writen bill that is a month prior to the date of your actual purchase. Double billing? who knows what is up with that.

The cashier was very shamed faced and did not know what to say. But pay the bill!!!

Disatisfied customer

Resolved defective product not covered by warranty

Leon's Furniture 1 year + 1 week after buying. I was told this is not covered by Leon's 1 year warranty. Buyer Beware on Warranty Details and defective products.

defective product not covered by warranty
defective product not covered by warranty
defective product not covered by warranty

  • De
    Derek5351 Jan 13, 2011

    It looks like a broken piece of wood, that may not be a manufacturers defect. Also you should of brought it back within the 1 year warranty...I can't agree with you on this one.

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Resolved gifts with purchase

Beware of those gift certificiates with purchase!!! I bought a freezer as part of a large purchase in october 2010 and there was supposed to be a gift certificate for a major retailer included in the purchase - kind of a bonus, you know? Well, the cashier didn't know, even when I showed her the ad, and she said to call back in a couple of weeks if it didn't arrive in the mail... Called, then given wrong number (Took me about 35 minutes of calls to find that out) called back. No one knew. Given another number. Called that and wrong number again. Called back. No one knows. Given another number to call - tomorrow - becasue they're closed now, and by the way, you might need this info since you don't have it, and you have to apply on line for the gift, don't know the site, but call and she will probably know. Don't know how long it will take or even if it still can be done so long after the purchase??? What?? I thought I was going to get free groceries, not jumping through hoop lessons... Didn't it say free gift with purchase - I purchased now give me my gift.


We purchased a leather sofa set for our family room and the sales rep did a great sales job selling us the...

broken furniture

On 10/17/2009 my wife and I bought a living room set which included a sofa, love seat and chair. We have...

Resolved delivery time

I recently purchased a couch from Leon's and was quoted 4-6 weeks delivery or the option to pick up the piece myself from Burlington immediately. They are now telling me, 6 weeks later, that the item is on back order which seems impossible considering it was available for pick at the time of purchase. I have not been contacted once with an update and now if I cancel will have to wait another 4-6 weeks for a new couch plus the added time of finding a new one. I have been sitting on the floor for far too long now and would never, ever shop at Leon's again for anything. The sad part is I was warned about them, but figured it was just a one-off incident. I was wrong and now I warn you too.


We purchased 4 peices of furniture from their store only to have it go on sale a week later. We were told we could get the 15% refund. When we tried to get the refund, they told us sorry, you have to come in while the sale is on (3 Day Sale) and it was over on the Sunday and I called on the Monday, so sorry about my luck. My issue is that no-one told me I had to come in during the 3 day sale or I would have, even though I was working.

  • Ja
    jamielc Aug 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well it only makes sense that u have to call/go in on the day the sale is on because that is when it is on sale not on monday when the items are not on sale

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  • Ch
    Chris Ravensbergen Aug 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, but it was already bought and paid for 4 days before the sale. It's not like I have not purchased it yet. I bought it, then it went on sale.

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