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Winnipeg, MB, Canada

My husband and I recently purchased all new kitchen appliances online (fridge, stove, dishwasher and convection microwave). I received the dishwasher yesterday no problem.
Today, the same delivery drivers came to deliver my fridge. I was asked if I was the cardholder, and I replied no - we used my husband's card. I was told that my husband had to be there so sign for it since it was his card (which was not the case yesterday for the dishwasher - they just dropped it off and left). I informed the delivery guys that my husband works out of town and will not be back till November.
Also, my husband called and spoke to someone and told them that he would not be there and that I would be accepting the deliveries, he was told that would not be a problem.
The delivery guys left, did not give me my fridge. I then called Leon's and spoke to Sherry Thompson the GM. I told her that we had verbal confirmation that it would be okay that my husband was not there to sign for the delivery. She asked me for the name of the person that told us that, which we did not get, all we knew was that it was a lady. She then said "well there is multiple ladies that work here, should I go around and ask each one who it was?" She also said that had we read the email that was sent after our online purchase, we would have seen that the cardholder had to be there to sign for the delivery.
To which I replied "yes, that is why my husband called to ask if it was okay that he wouldn't be there". And the response he got was "yes, that won't be a problem".
Sherry then offered me $100 off for the inconvenience and said that my husband could come down to the store and sign for it. Again, I told her that is not possible as he is out of town. Then, she suggested that I could come down there and use my credit card instead so that it would be in my name. This was not an option either as I had already re-arranged my work schedule to be there for the delivery, and I would not be taking more time out of my day to rectify a situation that was not my fault.
It would be nice if Leon's would honour the word, against policy or not, we were told that it would be okay if I accepted the delivery. It is not our responsibility as paying customers to memorize your policies of delivery.
As you can imagine, I am extremely frustrated with the situation and we have cancelled our order of the remaining appliances.
Kaylee McEwan
email: kmcewan.[protected]

Sep 14, 2017

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