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Leon's Furniture / poor delivey service!

1 Canada Review updated:

I also will never buy anything from Leon's Furniture again! I bought a five-piece bedroom suite and was initially going to pick it up. I put a down payment and within their 2 or 3 week deadline for paying the balance it was paid off. After discussing the amount of pieces we had bought we decided to get the furniture delivered. I phoned that in on the same day we paid off the balance. I agreed to have my furniture delivered on a certain day. Anyway on Thanksgiving Day I get a phone call from one of the reps and she asked when we were going to pick up our furniture. I proceeded to tell her they were going to deliver. She said she had no record of the delivery. She hung up and looked into it and she called back to tell me they couldn't deliver on the day we were suppose to and that we still owed $34.00 for delivery. I then told her I asked about that amount when I called to get it delivered and she told me then we did not owe anything. I told her to double check and she told me we did not owe. The manager called me back and admitted it was their mistake and again if we wanted we had to wait two more days to get it delivered and we still owed the $34.00. I said forget it I changed my mind about buying the furniture and went down there to get all $1,040.00 back. I will also tell all of my friends and relatives not to shop there.

Thanks for listening!!

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  • Ma
      1st of Nov, 2007

    Yep, that seems about right, Leon's lies to its customers.

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  • Ch
      3rd of Nov, 2007

    I am truly sorry you had a negative experience dealing with Leons. I am not very pleased with the direction of the company as of late. They have overloaded the floor with sales associates which are all struggling to make a living, This does not however excuse anyone of them to not fully disclose the company,s policies. The company will offer a 3% discount for the pick up of goods other than accessories including products under $498.00, small televisions, prints, portraits mirrors and plants etc...

    With a twenty to thirty percent pay-cut in the near future by means of them adding more associates only paid by a small commission I do not see myself there much longer. Their wrongly conceived science experiment will not include me in their petrie dish. I see customers being harassed by greedy and desperate sales people, and ill-informed in the near future by the pimpled faced inexperienced newbies they so want to underpay with their new ill-conceived mad science.

    While I am still their however I pride myself in honesty and would be pleased to assist you in dealing with the company in any way possible.

    Chris Edwards,

    Furniture Sales Associate
    Niagara On The Lake

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  • Br
      12th of Nov, 2007

    I purchased $5400.00 with of items @ Leons with no interest or payment for 15 months. I called the # on the statement and asked if I could take a cheque into Leons before the due date and was told YES YES YES.

    i drove 25 minute to Leons and was told that they do not accept cheques and I could not pay the bill there. I told them I called and that is what I was told so they got in the phone with city financial and they basically told me I was lying and that I was not told that I could go to any Leons to make the payment.

    While there the 3 people working there stood staring at me so I had to say something to them before I left explaining I did not appreciate them glaring at me as though I was a ### or a liar.

    LEONS YOU JUST GOT YOUR LAST PURCHASE FROM ME. I think that they get ticked off if people pay the bills off before the due date... They cannot make money off of you that way. They are all crooks

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  • Di
      26th of Apr, 2008

    I know the sales person who posted earlier and as a former employee (not a salesperson) I completely agree with what he is saying.

    My advice to the customers is head office..or send a letter via email. Don't yell and scream and act like a crazy person to someone who is working part time while in school. The associates at the store don't make the rules. If you want something exchanged, skip the yelling and write an effective letter to head office and you will get your exchange.

    ALSO, if your furniture is not in perfect condition when it is delivered send it back on the truck. This will save yourself the headach and allow yourself a faster turn around to get a good working product. Exchanges take longer then normal deliveries. The goods are not yours until you have accepted them. I would also reccomend inspecting your product from top to bottom while the driver is still in your house.

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  • Ca
      24th of Jul, 2008

    I agree with the last post. As an employee at Leon's there are some things that are out of control and our business is dictated by manufacturers, owners, customs, rail and shipyards. Im not making excuses for the company because I do know that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

    The other thing is that Leon's stores are both franchise and corporate stores, that means that the stores may have different product and slightly different policies or wait times. The best thing to do is to look over your purchase BEFORE you accept it, this goes for any furniture store. We all are people not robots and unfortunatly we have to allow for a bit of human error so sometimes we miss things, forget things or make mistakes, all of which Im sure youve done at your job at some point as well.

    I understand how you can feel frustrated, upset or occasionally cheated in certain circumstances but the best thing you can do is to stay calm and talk to your sales person. They want you to be happy because without you they cant live and that is the basis of commissioned sales. If talking to your sales person doesn't help then talk to management but avoid the yelling and screaming because really thats not going to get you anywhere but more frustrated. If I came in and started screaming at you at your place of business what sort of reception would I get? Things can work out the way you want them too but more often than not it will work out when your being reasonable and respectful, remembering that we are all people and there is no one trying to Maliciously hurt you in this situation.

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