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LensCrafters / frustrated employee

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Lenscrafters are runs by people who are power freak. They treat their employees like dogs. I don't think those power hungry freaks are even supporting the mission of the Luxoticca Company. There is no accountability in the higher ups. The morale is so low. They are abusive of their powers. The whistle blower policy doesn't exist. I hope those the Retail Associates, Licensed Opticians, Lab techs should stand up for themselves and speak up. These Regional Managers, Store Managers are useless. They are the worst people in the company and should be deleted. They have no morale, no respect to their Staffs. They like to write up Staffs so they gain points. They are very manipulative and should be removed from the Organization and be replaced by Staffs who are dedicated and supportive of the mission. I have worked in this company for years and years and I say, the morale is going down. There is no professionalism in the Industry. Licensed Opticians are being manipulated and being treated like high school graduates. I am so sick and tired of being pushed around. I am encouraging the Staffs to start documenting abuses and be not afraid to speak up.

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  • Ho
      2nd of Apr, 2009

    I agree with you. The Managers at Lenscrafters both on the field and at the store are the worst" Creatures". They have no ethics, absolutely NO knowledge in the optical field, sadly even the Directors, and are just on the job trained managers. They can lie, manipulate, and are extremely rude and Political. They can do anything to save their Jobs. They get paid for Xmas eve while they can deny Xmas eve ( paid or unpaid) for a Full time employee. They hire full time employees while may be they cant afford them. They lie about PTO hours as earned, while even if someone has completed 1 year by the rules the Employee gets 2 weeks PTO hours added but you get to see that only 8 hrs is added and besides if you leave the job after a year they do not count your PTO hours, "they like to keep the change". They will deny your earned benefits. They are very unprofessional and greedy.

    I think Luxottica should hire people who have done some kind of Schooling in Management before hiring them as Managers that way they will learn to respect Managers post and understand how hard it is to earn that position. They will justify the Post, the staff and the Company that they work for.

    Managers probably do everything else but manage the Job. They want to go home early, come late, take time-off when they like for personal reasons, go for hair cut while at job, go for lunch for an hour or more, and yes the best they do not clock in or out like the other employees have to.

    Wish the CEO of the company is reading these reports too. I am sure it is not the same in NZ or other nations...probably it is just in USA and hope they do something to improve this before losing their good employees. It is not just about MBE from the customers side check if it is from the Employees's side too!!!

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  • Fe
      6th of Apr, 2009

    I totally agree. The management at the Luxottica location in Memphis is a joke... One I can name in particular, but I won"t. I once witnessed a team lead go completeley off on a temp in front of everyone. This temp was a very good worker. Because the temp said somthing back to him, she was let go. This is not the first time this team lead has offended associates. Piss poor management let him get away with it once again. I think corporate needs to make a surprise visit and just randomly talk to some of the associates. They would be very surprised at what they will find out. Luxottica has some very good workers who are getting fed up with all the crap... Company morale is at a all time low. Associates work 12 hour days and most of the time on Sunday with no appreciation. Associates, it is time to speak up about what's really going on when corporate's back is turned...

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  • Va
      6th of Apr, 2009

    if this is just a personality clash between workers, you are better off keeping your mouth SHUT TIGHT.
    Personality Clash complaints usually end up in firings, but surprise.. it will be person who filed the complaint being let go after the inquiry is finished..

    Your co-workers, sensing they are about to be dragged into something that could threaten their job, will lie and say they have no problem with Supervisor X. They will say nothing is wrong or they haven't noticed anyome getting yelled at etc..

    This will lead the person doing the inquiry to conclude that the problem is just between you two. And by getting rid of one of you the problem will be solved. Who do I choose, the temp/sales clerk I can replace tomorrow or the manager who takes alot of time and money to train.

    answer is always: you

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  • Jd
      20th of May, 2009

    Man, I am in a state of ...

    I just happened upon this website and this post for 1st time ever today.

    And I had no idea that I was so very NOT ALONE in my feelings and observations of my once beloved company around me.!

    Yes, every statement above is true. Remarks on "MORALE at an all time LOW" were not exaggerated in the least bit. And is getting worse...
    I do not see the job I once prayed for (and then made it come true)- continuing.

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  • Lu
      2nd of Aug, 2009

    Honest, Fedup, and Valarie...I totally agree. This activity is taking place in my region as well. Won't say which region or brand but each operates most likely the same.

    Just give a two week crash course in optics and you have a managers position! Minimum wages, cutting hours, stopped matching 401k etc... and no experience necessary mean saving money for management level cruises etc... Unbelievable!

    Luxottica knows most associates are not optically inclined and would not know how to trouble shoot to save their soul. The remakes usually ending as refunds are amazing!

    I stay because I love my chosen profession and have not been fired, yet, for making too much pay, or being too old. I am sure Luxottica will find a reason, like "not making your quota" or didn't "super size an order" in this mass produced, don't give one care organization. But, I will not QUIT what I love.

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  • Cr
      5th of Jul, 2010

    yes i agree with the above statements. Hiring unknowledgeable in optics and expect the seaonal help to train them and meet their personal goals as well. and hiring 5 more people and cutting everyones hours. fulltime people getting only 30 hours while the part timers 20 to 25 hours?? also management staying in the office all day doing reports when the floor is busy with customers, unwilling to help their associates. when i started with the company over a decade ago, it was great but has definately went down hill.

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