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Went to Kroger on 03/12/16 and tried to use my debit card as credit. I was told that I had to use a pin number with a chip card. The cashier told me that all stores were going to this practice and the manger said the debit card needed a pin number or it would not work. I do not believe this to be accurate. On the same day I went to several stores and used my debit chip card as credit. Using a pin number is a very poor practice that could cause identity theft and or use of your debit card by unauthorized parties. I refuse to shop at Krogers until this issue is fixed. I believe it can be and sincerely hope it is.

Mar 12, 2016
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  • Sk
      Mar 23, 2016

    This is actually there new practice, unfortunately. I believe that all retailers are going to the chip/pin protocol.

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  • Ms
      Jul 07, 2016

    Although this is the new practice for many retailers, KROGER "appears" to be the ONLY store that does not allow a customer, using a check card, to choose any other option BUT debit. For example, WalMart uses the new chip protocol, however, it does NOT force you to use it as a debit transaction. WalMart gives you the option "other" which will allow the customer to continue with credit. If Kroger really wants to protect and service customers they should allow debit and/or credit "with" a pin. Let the customer choose the transaction, but require the pin. It is actually ridiculous that banks charge customers based on the "type" of transaction anyways. Debit transactions on check cards incur charges from the bank. I prefer Kroger because their produce is MUCH better than WalMart, however, this ridiculous protocol disappoints me to no end, therefore I do not go to Kroger as much as I used to...hoping WalMart will improve in the produce of my soapbox

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  • Sa
      Jul 31, 2016

    My husband and I both tried to use our chip credit cards at krogers today and it would not even accept our pins. Will not shop at kroger's again for food. Ridiculous! The owners of these cards should not have to go to ridiculous measure to use a debit as a credit. I refused to be charged every time I make a simple purchase. Goodbye Krogers!

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  • Ms
      Aug 01, 2016

    I totally agree!

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