Kogan Australiasamsung phone locked to asian only sim card

purchased a new samsung galaxy s9 from kogan website..
on delivery, there was a sticker on the box that said "asian only sim card" i wasnt sure what that meant exactly, so i sent an email to kogan (no phone customer service provided).

They did reply and said that it was very clear on the ad that i had purchased an international model (it really wasnt that clear to me actually, below the ad, there was a grey tag that said direct import. I honestly didnt realise that this meant it was an overseas product. If you click on the grey tag, it does give more information, but the grey tag did not look clickable at the time.

the email from kogan said it was usable on the australian network and not locked.

However, Network Locked and Region Locked are two separate things.

I contacted Samsung directly and they told me that the phone is locked to asian sim card and also warranty would not be provided in australia and i would have to send it back to malaysia if anything went wrong..

just trying to get decent customer service from Kogan is a nightmare... they dont care once they have your money...really unhappy with the product as i am unable to use it and have wasted nearly $1000, more fool me i suppose...

next time i will be purchasing from bricks and mortar shop and steering well clear of KOGAN...DODGY BROTHERS INCORPORATED. anyone want to buy a cheap phone?

Dec 10, 2018

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