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I ordered a bunch of stuff online for store pick up and got an email for certain items that were out of stock which I understood. I got an email that some of the items were ready and another with the rest of the items. However when I went today to pick up everything I noticed that the first set was missing items. I let the associate know and he told me it was because they did not have it. But because I myself used to work at Kmart before I knew that when the invoice states "packed" or "ordered: 1 shipped: 1" that they do in fact have it. The employee then went to get my other set of items and did not find those ok the front even though it was ready. He then went to the back to look for it. He came back and told me it was back there and the other employee was gathering it together. When the other employee came back he said could not find two of the items on that list but he found one of the items in another color. I had no problem with the other color. However I was starting to get really upset that they could not find my other items because apparently another employee was the one who packed my items. So since they could not find my items the service desk associate offered to refund my items but since it was a lot he then said I can just go look for the items myself. Ag this point I was just super upset because it had already been 1 hr and I had somewhere to be. However I agreed because I was in need of those items. I found most of the items but I was still not happy. He was supposed to refund me two items that were 9.99 each and but somehow I got refunded $13 which is not correct. I was irritated and just left the store. What was supposed to be a quick 5 min pickup turned into 3 hrs and that is not okay! I still want the items I am missing..

Nov 27, 2017

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