Kmart Stores / rude customer service associate

placed an on-line order for same day pick up on June 9, 2018 around noon at Store #3076. After waiting for approx. 4 hrs. I decided to just go to Store #3076. I asked the customer service associate if I could pick up my order and she said no. 2 hrs. later I went back to the customer service desk and talked to someone different. I asked what the hold up was. Her reply was "Obviously we are busy, can you not see that?". Did you not understand what you were told before? " God, some people just don't listen very well do they". " I will tell you this like you are in kindergarten so you understand me better. No e-mail means no pool, understand"? Not my fault you're impatient". "Can you just step to the side so I can take care of a patient customer"? THE RUDEST person I have ever met. I have spent thousands of dollars at that store and I will NEVER spend another penny because of the way I was treated. I don't know what you could possibly do to make up for such a rude and disrespectful employee. I did not get the employees name but I will make sure I do when I go back to get my pool that I ordered going on 8 hrs. now.

Jun 09, 2018

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