Kmart Store / charged wrong prices at register and then lack of customer service

Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA, US Review updated:

11/29/17 5:15 pm.

I spent at least 4 hours doing Christmas shopping this afternoon at the Kmart Store on Mission Blvd. in Hayward, CA, 94544.

The store is full of signs indicating sale prices and "Buy one get one" signs. I shopped accordingly to make use of the sales but when I got up to the register the very 1st item did not ring up with the sale price. I told the cashier it was on sale and she called the supervisor. The supervisor told me it was not on sale, I said yes it was, and then she said "Show me". I took her back to the children's section and showed her that item and other items that were on sale and the items that indicated "BOGO" that I had in my cart. When we returned to the register, the supervisor had to adjust 6 items to reflect the correct prices. She was not apologetic in any way. I then showed her 2 toys that were "BOGO". She said, "No, these are not on sale." Keep in mind, while I was in the toy department, I checked with a sales rep who was arranging toys on the shelves and asked how the "BOGO" sale worked. He didn't know how it worked so I asked him if he could check with someone who did know. He checked with another rep who came over with a scanner and she told me that as long as I bought the same brand toy, the lesser item would be free. I thought I understood but when at the register the supervisor said, "No, these are not on sale." It seemed that I was going to have to watch and remember every item I had in my cart. The supervisor was not even a little apologetic. She only said if the items are on sale, it will ring up that way although she just had to fix my first 8 items. I told her I was hesitant because so far, the first 8 items did not ring up properly. She started to walk away and at that time I said I didn't want any of the items in my wagon because I didn't trust their prices at the register. She didn't care and let me walk out the door without saying one word to me. Very disappointing. My desired resolution would not be for me but for Kmart to assure all their customers that the price advertised is the same price charged. All those "sale" prices look impressive but not if it's not true. I feel bad for customers who are not checking the prices that they are being charged.

Nov 29, 2017

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