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On Saturday I was in your store in Santa Paula, CA with my mother. There was Spanish music playing. This is the United States not Mexico. Also, when I was in line to check out there were 2 employees at the check out stand. One at the register the other just standing there maybe to put items in a bag. Nevertheless these 2 girls never stopped talking. It was all about their personal lives and saying things that should have not been said. This is so unprofessional. If there had of been an manager in sight I would have spoken to them. No matter what the age of an employee they have to be taught and trained. This store is very important to the citizens in Santa Paula. I would think that it is also very important to K-MART for this store to be kept clean and ran professionally.
Thank you,
Patty Patterson

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      Nov 27, 2009
    Kmart Customer Service - Unwillingness To Help
    Norwegian Cruise Line
    11 Venetian Lindenhurst
    New York
    United States
    Phone: 954.551.1156

    On 27 November 2009, 08 pm,
    Kmart Montauk Highway West Babylon

    I am visiting my fiancee in US. I have been purchasing in Kmart many years from most of the states on our work travelling. During this time, when we need a favor from your customer service just to call for a taxi, they were always welcome to help us when it's hard to get the transportation around US because we did not travelling by car but by cruise ship.

    And what a surprise when I shopped to your store and accidentally my fiancee could not pick me up, I was asking a deep favor to the security about how to get the taxi. He directed me to the customer service. The lady customer service was glad tried to help while she had to take care another customer. Until suddenly her supervisor came, a man in blue telling her that they could not call a taxi for me. They asked me to call by public phone since my cellphone was out. Fine for me, so when I asked if they have a phone book, this rude blue man just said they have none while not even saw my eyes when he answered me and just ignored me while I really need so badly the transportation to go home. At the end I just stood by the customer counter waiting for a favor from them, but nothing, they did not even bother to see my face. Why? Because I am not white?
    It's just hard to believe, after having been travelling in many states in US with those friendly services of your store around the country, still shocking me I encounter this kind of attitude. I am sure it will cost you none for this. At least for a moral help when it is so hard to find a taxi, no bus, no car and nobody picked me up. Just no acsess at all for transportation, so at the end I had to walked all the way to my home in really bad freezing, dark and windy weather for a long as 28 blocks with all my heavy shopping stuff left and right.
    Kindly, this will not happend again to other people who had a situation just like me.
    Thank you!

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