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Kmart / absolutely terrible!

1 United States

Dealing with these people has been an absolute nightmare! Firstly, my fiance and I are planning to get married on December 27th, this year and we wanted to buy our wedding bands at K-Mart, because K-Mart has the matching band to my engagement ring and they had it for a really decent price. I went on their website on the 27th to purchase my ring and his, only to find their site was down. Kind of bummed out, their live chat support said to try the next day. So, the 28th, I went back on their website to purchase the rings. The prices were different! We were frustrated, so I called their customer service department and spoke to a really nice woman and I explained to her my situation and how they should still honor the sale prices from the night prior because their site was down. She couldn't do that but offered me 10% off of the entire order, I figured, fine better that than nothing at all.

She processed my order on the phone all went well and the order went through. Until my fiance got an email confirmation for the order and noticed that his wedding band was not included in the order. She then told me that his ring was out of stock. I wanted to cancel my ring and she said she cancelled the order. I informed her I would call back on Monday the 29th. When I called back on the 29th, the rep I spoke to, said that the order had NOT been cancelled, she cannot cancel it and, AND the 10% discount was never applied! I was furious. She said I'd either get an email saying that they would ship or they cancelled the order (this didn't make any sense to me considering she had already told me that they could not cancel the order) but whatever. About an hour later, I got an email: Unfortunately, the merchandise has already shipped or released to be

shipped for your order reference number [protected], therefore we are

unable to cancel the order, as you requested.

Funny. Here we are a week later and I still haven't received my wedding band when delivery was promised by 12/2. My fiance called back twice tonight, first got a supervisor, Brian, Brian kept telling him that their computers were down and he couldn't get any information regarding my ring and what the hold up was. He honored the 10% discount and said to call back and speak to some one else within a couple hours. At this point, my fiance was reluctant, but decided to go ahead and repurchase his ring again because Brian notified him that his ring was NEVER OUT OF STOCK! Even though two reps before him told my fiance that it was. He just called back and spoke to another supervisor by the name of Pamela, she did NOT HONOR the 10% off, gave a bogus excuse that Brian didn't put it in the notes. Again, reluctantly because we have our hearts set on these particular rings, he decided to go on ahead and order his ring, AGAIN, for $20.00 more than the sale price. He was instructed to call back on Monday to get an update on where my ring is, as PAMELA'S COMPUTER SYSTEM went down again. (What is wrong with their computer systems?) Of course she managed to place his order through before this happened. (What a coincidence?) Just now checked email for confirmation and guess WHAT? This order for my fiance's ring got DECLINED AGAIN! Thank you K-Mart for screwing up my wedding. We are a struggling couple on a fixed budget that have been together for 14 years and we're having a very simple wedding at the courthouse because we cannot afford anything more extravagant. Thanks to your bogus site, well below par customer service representatives and shoddy computer systems, your company managed to completely botch our wedding to the point where we have no idea what we're going to be using for wedding bands! Beware! K-Mart as a WHOLE is just absolutely terrible and after this experience we will MOST CERTAINLY NEVER shop there EVER AGAIN! We will be encouraging everyone we know to do EXACTLY THE SAME!


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