Kmart #3029[censored]ie # att.

my complaint is about the manger at the kmart store 3029 -----recept# [protected] --12/13/08 2;05 pm [protected] my wife has a back problem's ---dr's are trying to help her but that's not the issue here - she goes out shopping with her friend the first 1hour to 2hours she ok after that she needs aq little help she hates to but she has to have help motorize wheel chair would help keep some indepence to her but the manger at this time was 100% {###} to my wife ---it is my under standing that mangers are to offer help to coustmers and if the manger is having a bad day her time of the month, a bad employer, she's to keep all problems under her breath till she can deal with them one on one not take it out on coustmers with a [censor]ie ### att. lawrence hensley

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