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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the owner of your KIA Sportage and personal and car details are as follows:-
Name : Mr. Gan Wee Teck
Contact No : [protected]
Email : [protected]
Model of Vehicle : KIA Sportage
VIN No : KNAPC811SC7267472
Date of Purchase : 27/3/2012
Engine No : GUKDBS218616

I have encounter a problem with my air cond and I have delivered my vehicle to Kia Service Centre on 13/6/2014 located at Batu Pahat knowns as Shen Membaiki Kereta. I have been told by the service centre that the air cond compressor is no more functioning and they need to submit a report to KIA HQ in order to proceed further to the Warranty Dept for the Spare Parts claim. They have taken photos and I have been told that they have submitted a report to KIA HQ.

Within 2 weeks I made few calls to Shen Membaiki Kereta so as to get the update of of claim status and I have been told again and again that there is still no reply from KIA HQ. Finally they provided me a contact no. of KIA HQ of [protected] and I tried to call this no. again and again but none of them answer the phone calls just kept telling me the line is busy and person to serve still not available and so on.

After a week of calls to KIA HQ and still no one answer the calls and I have lost my patience and I made a call directly to Korea Seoul KIA Motors Corp at +[protected] and they were very polite and efficient that answered my call immediately and they recorded down my contact no. and I have been told that KIA Korea will make a contact with KIA Malaysia so as to ask KIA Malaysia to contact me.

Nevertheless, I have not received any call from KIA Malaysia and I today I made another call to KIA Korea and they provided me another no.+[protected] and I made a call immediately and I have been given this email [protected] and I have been told that this the contact for KIA Asia Office and I write this email to you as I have been told that you can assist me in this matter.

Before I write this email, I tried to call KIA Malaysia at [protected] and I have been told that the line is under maintenance and ask me to call [protected] and I did it then a lady named Atika answered my call and I have been told that Shen Membaiki Kereta did submit their report on 13/6/14 but it took 17 days for KIA Malaysia to verify the report in order them to proceed further to another dept.

I have no idea that how long will it be taken for KIA Malaysia to handle this claim and I personally feel that KIA Malaysia is playing a soccer with their customer and there is never be a firm answer from KIA Malaysia for such a small matter. What I need to know is only Yes or No, if Yes then How long? If No, then I will find outside service centre to replace the new air cond compressor at my own cost. But the problem is with such a hot temperature condition in Malaysia and KIA Malaysia has taken such a long time to verify my claim and I can do nothing just waiting for the reply from KIA Malaysia, it has caused a very big inconvenience for me in my daily living cause I cannot travel with long distance and I cannot fetch my little child for school and so on.

The slow action from KIA Malaysia for such a small matter has caused a big disaster in my daily living and I really from the deep of my heart disappointed with the after sales services of KIA Malaysia as they reply slow, never answer the call and never can provide you a firm answer for such a smalll matter. I personally feel that NAZA Kia is not eligible and not qualified to become the KIA Dealer in Malaysia for such a poor services provided by the corporate. This will ever tarnish the name of KIA in Malaysia.

If this small issue cannot be resolved by KIA Malaysia then I personally think that this is the first time and also the last time I consume the KIA product in Malaysia and there is no value after sales service at all for such corporate practice from KIA Malaysia.I hope this email will do a little help in claim that I have made to KIA Malaysia if it doesn't help I will also accept as I have already expected no hope or hopeless from KIA Malaysia for such a corporate practice.Thank you for completing reading for such a long email and long complaint but I really write down this from the deep of my heart to show my dissatisfaction to KIA Malaysia.


Jul 03, 2014
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  • Ro
      Aug 07, 2014

    My 2013 kia forte was in an accident and a total loss, kia motors sent a payoff of11, 811.43 to AAA my insurance company, which i agreed to. after i agreed the payoff was raised to 12, 979.43 and the insurance company says there is nothing i can do. Kia wont call me back but there put the totaled car into collections since the process to get they check is rtaking to long

    ron laird

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  • Mi
      Aug 12, 2014

    If I could turn back time, I would never ever buy a Kia!! The after service and lack of response is terrible!
    5 emails later and I still have not been able to book a service. No one ever gets back to you!!! I have paid for my services. Is it that much to ask to just respond to a query??
    You are absolute amateurs Kia!!

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  • Ku
      May 17, 2017

    I had a same problem too where by my car kia sportage gt line just purchase in a dec 2016 but faced a 1st problem after a month of using it that is cooling coil problem.waiting for 1 month for kia to fix it and not even 6 months again the same problem detected. I send my car to kia HQ Glenmarie in shah alam KL on 07 April 2017 till today 18 May 2017 there's no news regarding my car.When I called to Kia service line there said we are waiting for spare part to deliver from Korea.I dont know what the ### they are doing its been a month there is no ETA regading the spare part.This is my first and last using a KIA brand.I dissapointed with KIA very much.

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  • Ch
      May 25, 2018

    Dear everyone, my experience with NAZA distributor is a terrible experience. Bought their NAZA RIA (Carnival) in 2005, then complaint to NAZA KIA service center in Puchong shortly after on air-cond problem. After waiting for hours, they said done, but when I drove away, actually it was NOT done. 4 years later, the engine overheated due to leaked coolant. Leakage at bottom stopper which broke into 2. NAZA put in the cheapest plastic stopper that can break easily. A few months later, the plastic T-joint in the cooling system broke, again engine overheated. Due to multiple overheating, coolant entered engine forming milky substances. The whole engine was written off. Such problem happen to many other NAZA car owners that I know. NAZA management does not understand the meaning of credibility and responsibility. Knowing the problems and yet they do not do recalls. They just sell car, make money and care nothing for their customers. AVOID NAZA forever !!!

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